Monday, December 15, 2008

Two of My Most Favourite People in the World .

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Saturday , 131208
I was feeling very sucky that day thanks to the breakup but I recovered soon after . After work and dinner , Kai fetched me to Marcus' house in his Fiat Punto . He's 16 and he drives better than I do ! We lepak-ed in his room for one and a half hours before leaving for McD at 9.30 by foot . Yes , we walked there 'cause he lives 5 minutes away from McD . We had curly fries ! Irresistible little things . Oh , and FYI , I contributed the most to the fries and coke .

Me : RM 10
Kai : RM 6
Marc : He managed to scrape some coins from his brother . I don't know how much he contributed .

Then we talked about what we are going to do when 2012 arrives . Kai wants to run over all the ma chan's with his car (:

Kai . I was bored and decided to take a picture of him when he was sitting beside me .

Marcus' dog Rusky . The most adorable dog , like , ever ! He doesn't wanna look at the camera ):

The guys were doing what guys usually do , gaming . I however , was doing what girls usually do . Camwhore . I have no freakin' idea why Marcus' room lights are so dim .

Somebody called me a slut for sitting in a room with two guys and a dog . Partly because he hates one and the other one is shirtless . Thanks for hurting me .

Fella going through his Undang book . The English in the book was horrible .

Our meal ! We bought more curly fries after that with the one ringgits and coins you see at the corner of the tray .

Seeeee his Undang book ? Not udang okay , Undang .

Kai : What you looking at ma chan ?! (The look on his face says it all!)

Sayang him lah . He's there for me 24/7 (and so is Marcus) . I looked so horrible . That's how I look like when I sleep at 5 AM , wake up at 8 AM for work . Oh , plus all the crying and nonsense before I fell alseep .

Some random picture I snapped while Marcus was .. somewhere . Our coke , my wallet/purse and phone (on top of my wallet) .

PS : Sorry for the boring updates . I've got no time to blog much about solid topics . Only got time to post pictures ):

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