Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Random . Pictures .

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I was cleaning up my PC when I came across these !

This was taken early last year . Aren't they just the cutest things ? The one on the left is my one and only nephew , Zheng Kai . The one feeding him the fishball is my younger brother , Nic .

Oh , and I overslept today . Thus , I was late for my Accounts paper . 20 minutes . Another 10 more minutes and I wouldn't be able to sit for the paper already . After sitting for the paper though , I wished I'd slept even longer . Paper was fucking difficult I think some brain juice leaked out of my left ear .

This picture was snapped last year by either me or Sean . We were at SMK USJ 21's school bus stop and since we had nothing better to do , we snapped random pictures . The model is my sister , Hannah and I don't know what in the world she's doing posing like that .

I'm sorry for doing a very bad job as a blogger but I have nothing interesting to post and if I don't update , everybody's gonna abandon me and not read my blog and that makes me sad .

Credits to Marcus for this one . Snapped two years ago (2006) during Teacher's Day . I have not seen this fella for a few hundred years already I think . I thought he ceased to exist for quite a long time , until Jon called him to ajak him out to KL yesterday . Oh , he's Wee Jinn by the way . I miss his younger bro ):

While everyone is out celebrating , I still have to sit for one more paper , Commerce . I'm supposed to be studying . Sorry .

This one was also taken two years ago when my brother was in Form 1 . Yes , the difference . A few of my friends actually asked me where my brother is schooling at . I tell them he's in our school and their jaws drop . Many even asked me if my brother is my boyfriend . Plus , some of them are those whom I have known since Form 1 . He used to be so fair , so lovable . Now he ain't . My bro is the one on the right by the way . The other one is his best friend , Alif .

I miss him .

Choir ! We won third place this year and Rachel got awarded Best Conductor , only for district level . But did we give a shit that we didn't get first ? Of course not ! We were struggling to even get a trophy . But thanks to everyone's co-operation during that day , we pulled through . And of course , Rachel is to be thanked for . She is very much loved . From left to right : Me , Pavitra , Ann , Mirshal , Natalie .

Ahhh , I love this one . The four of us were supposed to study for SPM but we ended up snapping pictures and recording dumb videos . I think we succeeded in snapping this picture after like , five (or more) tries . Ijmal couldn't get himself into the picture in time 'cause he was the one who was setting the timer . From left to right : Yi Zhong , Me , Yi Wei , Ijmal .

I wasted almost a hundred bucks to attend this BM seminar at the UM . Was pratically falling asleep but hey , we had loads a fun recording vids and camwhoring macam gile . From left to right : Me , Qisthina , Yi Zhong , Marcus , Shafik , Najmy .

Joshua having the time of his life playing DDR in my house three years ago . Wing is on the other mat and Marcus is the blurred figure . Ohmygawd I miss times like this ):

Last one ,

My bro humping Mickey Mouse . I can't remember when this one was taken . Two years ago I suppose .

Looking at all these pictures , I am so gonna miss my school life . Sob .

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