Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Crushed ... Black and Blue .

Mood : Blah

I am totally lost for words . There are so many things running through my head right now I think it's gonna explode soon . When I was informed about what happened , I was baffled . My whole body went cold . I didn't want it to be real , I wanted it all to be a lie . But it turned out to be true .

During my last paper this morning (Commerce) , imaginary images of that incident kept on popping up in my mind . I could barely concentrate . All I wanted to do at that moment was leave the paper blank and storm out of the hall . But I didn't have the heart to do so . I was not going to let this affect me . Not my last paper . I could not afford to be barmy then .

I'm going to start work tomorrow and boy am I so not excited . I don't mind working . I'd rather spend my time occupying myself with something else to do rather than sit at home and think (I'm a thinker , I think a lot) myself to death . Might as well work for some extra money during this long period of holidays , rather than sitting at home and goyang kaki . With me working , I wouldn't have much time to read you people's blogs anymore , let alone blog . I'm gonna be home only at night and on Sundays . This means no outings for me on weekdays . Ugh .

I'm supposed to meet Nephew tonight but it seems he has to stay at home and teman his dad watch movies since he's been away (at Malacca) for two days . I'm waiting for his call . Like , now . I'm rotting . My dad is playing the PS2 when I'm supposed to be having it all to myself right now . I wanna complete my Persona III .

I miss Myira even though I spent a lot of time with her today . Oh , and I can't believe Zheng Guan thought Zheng Kai (Nephew) is really my nephew !

My apologies for this stupid and meaningless blogpost . I wanted to post about Twilight (movie and book) but I digress . My emotions got the better of me .

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