Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dog

I have been living in Kota Kemuning for nine years . I lived on Jalan Anggerik Oncidium from November 1999 till mid-July 2005 and then moved to Jalan Anggerik Doritis on mid-July 2005 . I'm still here . I enjoy staying in this area for it is very much convenient for me . The school is a minute away , the shop lots and mamak stalls/chinese restaurants are three minutes away , and you rarely get to see Kay-poh Oncidium Aunties . However , living here has its bad points as well - make that a bad point . The crazy dog next door .

I love dogs . I really do . I have owned many throughout my childhood too . Sad to say , I , with utmost despite , hate my neighbour's dog . Sometimes I feel like screaming at it . I have been living here (Doritis) since June 2005 and yes , it is perfectly normal for dogs to bark and growl at strangers . But , it is fugging unusual for a dog to bark at a person it knows . Come one , for fuck's sake , I've been living next to it for almost three years . But it doesn't seem to cease it's annoying barks at my family . It barks at not only us , but everyone . My neighbour's friends , relatives , my other neighbours . The dog is fucking spoilt . Even the dogs belonging to my neighbour living opposite don't bark at us .

I have seen the way they treat the dog . They treat it like as if it's some kind of newborn baby , it makes my stomach churn . They let it into the house , with all it's long straggly fur . That's fine by me , as long as it doesn't make noise . The thing is , I have seen how the dog reacts when it's asked to go back out . It snarls , growls and bites them . Ludricous , I know . Yet , the only thing they do is shout , no , raise their voices at him and start to drag him out of the house . I swear , I have never seen them hit it . I'm not saying that hitting pets are good neither am I encouraging it but you have to teach them a lesson if they misbehave right ? They're not humans , you can't punish them by ordering it to stand in a corner until it has realised its mistake . You have to cane it . Not too hard , but just nice to let it know that you're in charge . Seriously , what else can you do ? I am annoyed beyond reason .

A year or so after I moved into my current house , the dog bit my mother's thighs while she was hanging her clothes . She was standing quite near to my neighbour's fence . Lo and behold , the dog lost its mind and went beserk . My neighbour couldn't stop apologising . But what's done is done , and there's not point apologising repeatedly . A few of my friends were tempted to throw stones at it because of its stupid behaviour but I stopped them , worried that bad things would then occur . One thing I have come to realise about this particular dog , is that it will not bark when its owners are not around . It is only when its owners are lingering around the garden , then it strikes . Wtfuck ?! This dog has a fucking attitude problem , and it wants to show everyone that it is in charge and brave as well .

Today , when my mother went out to keep the clothes hanged outside to dry , the dog started barking like a mad dog and scared my mother . What's more ? My neighbours (mother and daughter) were standing outside there and talking . They saw what their beloved dog did but refused to tell it off and ignored it . My mother was so pissed she told my neighbour that their dog tends to scare her by barking very loudly at her . My neighbour just laughed . I heard because the windows were open and I was using the PC . And that situation was what made me lose it . I wanted to go out and just tell my neighbours off but I was held back by my conscience .

I don't give a fuck whether or not my neighbours read about this . Hopefully they do so that they would know how we feel about their mad dog . Please dear neighbours , do not provoke me .

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Late !

To Fayadh <3 , Ann , Yi Zhong , Shyuan , 2 Fa+ and Ijmal - thanks for the birthday present . I wanted to post my thanks to ya'll here but I totally forgot . So , yeah thanks for the prezzie . I appreciate it lots .

And also to those who have wished me late , thanks too :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ahh , TVB Dramas .

I bet not many of you watch the soap opera , Heart of Greed , on Wah Lai Toi (311 @ Astro) . I need not say much about what the story is about because its stated in the title of the drama . It's a TVB drama which means its based in Hong Kong . This is the first time I have ever , yes , ever been so addicted to a Hong Kong TVB drama . I recently found out today that this drama won nineteen awards . Six out of those nineteen awards , were won by the cast of Heart of Greed and the drama itself during the TVB Anniversary Awards . This soap opera is very , very entertaining as it focuses on family conflicts all for , yes , money . Tomorrow Wah Lai Toi is gonna show the last two episodes (this drama consists of forty episodes) and I don't wanna miss it . I'm feeling so kan cheong right now . Can't wait to find out what happens !

Those looking for some excitement in their boring lives could check out this drama for I assure you , it is very entertaining . It is not so in the beginning , but as the story moves on , the need for you to know will get stronger . There is a bit of humour as well as its serious scenes . To those who don't have Wah Lai Toi , you could check it out on crunchyroll.com . The full forty episodes are provided , so enjoy !

After the huge success after the release of Heart of Greed , TVB decided to produce another series which consists of the same cast with a different storyline - Moonlight Resonance . It's not out on crunchyroll yet but I watched the first five episodes on Astro on Demand and like Heart of Greed , it is surprisingly addictive as the need to know what happens next just pops out of nowhere .

The cast of Moonlight Resonance /Heart of Greed would be coming down to KL this weekend . They're stopping by Sungei Wang and Summit . Of course , I would be going (me and mum are die-hard fans) . They're gonna be at Summit on the 17th , which means this Sunday . I can't wait , although I don't think the full cast would be there . I'm just excited that Hong Kong celebs are gonna be here ! To anyone who has read this post (or is reading it) , do me a favour and watch Heart of Greed on crunchyroll (if you have not watched it yet) .

I'm Independent !

Your Independence Level: High

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But you also wouldn't turn down help if you needed it.

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When Boredom Attacks .

What's the connection between you and
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- boyfriend

What is wrong with you right now?
- sore heart

Do you ever miss your first love?
- no

When did you last cry?
- last night

What do you hate?
- people who try to act cute

What do you want in your life right
- to get good results for my SPM

Are you happy?
- currently no

What are you listening to?
- Sweet LEMON BROKER by KuRt

What do you smell like?
- i don't know

What time do you go to bed?
- usually after 12 midnight

Who was the last person in your bed
besides you?
- no one

What do you wear to bed?
- clothes ?

Do you tend to make relationships
- don't know . sometimes I guess .

What did you do yesterday?
- I went to school

What was the last movie you went to?
- The Mummy 3

Is your shirt new?
- no . it's almost a year old .

Do you live near your ex
- no

Are you scared of bugs?
- very.

Are you a cuddler?
- yes . i love cuddling up to .. him

How was your day today?
- not good

What do you think of Eminem?
- i admire him

Do you read?
- hell yeah

Do you sleep with a teddy bear?
- don't own one

Whose house have you been to today?
- mine

Do you like anyone right now?
- no .

Are you bored?
- what d'ya think

What are you excited about?
- the cast of Moonlight Resonance is coming to Malaysia !

Who was last person to cook for you?
- Audrey's dad ? hahaha

Who was your last text message from?
- baby

Who was the last person to make you
- mummy :(

Name someone whose name starts with
the letter R?
- Rachel

Do you care what others think about
- no

Have you ever been in love?
- yeah

Do you trust people easily?
- no

Do you think you'll be married in 10
- 10 years ? yes

Will you ever kiss the last person you
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- yesyes !

What do you look forward to in the
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- nothing actually . I'm not looking forward to it .

Who was the last person to call you?
- yi zhong

Do you plan on moving out within the
next year?
- not sure

What happened at 10:00 am today?
- still sleeping

You Dare Call Me Stingy ?

If I was kedekut , I would not pay for you goddammit . The only reason I asked for my money today is because you fucking pissed me off ! Plus , you dared to shout at me in front of your friend . Shout lah , shout all you want . You'd better not cross the line before I fucking slap you in the face because that's what I wanted to fucking do . Trials is coming up and you want to work . You know what , I'm so fed up with you right now . You go ahead and do whatever you wanna do , go and work your ass off from evening till night for just RM40 . I'm not fucking bothered 'cause hey , it's your life . You can do whatever you want with it . Go and waste it away if it makes you happy -

'cause I don't fucking give a shit .

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blank .

Give me something to blog about . Give me something .

I actually have a lot of things to blog about . But I don't know which to choose from .

Trials is less than a month away .

Fuck . Sorry , I try to avoid profanities but I can't run away from it now ! Gahhh !

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday !

Happy 17th Birthday Joshua !

I Got Punk'd .

When I reached school this morning , it was no surprise that the only female students from my class who came were Charlotte and Tessa . On Wednesdays , majority of the class would never attend , saying that the subjects on Wednesdays are not important . I was looking for yi zhong , and then I saw her approaching my class line with nadzirah . They were engaged in a conversation , and it went something like this :

nadzirah : *laughs* Eh , betul ah ? You boleh lah gi join Fayadh . Cepat duduk !
yi zhong : Ha ? Fayadh pun kena ah ?
me : Kena what ?
nadzirah : Fayadh kan kena NS .
me : Ye ke ? Semalam dia cakap dia I yang kena and dia tak kena .
yi zhong : Did he forward the message to you ?
me : What message ?
nadzirah : Duuuuuduuuuuk !

And finally we sat . Head Prefect mah , what to do ?

yi zhong : If you kena NS , you will get a message that goes something like " Tahniah , anda telah
dipilih bla bla bla ..." Did he forward it to you ?
me : Er , no ?
yi zhong : Means he's lying loh .
me : Yes ah ? Later I go ask him .

Lo and behold when we started walking to the stairs , Fayadh <3 style="font-weight: bold;">place , apparently , is not for humans . A month later when the Chinese New Year holidays were approaching , she called back home and told her parents that she didn't want to go back home . She wanted to celebrate CNY there . At her National Service camp . Her parents were shocked of course . Her frequent complaints a month ago made them assume that she hated it there . But of course, she grew to love it . And when the three months were up and everybody had to part , she cried . Real bad .

PS : yi zhong wants a car to bang her down so that she need not go for NS . I say , you might as well get yourself banged and get pregnant , then you need not worry about going for NS forever .
PPS : yi zhong wants to apply for SAM to get out of Malaysia to avoid NS . I say , you still have to come back to Malaysia to go for NS unless of course , you stay there forever .
PPPS : yi zhong's friend , melody , cried when she found out about herself being selected to go for NS . I fucking say , it's not as if you're going to fucking die . It's not as if you fucking contracted cancer . You're just going to learn to fucking discipline yourself for three months .

I get fucking annoyed with people like this .

Goodbye People .

According to Fayadh <3 , I got selected for National Service .

He wasn't .

Goodbye world .

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Seven Deadly Sins .








Tagged .

RULE:Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits /things / little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. No TAG backs!

1. I talk when I sleep .
2. I used to bite my fingernails .
3. I play the piano .
4. I'm shorter than my 15 year old brother .
5. I used to cut my arm .
6. I am kinda blind .
7. I love watching Sergeant Keroro .
8. I play Guitar Hero .
9. I hate paranoid people .
10. I can be very sarcastic if I want to .
11. I dislike people who look down on their friends .
12. My tonsils get infected at least once every year .
13. I don't sneeze out loud unless I really have to .
14. I hate hate hate lalas .
15. I enjoy shopping for food .

The 5 people I wanna tag:
Sun Wen Cheang
Jowen Chan
Shaunie Ng
Marcus Foo
Pavitra Kurup

Sunday, August 10, 2008

10th of August 2008

Yes people , it is finally my birthday ! I know you guys don't feel as excited as I do 'cause (duh) you're not the one turning seventeen this year , nor are you getting OLDER (noooooooooo) . I would like to thank fayadh baby <33 , yi zhong , ann , wen cheang , audrey , matthew , marcus , weng gan , shyuan , vince , myira , sofia , rachel , keith , ah boon , ijmal , sabrina , nicholas tan , mun choong , zkai , qisthina , pavitra , adam , natasha , wee jinn , elwin , kevin , justina , my bro and sis , my parents ,my parents' friends and all those people on myspace an friendster for wishing me Happy Birthday . I love you guys !

So the all of us woke up real early this morning because my dad had a very important appointment with a client near his office in Damansara Uptown . We had to follow because if we were to be lazy and sleep at home , we wouldn't go out for the whole day . We left Kota Kemuning at 8.45 a.m. and reached Damansara Uptown at 9.10 a.m. . My dad went for his appointment with his client and the four of us - me , mum , nick and hannah - went for breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam . We sat there from 9.10 till 11.20 then we finally left the place when my dad was done . We headed off to One Utama because 1) it is near to my dad's office , 2) I wanted to eat at Chilli's and 3) the three of us wanted to visit the Animax Youth Festival . When we arrived at One Utama , we headed off to MPH because my dad wanted to get a book about aliens . So we hung around MPH . I started browsing through books like always without any intention of owning them (bullshit) . My bro and sis got me a book entitled "The Not-So-Perfect Man" . My sister secretly told me that she specifically chose that title for me . I ignored what she said and walked on - I know , how evil of me . But hey , there are times when it's better if you shut your trap rather than open it . After my dad got his book and my birthday present was bought , we headed off to the AYF at Highstreet . We walked around looking at the entrepeneur stalls available and I actually wanted to stop and look at some home-made shirts on sale but didn't do so because my brother was rushing to look for his friend , Alif .

Yes , Alif . The noisy but entertaining little friend of his . He was hanging around a video game stall . At first I didn't notice , but after a matter of time , I realized that there was a crowd of people near Alif . I walked nearer and nearer and nearer and I finally caught sight of a set of drums . Not real 'uns . Arcade-looking ones . A guy playing that set of drums . The arcade-looking set of drums . I froze when I realized that the guy standing beside the guy playing the drums (arcade-looking ones - bah , you get the point !) was holding a guitar (the Guitar Hero-looking one) . Then my eyes slowly flickered over to the screen and then the shiny looking thing under the screen . It was a fucking Playstation 3 . It was a fucking Playstation 3 . It was a fucking shiny Playstation 3 , and those two guys were playing Rockband on it ! Boy was i jealous . I actually thought about pulling off all the cables off the PS3 and run away with it . But that would be so uncivilized .

And so I gave it a try on Rockband only to find out that guitar was laggy and it made me suck . Ha-ha . But the drums were easy , I mean , they looked easy . Amir looked like he was having a good time having a go on the drums while Alif happened to be struggling . So I just walked away to find a seat 'cause me feet were hurting real bad . It so happened that Seventeen - yes , Seventeen magazine - had a booth there too . So I stopped to take a look at photos of girls who got their pictures taken and were on a slideshow being played on a screen . I also saw girls live getting their pictures taken and catwalking . I wasn't really impressed so , whatever lah kan . Before I could continue looking for a seat , my brother and Alif appeared and started talking to me about .. something which I could not recall because the only thing in my mind then was to find a godforsaken seat .

Then , this girl walked up to me and asked if I would like to join their Seventeen Model Search . My answer ? Kinda obvious is it not ? I politely said no and attempted , yes , attempted to walk away . But I was stopped by my sister , brother and Alif . They wanted me to take part "just for fun" apparently . Fine . It is my birthday anyway , so I had to be sporting . Righht . So , whatever lah kan , I said yes (ohmefuckin'gawdnoooo denise ! whyyyyy ?) . I had to fill in a form which I do not think it wise to reveal what I had to fill in and proceeded to have my pictures taken (ew) . Okay , what happened during the photo session is entirely private and confidential . Yes , you heard me . All P&C . "Why?" you ask . Well , it's embarassing having to describe in detail - although I only took like , what , 5 pictures ? I was required to do a -ehem - catwalk . I can assure you Qisthina , I did not strut my stuff nor did I rock it . I walked more than I catwalked . I don't consider it a catwalk at all , what I did . I have no idea how they're gonna announce the winners or whatever . I'm not really bothered . I just have to focus on SPM ! Ahhhhhh !

After all that was over , we ate at Chilli's and left . We left my brother behind though , he followed Alif home . We reached home at about 4.15 and I immediately went online to do alotta crap which we could skip actually . At 6 I went out to see my baby (I missed him so much) and we hung out and took alotta funny pictures . Then we ate Domino's for dinner and we cut my birthday cake ! ann couldn't make it so only fuu and mc came . I had fruit cake ! Finally , no chocolate cake . I'm kinda sick of it already . Bleargh . I wished my wish which is a secret , and I blew out the candles on my cake . For the first time in like , 10 years , my dad kissed me on the cheek (ohmygawd the stubbles!) and so did my mum . My brother kissed me for the third time and mc and fuu just ate cake . So yeah , it was a great day but I'm really disappointed that I can't have my baby sing me the birthday song and cut my cake together with him . But I'm gonna bring a piece of cake for him tomorrow so that he wouldn't miss out on his baby's birthday cake :)

Okay I'm really sleepy right now . I wanna go sleep right now , but I have to shower first . Damn , I forgot that there's school tomorrow . Good night !

P/S : mc taught me how to say the word "moan" in German . He said merve (the new German girl) taught him how to say "moan" in German . I actually forgot how it went . German is complicated .

Friday, August 8, 2008

Temper Temper .

I almost lost my temper with somebody in school today . I'm not going to say who , why , when and where . Point is , sometimes this person gets on my nerves so badly , I feel like screaming at him/her right in the face . I don't know if he/she would read this because she rarely reads my blog but hey , better safe than sorry . My fingers are really itching to state why he/she always pisses me off but if I reveal everything in too much detail , my friendship might be at risk . So I think it's better if I just shut the hell up . Right ?

A few minutes ago I was complaining to Fayadh about this particular person . He agreed that he/she is mixing with the wrong kind and I should advise him/her . Thing is , this fella is hella stubborn . Knocking some sense into him/her would be like trying to hammer a nail through the floor . Don't be surprised , that's why we get into arguments often . Thank the aliens there's a third party who stops the arguments from getting downright serious . It kinda sucks when you have these tiny conflicts with friends . Every thing's just so ... tensed up .

Sometimes I feel like confronting him/her and tell him/her off but it's just so ... difficult . Because he/she's my friend . Why is it every time I want to tell off a particular person , it becomes so difficult ? I mean , some people are easy to talk to . But this one , oh no no no no no . As stubborn as a buffalo . It's just so frustrating every time I think about it . Plus , he/she can be kinda hypocritic at times , making me feel even more annoyed . Talking about hypocritic , he/she's paranoid too !

Believe me , it can get really irritating at times . I just feel like screaming at his/her face .

I feel like posting about an incident which occured recently but I think my doing so would stir up a commotion . So lets just forget about it . End of post .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Some Random Pics .

I have decided to post some random pictures which can be found in my hard disk . This is because I have nothing to talk about today ! Lame . Anyway , on to Picture Number One !

This picture was taken three years ago during Pei Ni's birthday in Kota Kemuning's very own McDonald's (it was actually clearer but I edited it kinda BADly so it turned out BAD) . It features Yours Truly (duh) , Chay Fhun , Desmond , Pei Ni (the birthday girl) , Sanjay , Chong Huang , Wei Ling , Phaik Imm , Yoke Ling , Wun Yeun , Mirshal , Yin Ying , Yi Wei , Shawn , Huei Theng , Marcus (sorry for choosing this) , Shaunie and some random McD staff . I know ... we all looked so , young .

Picture Number Two features my dear brother and me , this time two years ago (just ignore the stupid caption at the bottom of the picture , I lost track of the year - lame) . People who have known me since the year 2006 (or before) would know which year this picture was taken just by looking at my hair colour actually . As you can see my beloved brother did not enjoy the camera being held in front of his face while he was playing DotA . And so , a pretty picture gone bad (smiles) . Okay okay , I shouldn't blame him for spoling the picture (smiles again) . Frankly I think this picture is lovely . I don't know why (smiles ... again!) . Oh , and to all those people out there who can't remember how my brother looked like during his "early" years , well you get to see 3/4 of his face here !

Yes , the unhappy looking man happens to be my father . He got caught on camera looking dopey-eyed on the 1st of July 2007 (which happens to be last year) . I edited the picture a little to make it look a bit more clearer . Before this it looked really dull and blurry . I couldn't really edit nicely thanks to my being stuck with Microsoft Photo Editor . It barely has any editing functions . Adobe Photoshop is just too ... it just takes up too much space on my PC (sulks) . Back to my dad . Does he look wild and unfriendly to you ? Well , if he does , be prepared to be proven wrong ! Ask anyone , and I mean anyone who has met my father and they would tell you that you should never judge a book by its cover . However , he may be fierce at times . But it's only to family members (lucky you outsiders) .

Picture Number Four was shot by *ahem* Yours Truly in some buffet restaurant in Singapore last year . It features Nicholas and Hannah Goh - my dear siblings . I edited it too , though it might not look so nice , but hey , I tried . This photo happens to be one of my most favourite photos . I like this one more than the original one . The ori looks kinda dull and bland . This one makes my brother and sister stand out , maybe because I sephia-ed the background . Well , whatever , I still can't figure out how they managed to stick the spoons on their noses .

The last picture of today's post is taken by my brother three years ago on Shyuan's rooftop . I THINK it was Shyuan's rooftop . Or was it Marcus' ? As you can see I did a bit of editing , again . For your information , the dungu looking guy beside me happens to be Patrick . Shyuan beside him and Marcus beside her . If you still can't spot me , I'll just sob (is my editing that terrible?) . Ahh , those days . Those fun-filled days have actually come to an end once this year ascended . What with SPM and more important things to life . Yes , more important .

I would actually like to post more pictures but its already 12 am , which means its saru's birthday and this means my birthday is only two more days away ! Hooray ! Sadly I can't spend my birthday with my friends :( As in no day out and stuff . It kinda sucks . Anyway , I would post some more random pictures some day soon when I have nothing to post about . If you guys don't like me posting pictures , do inform me and my posting pictures would come to an immediate halt .

Some random piece of info : I was watching Bernama News today and the anchorman revealed that PKR's de-facto leader , Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (poor man accused for something he had not done) is turning 61 this Sunday . It took me some time to let that piece of information digest , I share the same birthday as him ! Honestly I don't know what the big deal is but I didn't stop ranting about it to my parents since I found out . LAME .

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today .

Today .

I woke up with my body aching .
I did NOT arrive late for school .
I remembered to spray my Rexona under my armpits .
I remembered to take my medication on time .
I swooned over Fayadh's perfume .
I found out about something which I'm not so happy about .
I played a "fortune-telling" game at school .
I laughed .
I ate Gardenia Chocolate Bread during recess .
I secretly cursed my substitute class teacher .
I punched and pinched Fayadh .
I felt disappointed .
I missed Pav .
I paid for prom - and now I'm left with no money to buy my dad and Fayadh's birthday prezzies .
I studied Form 4 Commerce without falling asleep (hooray!)
I didn't manage to study Chemistry without finding reasons to do something else .
I felt like eating Pizza (actually I do now) .
I'm still standing my ground and rooting for Obama .
I watched Epic Movie .
I ate spaghetti for lunch .
I'm happy for Marcus - new phone .
I felt stupid .
I was almost caught in the act .
I wanted to take my afternoon nap but didn't .
I privately agreed that I would die early due to overdose of cigarette smoke .

Nothing much happened today except for all of the above . I decided to summarize everything to make things easier for you people and myself . Cheers !

Do You Have Healthy Relationships ?

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