Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lack of Sleep .

Mood : Sleepy

I stayed up the whole night chatting . I think there's something wrong with me . I'm gonna sit for my Accounts paper tomorrow and here I am , blogging because I'm so darn bored .

Although I was chatting with only four people , but MSN was so laggy I felt like throwing my monitor out the window .

I am hungry and sleepy . I'm gonna throw a tantrum soon . That's what happens when I lack food and sleep at specific times . Since I'm so bored and Jon isn't replying me on MSN , I might as well blog about something .

Last Saturday I went to Sunway Pyramid with Jon , Mun Choong , Zheng Kai , Ee Lyn and my sis . I was supposed to watch High School Musical 3 with my sis but Mun Choong already bought my ticket for Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa . My sis and Jon already watched it the week before with my mum , but they had no choice but to watch the movie as well . Think about it , what is a 19 year-old guy and an 11 year-old girl gonna do for almost 2 hours in Sunway Pyramid together ? So Mun Choong queued up again to get tickets for my sis and Jon . Soon after , he appeared with three tickets in his hands . Note that before I arrived , he bought 4 tickets for the four of us (Kai , Ee Lyn , me and himself) . He was supposed to buy two more but ended up buying three . Stone . So each of us had to pay 2 bucks for his mistake . Well done Mun Choong ! (mc , if you're reading this , don't get angry okay , i'm just kidding about the 'well done' part) Other than that , we didn't do much except argue , showed faces at each other and mock each other (mostly among mc , kai and i) . They left around 6 PM and left me , my sis and Jon at Pyramid . So we bought Ramune and watched ice-hockey :)

I am tanned ):

Oh and about today , I went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi to watch Twilight . It was like what I expected it would be . Pleasurable (because of the Cullens) , but without the Oomph ! . I was bored to tears during the beginning , up until the 'baseball' scene . Once Supermassive Black Hole by Muse started playing during their baseball match , I was snapped back into my active mode and enjoyed the movie from then on . The book , was much better . Though I wouldn't mind watching the movie all over again .

After the movie , I went walking around Jusco and stopped by F.O.S. for a moment . I saw a nice top in two different colours and proceeded to try it on .

My outfit before I tried on the F.O.S. tops .

This is the first one , it's grey but still transparent .

The second one was white and I really liked it , but this one is transparent as well .

I wanted to buy the top 'cause I really liked it and it costs Rm25 only . But I didn't 'cause it was too see-through ):

Ohmygawd look at those rings around my eyes . When I lack sleep . Ahhhh ..

I'm gonna go shower then go out with Jon already . Thanks for reading this stupid post which has no Oomph ! to it .

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