Monday, December 28, 2009

I Am Home!

Listening to: Gee by Girls Generation

I have actually been home for a few days now, only that I didn't have the time to use the PC for long. Anyway, I'll be updating soon!

Baby baby baby baby I missed you so much! I can't wait for you to come home from Sabah then we can go watch movie together. You owe me <3

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Listening to: Nothing ):

I'm going back to Singapore at 10.45 AM tomorrow. Thus, I won't be on Facebook often anymore. Forget about my blog, I rarely have the time to blog much.

I rarely see much green nowadays so I decided to admire the weeds in my garden. But the weeds looked horrible, so I decided to look at some potted plants instead.

My sister's watermelon plant.

My parents' "fu kwai fa". I don't know what it's called in English.

One of the "fu kwai fa" punya roots, kinda creepy.

I'm gonna miss my Baby so much. I'm already missing him now because I don't see him. But I'm gonna miss him even more when I'm in Singapore 'cause I won't even be able to text him. Baby I wish you could come with me. It would make things so much easier for me. You're the awesome-est xoxo

My not-so-little drummer boy (:

Merry X'mas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Listening to: Hei Se Mao Yi by Jay Chou

181209, Friday

Mum wanted to go to Summit yesterday to get a haircut, but changed her mind soon after. Instead, we decided to go to Sunway Pyramid to just waste time. We left the house at about 3 PM, and by the time we reached SS12 (the housing area before Pyramid), the line of cars queuing up for parking made my jaw drop. So, Mum decided to go to Subang Parade. We did. After wasting almost half an hour stuck in long traffic jams. Public holidays and their wrath.

Upon reaching Subang Parade, we were again astounded by the amount of cars queuing up to gain entrance to the parking lot. My dad made a detour and parked in Carrefour instead (there were no card queuing up). We proceeded to walk to Subang Parade. But lo and behold, the rain poured down like as if the heavens were crying. So suay. So we had no choice but to walk around in Carrefour. My sister had to get her friend a birthday present. If she did not, I would have persuaded my parents to leave immediately.

After we bought her present, we left for home. The heavy pitter-patter of the rain allowed me to zone out during the journey back home. I was woken up from my comfort zone when Mum said she wanted to go have cheesecake at Daily Meal Cafe.

When we reached there, the cafe was already closing but Pa managed to get hold of the owner and told him we just wanted to have tea and cake. He agreed.

Chocolate moist cake.

Lemon meringue cheese cake.

My breakfast tea.

A nice painting on the cafe's wall.

Mum having her cake.

Sorry for the blur picture.


They have got nice decorations on the wall.

Hannah. The black thing obscuring the view is my brother's hair. He was kind of emo because he was sleepy. No picture of him ):
I'm coming back from Singapore on Christmas day itself, not on the 26th because my brother won't be following us to Singapore. After much discussion, Mum decided to come back on Christmas to celebrate with Pa and Nic. Yay!

PS: Baby.. I'm so tired. Help me, please.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Listening to: Dead School Screaming by Alice Nine

061209, Sunday

In case you don't know, SCSJ ADP AEA stands for SEGi College Subang Jaya American Degree Program Academic Excellence Award. It's just so bloody long, I decided to shorten everything. I have not been updating frequently because I've fallen sick, I've been studying (a bit) for my finals and I rarely get hold of my PC now because my mum or dad is always on it playing poker and whatnot.

Anyway, on the first Sunday of this month, I had to get up so freaking early in the morning. I have never woken up at 7+ AM for a year (or more) already, ever since I finished Form 5. The event was held at Prince Hotel and Residence, KL which is just behind Pavilion. The AEA is held to award students who have maintained at least a 3.3 CGPA. After the AEA was the graduation ceremony.

I felt kinda sad when I saw Angie's boyfriend with her. I wanted Baby to come along too. But he couldn't )':

Tanzy and I. He and Fcy looked like as if they were getting married when they took a picture together. Dua2 pakai baju putih.

Apparently mocktail session. The mocktail tasted like sirap limau ais. Maybe it is.

Roy, Me, Mr. Lee, Chong and Fcy.

Tanzy and Fcy. Our international buffet was a scam. I paid Rm140 for local food and sushi. Actually there was more, like bread, salad, a wide variety of desserts. But still, international food - my ass.

Fcy and her pink kuih. I thought it was ice cream at first lolol.


The besttttttttttt. Yummmmmm. I had to queue up for so long because the idiots in front of me spammed every single topping (jellybeans, wafers, rainbow sprinkles, choc sprinkles, etc.). Even the ice-cream cones. I don't even know why they needed ice cream cones when the ice cream was already in a bowl. My ice cream was melting ):

Then Baby texted me and told me that Aunty Michelle invited me for dinner at Shabu-Shabu because it was Ziqin's birthday. Went back to Summit and waited for Baby to fetch me. It was raining heavily. The wind tried to blow my dress when I was standing in front of the mall's main entrance. I didn't want to feel like Marilyn Monroe. Bleh.

Baby and I in Shabu-Shabu, Puchong. Heart heart.

Walking in heels for the whole day never hurt so bad.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Feel Sad.

Listening to: Haru Haru by Big Bang

It's study week and I'm barely even studying. I'm reading up on my Sociology because that subject needs the most reading besides History. But somehow, History seems slightly easier than Sociology. It always has been since the beginning of the semester. I don't scream or shout in my sleep anymore so I suppose I'm not so stressed out anymore. Don't ask me why I screamed or shouted in my sleep. I never did it before.

I'll be seeing my Baby for the last time on Sunday - I think. I'm going to be busy with my finals while he prepares for youth camp and his trip to Sabah for his aunty's wedding. Won't be seeing him until after Christmas. Or New Year's. Not so sure which one. I'll be leaving for Singapore on the 22nd and will be back on the 26th (Saturday afternoon). I won't be going for youth I suppose. My departure back to KL on the 26th is at 7.45 AM. I'm going to be so tired and I'm gonna miss my Baby so so much while he's gone ):

So many birthdays this month (Happy Birthday to Ziqin, Nick Choo, Jikin and Audrey). And also so many deaths. Day after day we see freak accidents in the papers. A friend of my friend passed away after getting struck by lightning. It appeared in The Star yesterday. And exactly a week ago, my friend's father passed away after slipping off their house rooftop. So people, please be careful. Drive carefully on wet roads okay? This applies to you too Baby.

I guess that's it for now. Only one picture. Special one lah okay.

I still sleep with that pillow :3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

High Praise Fund the Fund Charity Dinner.

Listening to: Stop and Stare by One Republic

Church charity dinner at Tan sri Jeffrey Cheah Hall, SJK(C) Chee Wen. The theme for the occasion was blue and red. About 1000 people were present, yay! Emcees for the night were Ong and Lionel's girlfriend (I can't remember her name). Paintings were successfully auctioned off. The only downside was the food. Sekinchan food wasn't as awesome as I thought it was going to be ):

C.O.O.L Youth booth.

Baby Wong. Ha ha! New name for him. Wenli and Siemens in the background.

Ziqin, Calvin and Collin (the twins). Go Liverpool!

Nic, Hannah, Dad, Mum and Aunty Michelle.

Baby Wong and me!

Sharolyn and Jichuan.

Alex! Ha ha. We were located all the way behind. Second table from the back ):

Siemens (Best Dressed!) and Xindi.

Brian and Life Oyster Sauce :D

Brian and Baby.

The best tasting dish among all. Besides the prawns.

Soup (Mini Monk Jump Over the Wall weeeeee~)

Siemens and Jichuan.

Sheryl (I think that's how her name is spelt) and Alex.

Didn't have time to take a picture of it when it arrived 'cause the fish kena whack damn fast. Ha ha.

If you people noticed, there's only been one picture of me up there. Now, for more pictures including me (:


Baby and me.

Me and Collin. Ziqin kacau behind.

Rambut lawa (x



Baby and me (bibir muncung).


Smileeee. Hearts.


My wannabe photographer.