Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mahjong ?

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Tuesday , 231208

It was my day off and I woke up earlier than my siblings even though I drank and partied like a maniac and they didn't . So I stayed home the whole day playing my beloved PS2 , reading New Moon and sleeping . Later at night my three BFFL came over to play mahjong . Mc played his first ever game of mahjong on Sunday night and he was bullied bad by Marcus and Zk . But after much coaching from my mum (Mc's and Marcus' third mum) , he improved and won them at a few games . They're training for Chinese New year . Anyone up for the challenge ? (:

Only Zk managed to smile for me - eh , I mean , *ahem* the camera .

Mummy and Hannah , the spectators .

Marcus . Fella has improved a lot compared to a year ago .

Mc's serious face during mahjong .

Mc and Zk looking at their faggots .

From left : Mc's wallet , Zk's Dunhill , Mc's Nokia and my Sony Ericsson . Zk's phone was beside him and Marcus' phone was being used by me to take this pic .

PS : Anyone and everyone is welcome to play mahjong at my house whenever , especially during Chinese New Year !

PPS : It's Christmas ! Ho ho ho !

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