Monday, August 9, 2010

A Song That Never Fails to Bring Me to Tears.

Listening to: Wonderwall by Oasis

It all comes down to this. Everything is my fault. Nobody else is to blame. Everything I am doing now, everything I have been through, everything I know I am about to face.. I am to be blamed. I already know what I will become very soon. I just don't want to prevent myself from becoming that. Don't ask me why because I don't know why.

I kena sound from my dad because of staying up late every night. I can't help it. I just keep on thinking and thinking and thinking. I am seriously considering sleeping pills. If I can afford them. Those dark eye circles are fucking killing me. And constantly having thoughts swimming around your head when you are dead tired isn't really the best feeling in the world.

I just don't know what to do anymore. I don't know what to think. I don't know... if I should just fall into you.

And all the lights that lead the way are blinding.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not My Average Blog Entry.

Listening to: Dong Jie by Lin Jun Jie

I have been surrounded by so many good looking guys recently, they're hard to resist.

I shall start with Mr Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher.

I totally forgot about him after he got married to Demi Moore. He's been like on the low down and Punk'd isn't around anymore and stuff. And all these new good looking celebs are popping up like nobody's business, so I'm sorry Ashton, 'cause I ditched you. I still love you, even though you fucked God knows how many girls in the movie Spread. That movie rekindled my love for you Hahhahaha.

Jackson Rathbone. I never really fancied him until I watched Eclipse a few days ago and The Last Airbender just now. I watched the first two installments of the Twilight Saga, only that I never really noticed him because he didn't really say much and I am not much of a vampire fan. He was always too pale. But he was alright in The Last Airbender even though he didn't say much. Again. He's a handsome young man.

Doesn't he look like a young Ethan Hawke? Or more like Ethan Hawke without the scruffiness and shit. I have not seen Josh Hartnett star in any movie in YEARS. I don't know what the hell happened to this hottie but I can't wait to see some action coming from him. I suddenly feel like watching Pearl Harbour, starring both of my fave hunks, Ben Affleck and Josh here. Anyone up for it?

I have been seeing so much of Bradley Cooper lately, his voice and smile is always playing around in my mind whenever it is blank. Valentine's Day, The Hangover, and A-Team are already added into my list of favorite movies. Thanks to Mr Cooper here. My friend showed me a preview of this TV series he starred in, Kitchen Confidential. Holy shit I need to get my hands on it. More of Bradley, YAY!

Omaigawd Peter Facinelli is so much more hotter compared to Robert Pattinson. Dude, your dad in Twilight owns your ass x 1000 hahaha. Somehow he looks like Ethan Hawke here too. Hmm.. Or maybe it's just me. He looks alright in Twilight but of course much better without the pale makeup and terrible blond hair. Damn I need to get myself a bib soon because of the excess drool leaking outta my mouth.

And last but not least, Fernando Jose Torres Sanz (I know he's not an actor but whatever, he still makes my list). No words can describe my love and loyalty to you. Since 2006 okay?