Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lies , Lies and More Lies .

Mood : Fucked up
Listening to : It's Over - Jesse McCartney

Guess what ? I did break down .
You don't know how to communicate with me like how other guys do ?
You broke my heart .
You pierced me directly in the heart , so deeply I don't think I can ever recover .
You made me feel guilty of all my wrongdoings towards you .
You made my love for you grow over the years .
Yet you had to throw my fragile heart towards the ground and watch it shatter to a thousand pieces .
I feel like such a fool . Wait , maybe I am .
I think I'm gonna die of mental exhaustion soon .
This was all too sudden .
I feel like I should try to save it .
But I might look like a despo .
Yet .. I love you so much .
Tears keep streaming down my face .
It has not stopped for hours .
It hurts so much .
I don't think I would be able to accept this .
I guess what people said about you was true all along .
I was just too blind to realize .
Too blinded by the love I have for you .
Sweet revenge , is that what it is ?
For what I had done to you in the past .
I guess it's karma .
Was this your scheme , was it your plot ?
I didn't struggle , I should have fought .
You're not even bothered .
You don't want to save the relationship .
You don't give a fuck .
All you can do is apologize , but how the fuck would that help me ?!
I can't take this shit any longer .
I wanna exchange places with someone in a comatose right now .
I just want to sleep and not think .
I want to be put to sleep forever .
Not think .
Thinking drives people crazy and I'm already halfway losing my mind .
I am so disappointed .
I have never expected you , of all people , to give up that easily .
I gave you my all .
My fucking all .
And you took advantage of it .
You are giving the lamest excuses I have ever heard . Ever .
You're not even trying to fix this shit .
The more I listen to your excuses , the more disgusted I get .
I should stop crying , before my eyes start bleeding again .
I'm better off on my own I guess .
I can never keep a relationship in place .

Marcus was right about you .
Yi Zhong , I miss you so much . Why did you have to leave when I need you the most ?

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar .

I am going to fucking die of depression .

We had it all in front of us
You were the one
I was in love
But you always hurt
The one you lost
I couldn't get enough

You were everything
That's bad for me
Make no apologies
I'm crushed...
Black and blue
But you know
I'd do it all again for you

Maybe .. not .

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