Sunday, December 7, 2008

Exhausted .

Mood : Sleepy

I've been in a sleepy mood lately . Work work work . That's all I do . Babi damn tiring . I just got back from Pyramid with Jon . Watched a movie with him after work , Kinta . I've got work tomorrow too . Ugh . From 9 AM till 5PM . Get to go back one hour earlier than usual . Then Jon's bringing me to some dinner in Canal Gardens , tak tau sapa punya dinner , some relative .

Hopefully I get my off day on Tuesday , if not then I'll have to cancel my Genting trip ):

PS : Sorry for the short , cacat post . I don't usually post like this but I'm just so effing tired , I wanna just lie down beside bby and sleep . But he just dropped me back home after the movie and went to Subang with Desmond . I miss him already . I won't be updating properly from now on . Stupidity . I'm so drained . Goodbye .

PPS : Jon left his keys in my bag and when we were having dinner at Klafz , he forgot his ice cream which is part of the set meal ! Who's the dum dum now eh ?

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