Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Day Late, But Happy Anniversary Anyway Baby!

Listening to: Only Wind by Kim Jong Kook & SG Wannabe (y)

At last my informative speech and drama performance for P. Speaking is over. Next, persuasive speech. BAH! I have not been updating frequently because, well, life's just been hectic lately. My Macroeconomics midterm result is very, very bad. I have decided to dedicate an hour of my day to studying properly. Don't laugh at me. Don't tell me I've got strong willpower. Please give me your full support. I really don't want to flunk this subject. Or any subject for that matter.

170310, Wednesday
I went to Pyramid with Baby. After such a long, long, long time. It has just been so long since we've actually went out together properly. What was different about this outing was that, I bought stuff! We usually go to Pyramid and just rot our assess off. Baby bought me a new pair of wedges, buffet lunch at Sakae Sushi, a new novel - Lovely Bones, earrings, something else I don't want to reveal, and a new pet! I was a happy happy girl. Thank you so much Baby. Sayang youuuu (:

At Sakae Sushi!

I have never been to Sakae Sushi before. We order through this! Service is quick and efficient but food quality was not really up to my expectations.

Our first round of sushi.

Baby was emo-ing me this time ):

Time to go home! Hugs and kisses :3 (I look weird, sorry)

PS: Happy 10 Months Baby! Sorry I'm late..
So many things to update about, so little time! A sneak peek at what I am going to update on soon.

Public Speaking drama rehearsal;

My works of art: Orang Minyak;

My new pet(s) given to me by Zekey Wong :D, and;

Photography trip to Orchid Park, KL.

I have got no idea what I am gonna update on so please visit soon to find out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Hath Recovered!

Listening to: Swing Swing by The All-American Rejects

I have finally recovered! My throat still hurts a bit but otherwise, I can eat, drink, talk, and do anything else that requires me to open my mouth. That sounded a bit wrong. I recovered last Saturday, allowing me to teach the kids properly without hurting my throat. Thank God.

Which reminds me, I bought stickers for the kids from Summit yesterday. Knowing them, they would remember that I promised to bring them stickers the next Saturday. Oh, and I promised Jingwei we would play musical chairs and make cardboard cars too. I hope everything would go along smoothly with the children!

And omgomgomgomg I'll be going out with Baby tomorrow. It's been like forever since I've went out shopping with him. I can't wait! And... sushi, yay! (No PS section for you today Baby!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey, Being Sick Sucks.

Listening to: Make Damn Sure by Taking Back Sunday

I've been sick for a week now. I don't recall ever being sick for this long, and it sucks. It's so inconvenient for me. I can't eat, nor can I drink, without going through agonizing pain. Yawning and talking pains me so. I can't go to coffee shops or go near people who smoke because it would irritate my throat and cause even more pain. I skipped Public Speaking on Tuesday and Photography today. I've got work tomorrow and Public Speaking rehearsal tomorrow.

Should I go?

I wonder how long it's been since I smiled wholeheartedly.

PS: I'd like to thank everyone who has cared for me while I'm sick. You people know who you are.

PPS: Baby I'm sorry I can't go bowling with you and your friends today. We'll go once I'm well (:

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Listening to: Dui Bu Qi by Jay Chou

Sorry for updating almost a month later. I rarely get to use my PC and I've been sick recently (still am actually). Anywho, I won't be posting many pictures. If you wanna take a look at more pics, just access my Facebook account!

So we left for Taiping at 7 AM in the morning. By the time we reached Taiping was around 10 AM+.

Cacat brother.

We were starving when we reached Taiping so we decided to stop by our favorite coffeeshop in Taiping, Prima. I had kuih pai ti, awesomenesssssss. Satisfied one craving.

While at the coffeeshop, I caught sight of this adorable baby which did not look like a girl nor a boy. The baby looks more like a girl, so I shall call the baby her/she. Every time I smiled at her, she would start smiling and laughing and gurgling which was oh-so-adorable! But when anybody else from my family smiled at her, she wouldn't show a single reaction.

This picture was taken by me and as you can see, she ain't smiling because I wasn't smiling at her (it was difficult to maintain eye contact with her and smile while I was trying to take her picture)...

... and here's a picture of her smiling when I was smiling at her! The photographer, was of course, my sister, Hannah. Isn't she just the cutest?! And it went on for almost half an hour. Her grandma kept trying to feed her food but she kept on turning around to look at me. Zomfg so adorable

Rex Box (:

Camwhoring in Taiping.

I actually forgot that my relatives knocked down the old wooden house and started building a new house since last year. When we entered the Green House area, I suddenly remembered that we had a new house to stay in while in Taiping. Boy was I excited!

Tadahhh! Our new house! Not literally ours, but, whatever. My jaw dropped. I didn't expect it to look this modern. That little boy in yellow is my cousin, Gary. And that emo girl in... dark colors is Hannah. Once we entered the house, my eyes started to tear. The incense coming from the prayer altar was stuck in the house because of the low ceiling. We never did have that problem when we were livin' in the old wooden house. I started to miss it.

My first aunt was folding those papers for prayers. Hannah got the hang of it in less than half an hour. I gave up after an hour of trying.

After unpacking everything, I noticed my cousin, Justin, using the laptop. Yes, internet! I walked back into our room, grabbed the laptop, and started using it :D

Later on, my 9 year-old cousin, Gary appeared, showing me his Gameboy SP.

His younger brother, 7 year-old Darren wasn't as naughty as last year. Nic had to hold him down just to take a picture. Poor Darren is camera shy.

This is Terry the Shih-Tzu. I guess he is getting more attention compared to the past few years when Goldie was around. Goldie is my grandma's hybrid Terrier + Pomeranian and is allowed in the house. I never really did like Goldie because she's a grumpy old bitch. I was quite happy when she died (ho ho). Soon after, Lucky the Pomeranian passed away too. I bet Terry was happy. I always caught Lucky sodomizing poor Terry ):

And at last, the long-awaited reunion dinner! Nic and my other 3 cousins escaped before I could take a picture of them eating together.
First Day
In a blink of an eye, it was already Chinese New Year. I woke up to the sound of Gary's shouts in my room. Gary and Darren were already begging me to wake up.

My dad bought them chewing gum..

CNY calls for red clothing!

Somehow everyone was toying around with this pink ribbon. I don't know where it came from.

And then it was time for the family portraits. I only managed to snap a few though. The only people missing were my first uncle and my cousin, Andrew. They're staying in the US. But at least I managed to talk to them on Skype.

My family!

Grandma's grandchildren. Little, I know ):

Sorry :p
Second Day

We went to Taiping Sentral. Hannah was eager to check out the indoor rollerblading rink. Mum said going there would be a bad idea. It's like, the only shopping mall in Taiping. Whaddya think?

We went to Oldtown. Like usual, I ordered my mee jawa which didn't taste as good as the ones served in the KL branches. But I guess it's 'cause of the crazy crowd.

Don't ask me why my dad likes to act like a retarded kid.

When we reached home, I took a nap and woke up to see my sister going through some photos. Being the inquisitive me, I headed over to her bed and started going through the photos. They were photos of grandma's grandchildren (basically us okay) when we were younger.

Nic and I. I haven't changed much, I guess.

Justin, Nic and Hannah (awww). More pictures in my Facebook!

Later on, my last uncle's friends came over to gamble.

In half an hour, he won my parents money - RM300.

Look at all that cash!

Third Day
I had to wake up early in the morning to follow my second aunt, her boyfriend, and Ah Ma to the Lake Garden. After years of always going back to Taiping, I have never walked around the lake before. So this time, I decided to discover the wonders of Taiping's Lake Garden.

I am still amazed at the sight of these trees which are at least a century old.

We didn't do much after our trip to the lake gardens. I went home, took a nap again, and started to Facebook and watch TV. Later at night we played with fireworks. I was busy trying to do light art.

A few dragon eggs exploding.

Light art isn't easy. I had to try more than ten times just to get one perfect character/alphabet.




Gary doing some circle in the air.
Fourth Day
The day we left Taiping ):

Gary chasing us. Weeee~

The first time my mum came back with my dad to Taiping, he told her it was a space station. She believed him. It's a cement factory.

That's it for now!

PS: Baby I need you sayang my throat for me ):