Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bosan .

Mood : Extremely Bored

Monday , 291208

1. Aaron , Louis , Zk , Kevin and I went to Pyramid .
2. We watched Ip Man (me watching it for the second time) .
3. After the movie , Kevin was like some psychopath-Ip Man-wannabe waving the snooker sticks around like how Donnie Yen did in the movie .
4. An uninvited guest turned up and spoiled Zk and my mood .
5. I met Kevin's friends who look like as if they're my age but they're his age .
6. Syabil thought I was a Malay and I thought he was a Chinese .
7. The snooker centre's locker dropped on Adrian and because it dropped on him , he saved me from getting a concussion .
8. Adrian's shirt tore because of the accident but he managed to stay alive .
9. Aaron was kind of upset after .. seeing someone there .
10. Louis couldn't stop smiling during snooker .
11 . Yi Zhong's friend , Jefferey was behind me when Zk and I were queueing up at J.Co and I did recognise him . Jefferey , if you're reading this , sorry for not acknowledging you . I would feel awkward if I did so without Yi Zhong around.
12. We went to Starbucks thrice again .
13. I sat in the snooker centre for two hours .
14. I inhaled a lot of smoke because all of them were smokers including Kevin's friends .
15. We had KFC for dinner and Nicholas Wong joined us .

I managed to snap a picture of Kevin trying to act like Ip Man (:

Zk and Louis .

PS : I didn't snap much pictures that day because it was Zk's phone I was using . I think I accidentally deleted some pictures too . Too bad 'cause I snapped this pic with Kevin looking like a girl . I mean , Kevin looking like a girl .

PPS : I won't how many A's my brother got for his PMR unless you already know lah . Just in case he screws me up for telling everyone who reads my blog .

PPPS : I lepak-ed in Kevin's house with Aaron and Louis today . We watched some B-rate movie called Gabriel and no offence Kev but I almost fell asleep watching it .

PPPPS : Louis , if you dare to shave your head bald or make yourself look like some rempit skinhead , I will disown you as a friend and I know you wanna be my friend (:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Will Understaaaaaaaand (:

Mood : Understanding (:

Wish you would step out from that ledge my friend .

Zk , this is for you . Thanks for reloading my phone for me , but I finished it in a day 'cause of smsing you ! Now I can't stop listening to the song .

PS : Only those who have watched the movie Yes Man ! would understaaaaaaaand this post . I love the scene above and laughed out loud (and sang along as well with Zk) during the movie .

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Miss Her .

Mood : Confused

When is she gonna come back from Canada ):

PS : Zk reloaded for me today . Thank you ! Love yeah .

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid .

Mood : Drunk

Thursday , 251208

I was supposed to go out with my family but there were some complications so I went to Pyramid with a few friends instead . Zk's parents fetched me , Aaron , Louis and of course Zk there at 12 PM . As soon as our feet touched the floor of Sunway Pyramid's basement car park , we headed to the cinema as quick as feet could bring us , just to see the queue stretching a long way . Fuck ? We bought the 7 PM tickets for Yes Man ! and the movie made me laugh my guts out . Zk was laughing louder than I was though . I am very very confident he enjoyed his movie . We had Carl's Junior for lunch and every one of us ended up not finishing our fries . I am not gonna eat burgers for at least one month . We tapau-ed some of the fries for Nicholas and passed it to him at his .. er .. flower stall ? Ha ha ! After lunch , Zk and I walked around looking for our respective presents . Zk wanted to get a present for his friend (who gave him an A|X cap which cost around RM 150) which costs around RM 150 and finally after much walking around we finally found a bracelet from Guess which didn't look too aunty or too lala and cost a whopping RM 129 . Then we had to go upstairs to the ATM and withdraw cash first before going back down to Guess to purchase the bracelet . About the present I got for Jonathan , I won't say anything here just in case he reads it . I just hope he will like what I got for him .

Then , we went to Setabak - eh sorry , Starbucks and met up with Louis , Aaron and Nicholas . Then we went to the snooker center above the bowling alley and I kinda had a bit of fun also lah watching them play . We stayed there for around one and a half hours then we went shopping around for Nicholas' present for his long-time girlfriend (when asked about his budget , he said he has no budget) . I had to help him out 'cause I was a girl and I was supposed to know what type of bag girls like . Righhhht . Nicholas ended up modeling with the bags . He also ended up not buying anything . Then we went back to Starbucks and stayed there until we had to go for the movie at 7 PM . After the movie we went to Starbucks , again . We went there like , thrice already . I don't know what's up with Aaron , we barely got our asses sat down on the chair and he urged us to go to Rainforest . And so we did . Three bottles of beer cost us a fucking RM 55.20 . Aaron chipped in the most . I chipped in RM 16.20 I think ? I'm very sure I paid 20 cents lah . Ha ha ! Louis on the other hand , was kind of broke . He was looking really queasy , I think he wasn't feeling well . Zk didn't want to drink 'cause he didn't want to relive the experience of drinking beer on an empty stomach . But he drank a bit anyway . We left Pyramid at 9.30 because Louis' curfew is at 9 . I wanted to enjoy my beer so I bought it into Zk's Fortuna and drank a bit on the way to Yau Poh (the chinese restaurant behind SMC) . After I got down from the car , I couldn't walk straight . Hell , it was only one bottle ! I think it was because of my lack of rest and drinking on an empty stomach . Even after sitting down at the restaurant , Aaron and I were feeling really dizzy (his eyes were red too) but after I had my dinner (Zk belanja) I felt slightly better but still blur . Then the three of us walked back to my house to wait for their transports home . Oh , and Louis was sent home by Zk's parents 'cause he couldn't stay out any longer (:

Zk .

Aaron and Louis .

Nicholas , Louis and Zk .

Zk and Aaron while waiting for Nicholas . We couldn't stand the crowd in Romp .

Louis and his Caramel Macchiato . He shared it with me and I have to say , the drink was delicious !

Nicholas Wong .

Aaron Wong and his shirt that I love .

Louis and a blurred out Zk .

This guy never ceases to make me laugh .

Just some random picture .

Louis and a clearer Zk .

Me and Aaron trying to kiss me ? Fella damn cute , sayang him .

Zk and I . Sayang him also !

On the way up th escalator . Zk is behind me .

Aaron when were at the chinese restaurant behind SMC .

Zk .

My bottle . Aaron threw his on the ground . Just some random pic .

PS : I don't look nice in the pictures , but whatever (:

PPS : I didn't get to take pictures with Nicholas and Louis but it's fine . I love Zk and Marcus' phones man .

PPPS : Aaron says he likes nise nise . How sweet of him . Sorry to keep you waiting Aaron , knock yourself out with the pics . And Zk , don't think too much . I'm here if you need me .

PPPPS : Happy 19th Birthday , Jonathan . I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow . Enjoy your night out clubbing .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mahjong ?

Mood : High

Tuesday , 231208

It was my day off and I woke up earlier than my siblings even though I drank and partied like a maniac and they didn't . So I stayed home the whole day playing my beloved PS2 , reading New Moon and sleeping . Later at night my three BFFL came over to play mahjong . Mc played his first ever game of mahjong on Sunday night and he was bullied bad by Marcus and Zk . But after much coaching from my mum (Mc's and Marcus' third mum) , he improved and won them at a few games . They're training for Chinese New year . Anyone up for the challenge ? (:

Only Zk managed to smile for me - eh , I mean , *ahem* the camera .

Mummy and Hannah , the spectators .

Marcus . Fella has improved a lot compared to a year ago .

Mc's serious face during mahjong .

Mc and Zk looking at their faggots .

From left : Mc's wallet , Zk's Dunhill , Mc's Nokia and my Sony Ericsson . Zk's phone was beside him and Marcus' phone was being used by me to take this pic .

PS : Anyone and everyone is welcome to play mahjong at my house whenever , especially during Chinese New Year !

PPS : It's Christmas ! Ho ho ho !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Prom Night 2008 .

Mood : Hungry

Monday , 221208

It started at 6.30 PM but I arrived at 8 PM . Hell , I was still at work when it was 6.30 ! But I didn't miss out much on anything except for two performances . Everyone looked great that night and it would remain as one of the most memorable events in my life . My table was just beside the VIP table so I had a good view of the stage . The food wasn't outstanding but it was edible and I went for a second round , which has never happened when I attended SMKKK's Prom Night 2005 and some annual dinners at Kota Permai . The performances were nice but not amazing in any way . I was looking forward to a band but I guess I should not have had my hopes up too high . Oh , and I was lucky too ! I won some Quiksilver teddy bear during the lucky draw but I didn't go up on stage to collect my prize 'cause I was at the bathroom . Jonathan collected it for me .

Pav and Sara (his pole dancing rocked my socks off , even though I wasn't wearing any) won Best Couple and they definitely deserved it . Ji Kin was crowned Prom King and I was happy for him . He got my vote ! Ha ha . Julia was crowned Prom Queen . To be honest I think Justina deserved it that night . She looked enthralling . I bet she had the time of her life that night .

The best segment of prom was definitely the Dance Floor . You guys from the committee should have added in a disco ball as well ! Ha ha . The dancing was seriously awesome and I enjoyed it thoroughly . Even though I got my feet stepped on by people like Saravanen and Keith , I ignored it . The pain subsided after a while . I was just kind of upset seeing a number of people who did not pay enter the premises . Although they entered after the food , but I still felt that it was unfair to those who paid to enjoy prom . You guys should have hired a bouncer .

After prom , me , Jon , Jonathan , Jeremy , Kevin , Ann , Prashant and Amanda went to Sawasde for some beer and boy did we have fun . We hung out till 2 AM and left soon after . Oh , and I can't believe Kevin Ravi Choooooooo lived a few doors away from me last time ! I used to live in USJ 18/2B , and so did he ! What the fuck ?! I lived at number 36 and he lived at number 41 . Babi damn ngam . Ha ha !

Overall prom was superb . Please don't compare ours to other schools' proms like SMK Subang Jaya (whose venue was at KL Tower) and SMK Subang Utama (whose venue was at Sunway Hotel) because SMKKK has only been around for six years . The emcees , Matthew and Jeremy did a great job on stage . I would also like to express my condolences to Isaac , Matthew's cousin who was diagnosed with lympathic cancer three months ago and passed away two weeks ago . He was just fifteen . The original composition for Isaac by Matthew was an emotional one and I could feel the pain Matthew felt during the critical hours of Isaac's last breaths .

The Black Tie Affair's Committee 2008 , you guys did a splendid job . Thank you for a memorable night (:

Shyuan and I .

The both of us again . My hair looks bad . I didn't have enough time to do my hair .

Shyuan , Krystle , me and Ann . I'm the odd one out eh , red dress . He he .

PS : I didn't get to take many pictures because I don't have a camera . I really wanted to take tens of thousands of pictures with everyone though and I fucking missed that chance . Heck I didn't even get a pic with my date):

PPS : it's Christmas eve . Merry X'mas everybody !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emotional Much ?

Mood : Babi

I am feeling very very upset .

Fullstop .

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday .

Mood : Sleepy

Saturday , 201208

So I worked OT again tonight and my eyes have this stinging sensation . Doctors Khor and Jenny 'cheng' the last six people who worked overtime , Domino's ! And that was when I just finished eating my dinner (wan tan me) . Who else was given the task to order the pizza but none other than yours truly . Doctor Andrew (the kind-of good-looking one, but Doctor Cheong is more attractive) joined us 'cause there weren't many patients during that hour .

Oh and yesterday I went to Pyramid to watch Ip Man . A piece of advice to those who are planning to watch that movie , do book tickets in advance 'cause that's what I did and luckily I did 'cause when I went to collect the tickets , the 9.50 show was already full and I was watching the 9.50 show . Anywho , the movie is so fucking awesome . I cried . Felt really sad watching how the Chinese were tortured by the Japanese back then . Donnie Yen's Wing Chun moves are crazy gila amazing and I wanna watch it again , so badly . The movie has it's bit if humour as well .

I'm falling sick , I can't stop coughing and it sucks . Before I forget , I made an appointment with Dr Khor on the 17 of February next year to fit my lower braces . I'll have to extract one tooth a few days before . Smarty me , I made the appointment on my off-day . I have no idea how I'm supposed to go to the clinic for my appointment because I doubt I would have any transport on that day . I am really scared of extracting my tooth . Actually I should consider myself lucky 'cause most people who wear braces have to extract four teeth !

Okay you know what I am so sleepy right now I think I'm gonna fall asleep at my PC . Good night (:

PS : I can't wait for prom !

PPS : Qis took off her braces yesterday . She looks beautiful (:

PPPS : I typed all this out yesterday but my internet died so I'm posting it now .

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work .

Mood : Exhausted

I worked OT tonight and I'm so fucking tired but today was okay . I had this craving for ais kacang during the afternoon and I went to the extreme just to get it . Sherry wanted to go buy rojak and since there weren't many patients today , I followed her lah . Unluckily , once I boarded her motorcycle , it started drizzling . And then this stupid pervert in a Kelisa started wolf-whistling at us I was so tempted to show him the finger . But I didn't lah , 'cause I was afraid later he and his gang come and whack me . Anyway , after buying our foodstuff , the rain became heavier and Sherry asked me if I wanted to wait for the rain to come to a halt , or just charge through it . Of course I wanna charge through it lah . Ended up soaking wet in the clinic .

Oh and this new part-time doctor came in today , Doctor Chong . I have to admit he is kind of good-looking and charming .. and tall . But he's not hot . I don't know how the nurses go gaga over him . One of the married nurses even walked into me a few times 'cause she was staring at hunky Dr Chong . Plus , she's married ! I went into his room a few times and he really talks a lot compared to Dr Andrew (another 'hot' doctor lah) who rarely says a thing . After he left around 10 plus , Liza ajak-ed me to go spy on what car he drives . She's married and 3 months pregnant and she can still go and intai on other men ! He drives a white Iswara . Dr Andrew drives a Wira . But Dr Khor drives a Merc (:

Sorry I'm so tired right now I'm just babbling all kinds of nonsense .

PS : I can't wait to see who Hadry Hyzan is . Apparently he's really hot . Well , according to Su Ling and Audrey .

PPS : I was so tempted to ask Dr Chong if he could send me home . Ha ha !

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Last Goodnight .

Mood : Sick

Well , fuck you too .

I'm sick , I'm not feeling well and my head is throbbing . It's been doing so for the past week . My throat hurts so bad , I think my tonsilitis is gonna strike again . Can't you leave me the fuck alone ?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Two of My Most Favourite People in the World .

Mood : Weird

Saturday , 131208
I was feeling very sucky that day thanks to the breakup but I recovered soon after . After work and dinner , Kai fetched me to Marcus' house in his Fiat Punto . He's 16 and he drives better than I do ! We lepak-ed in his room for one and a half hours before leaving for McD at 9.30 by foot . Yes , we walked there 'cause he lives 5 minutes away from McD . We had curly fries ! Irresistible little things . Oh , and FYI , I contributed the most to the fries and coke .

Me : RM 10
Kai : RM 6
Marc : He managed to scrape some coins from his brother . I don't know how much he contributed .

Then we talked about what we are going to do when 2012 arrives . Kai wants to run over all the ma chan's with his car (:

Kai . I was bored and decided to take a picture of him when he was sitting beside me .

Marcus' dog Rusky . The most adorable dog , like , ever ! He doesn't wanna look at the camera ):

The guys were doing what guys usually do , gaming . I however , was doing what girls usually do . Camwhore . I have no freakin' idea why Marcus' room lights are so dim .

Somebody called me a slut for sitting in a room with two guys and a dog . Partly because he hates one and the other one is shirtless . Thanks for hurting me .

Fella going through his Undang book . The English in the book was horrible .

Our meal ! We bought more curly fries after that with the one ringgits and coins you see at the corner of the tray .

Seeeee his Undang book ? Not udang okay , Undang .

Kai : What you looking at ma chan ?! (The look on his face says it all!)

Sayang him lah . He's there for me 24/7 (and so is Marcus) . I looked so horrible . That's how I look like when I sleep at 5 AM , wake up at 8 AM for work . Oh , plus all the crying and nonsense before I fell alseep .

Some random picture I snapped while Marcus was .. somewhere . Our coke , my wallet/purse and phone (on top of my wallet) .

PS : Sorry for the boring updates . I've got no time to blog much about solid topics . Only got time to post pictures ):

Sunday, December 14, 2008

5Science4 2008 Gathering .

Mood : High

Wednesday , 101208
It was held at Ji Kin's and there was too much food . Luckily I was too busy working to prepare potato salad and just belanja-ed four bottles of 100 Plus . Too lazy to elaborate . The usual stuff at parties lah , crazy people , food and a hella lotta pictures (:

Wing Jian . His smile is so wide !

Chin Peng . I love what she did to her hair , and thanks for sending me home !

Charlotte . Fellow Goh .

Chwan Chong . Fucking tall Human .

Nicholas . Gonna miss him , in a way .

Wing Jian and I , snapped by Chwan Chong .

Wai Chee . Fucking adorable fella .

Nancy and Yi Zhong . Love them lah .

Ijmal , Yi Wei and Nancy . I can't recall whose hand that is . Wing , thanks for pointing out that Yong Shiang is standing behind there taking food (:

Mirshal and Nancy . Crazy Mirshal , never did change .

Misha misha !

Ji Kin . Never underestimate guys like him .

In Ji Kin's amazing abode .

Yi Zhong and I with marshmallows !

Yong Shiang and Wye Cheung . Make me feel so short .

The pictures taken by me are oh-so-clear (:

Ji Kin teaching Chin Peng how to dance .

Elyna .

Natalie . Cute fingers .

Natalie , Mirshal , Yi Zhong , Elyna and Rachel .

Crazy Chin Peng .

No Caption . Ha ha .

Nancy wasn't herself that night .

No Caption . Again .

Ijmal . Don't know what's up with his fingers .

Last picture . Under Ji Kin's house punya spotlight !

PS : I downloaded this Ministry of Sound song and it's like 77 minutes ! I'm already at 52 minutes . But I'm not gonna complete it 'cause I'm gonna sleep 'cause I have got work tomorrow . Good night !