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Prom Night 2008 .

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Monday , 221208

It started at 6.30 PM but I arrived at 8 PM . Hell , I was still at work when it was 6.30 ! But I didn't miss out much on anything except for two performances . Everyone looked great that night and it would remain as one of the most memorable events in my life . My table was just beside the VIP table so I had a good view of the stage . The food wasn't outstanding but it was edible and I went for a second round , which has never happened when I attended SMKKK's Prom Night 2005 and some annual dinners at Kota Permai . The performances were nice but not amazing in any way . I was looking forward to a band but I guess I should not have had my hopes up too high . Oh , and I was lucky too ! I won some Quiksilver teddy bear during the lucky draw but I didn't go up on stage to collect my prize 'cause I was at the bathroom . Jonathan collected it for me .

Pav and Sara (his pole dancing rocked my socks off , even though I wasn't wearing any) won Best Couple and they definitely deserved it . Ji Kin was crowned Prom King and I was happy for him . He got my vote ! Ha ha . Julia was crowned Prom Queen . To be honest I think Justina deserved it that night . She looked enthralling . I bet she had the time of her life that night .

The best segment of prom was definitely the Dance Floor . You guys from the committee should have added in a disco ball as well ! Ha ha . The dancing was seriously awesome and I enjoyed it thoroughly . Even though I got my feet stepped on by people like Saravanen and Keith , I ignored it . The pain subsided after a while . I was just kind of upset seeing a number of people who did not pay enter the premises . Although they entered after the food , but I still felt that it was unfair to those who paid to enjoy prom . You guys should have hired a bouncer .

After prom , me , Jon , Jonathan , Jeremy , Kevin , Ann , Prashant and Amanda went to Sawasde for some beer and boy did we have fun . We hung out till 2 AM and left soon after . Oh , and I can't believe Kevin Ravi Choooooooo lived a few doors away from me last time ! I used to live in USJ 18/2B , and so did he ! What the fuck ?! I lived at number 36 and he lived at number 41 . Babi damn ngam . Ha ha !

Overall prom was superb . Please don't compare ours to other schools' proms like SMK Subang Jaya (whose venue was at KL Tower) and SMK Subang Utama (whose venue was at Sunway Hotel) because SMKKK has only been around for six years . The emcees , Matthew and Jeremy did a great job on stage . I would also like to express my condolences to Isaac , Matthew's cousin who was diagnosed with lympathic cancer three months ago and passed away two weeks ago . He was just fifteen . The original composition for Isaac by Matthew was an emotional one and I could feel the pain Matthew felt during the critical hours of Isaac's last breaths .

The Black Tie Affair's Committee 2008 , you guys did a splendid job . Thank you for a memorable night (:

Shyuan and I .

The both of us again . My hair looks bad . I didn't have enough time to do my hair .

Shyuan , Krystle , me and Ann . I'm the odd one out eh , red dress . He he .

PS : I didn't get to take many pictures because I don't have a camera . I really wanted to take tens of thousands of pictures with everyone though and I fucking missed that chance . Heck I didn't even get a pic with my date):

PPS : it's Christmas eve . Merry X'mas everybody !

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