Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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1.Besides your lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?
Quote Chong; It's for me to know and for you to find out.

2.How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

3.Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
My brother.

4.Would you consider yourself spoiled?

5.Will you everdonate blood?
If I am allowed to.

6.Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
Of course.

7.Do you want someone to be dead?

8.What does your last text message say?

9.What are u thinking right now?
A lot of stuff.

10. Do you want someone to be with you now?

11.What was the time you went to bed last night?
Can't remember.

12.Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
Sungei Wang.

13.Is someone on your mind right now?

14.Who was the last person who text you?

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...

1. Bryant
2. Hui Xian
3. Justina
4. Melissa
5. Nisha
6. Shyuan
7. Yee Shien
8. Yi Zhong
9. Zulaikha
10. Evon Low

15. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?
Uhh, I dunno her boyfriend's name.

16. Is no. 3 a male or a female?

17. If no. 7 and and no. 1 get together, would it be a good?
Oh, nononononononono.

18. What is no. 1 studying about?
I know he's studying at ATC lah. Means studying Law I guess.

19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
Uhh. Chatted with no.8 and no.7 yesterday. Others.. been a long time.

20. Is no. 4 single?
Ehh, I'm not so sure.

21.Say something about no. 2.
She loves orange!

22.What do you think about no. 2 and no. 6 being together?
Oh, no good.

23.Describe no. 9.
Her English is effin' awesome and she's pretty (:

24. What will you do if no. 6 and no. 7 fight?
Ahh, they don't know each other.

25. Do you like 8?
I love her!

I Need a Goddamn Vacation.

Listening to: 不能说的秘密 by 周杰伦

It's semester break right now and I'm at home everyday; playing Restaurant City, rotting, watching Yakitate! Japan, rotting, reading Absolute Boyfriend on Onemanga and of course, rotting. My mum and sis will be going back to Singapore during the school holidays and I won't be going. I really wanna go.. Leave all my woes behind, here in Malaysia. I wanna go to Sentosa Island and just relax there instead of feeling so tensed up during fucking semester break. I hope I'll be available end of the year when we go back again. I miss my grandma..

Me, uncle, Hannah, Nick, Mummy and grandma at some awesome restaurant in located in Chinatown, Singapore two years ago.

If I am given the chance to choose a country to chill at, it would be Spain. Partially because Torres is from Spain. I would love to go to Madrid and visit all the historical monuments and such. The food probably won't suit my taste but whatever, I guess I could get used to it.

The Royal Palace of Madrid. Palacio Real de Madrid in Spanish. Beautiful.
The times Audrey and I fooled around during work.

Everytime I see this picture, I shed tears. When can history repeat itself?

Qis, Neera, Ann, Me, Yi Zhong, Matt, Prashant, Jo and Kenx during my sweet sixteen. A hell of a night.

Pav, Ann, some junior whose name I forgot (sorry), Rachel and me. We secured third place for choir last year! And Rachel was crowned Best Conductor (:

Me and.. condoms.

I just wanna go to some European country for a week or two and.. relax.

Before I break down again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Moon's Official Poster.

Listening to: 星期六的深夜 by 王力宏

Taylor Lautner is to die for. Hottie. Finally, he won't have to wear that horrendous wig.

It's Team Jacob for me (:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Fell In Love with Kris Allen.

Listening to: Heartless by Kris Allen <3

The title has nothing to do with my post. Just that I'm listening to Kris' version of Kanye West's Heartless, and he melted my heart. His version is so much more better than Kanye's. Although I'm a huge supporter of Adam Lambert, I have to admit, Adam might have to watch out. He's got some tough competition.

Kris Allen performing in his university before he joined American Idol, University of Arkansas.
I am one tooth short. Yes, I got my tooth extracted last night at the dentist. I knew this day would come. Judging by the way my teeth straightened out, I still had one more tooth which got pushed to a 90 degree angle because of the lack of space on my lower. After removing the elastics, Dr. Khor heaved the heavy sigh which I dreaded since I put on my braces. He said that an extraction is necessary but he would not extract it there and then. He would do it next month. So I asked him what difference would it make if he were to extract my tooth on the spot. Apparently, it wouldn't make a difference. So I might as well extract it there and then. And so I did. Just some random attempt to be lala last night around 1 AM.

The only thing I feared was the taste of blood in my mouth. The smell of blood makes me feel nauseous, I couldn't have imagined it in my mouth. During the whole process, I tried not to look at the utensils Dr. Khor was using to extract my tooth to avoid panic attacks. I just looked up at the ceiling. When he was done, I thanked him and walked out of his room with my sister, trying not to imagine how I would look like with one front tooth missing. Yes, front tooth ):

Yeap, my lower incisor tooth is missing. Laugh all you want.

45 minutes after the extraction, the pain started kicking into my lower jaw and it drew me into a foul mood. I could take the pain. I just couldn't stop complaining about it. My apologies to those who had to bear with my whining. Your tolerance is greatly appreciated. Mr. X was kind of useless because he couldn't do anything about my pain. Mind you, when I am in pain, I would do anything but laugh and smile. Mr. X insists on me blogging about him and him being useless, I have no idea why. He's a pig.

Sadly for me, the missing tooth is obvious. You need not even squint at my mouth when I am talking. It is damn freaking obvious. Plus, I Colgate-smile often. I don't know how I'm supposed to not smile now. I guess I'll just ignore the fact that I'm missing a front tooth and live my life the way it was before I lost my beloved tooth. I can pull through. I hope.
Just some random picture of my brother.

There's still some blood clotted at my gums, and it hurts a lil', but other than that everything's doing well. Besides the fact that I'm missing a front tooth. And my other incisor is starting to hurt because of the braces. I couldn't even bite a fishball when I was offered one an hour ago ):

His signature expression.

While waiting for my brother to come out from the house. Camwhore.

I had to stretch my hand out really far and tiptoe to get him in the picture.

Nic while he was crossing the road.

My finger kind of ruined this picture.

The hippie car I see around KK. Ha ha. Reminds me of the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

My brother and mother. She refused to get off my PC until she broke her own record in Pinball.

Kononnya studying while gaming. You have Physics tomorrow, dude.
On the 16th of May, Shila came to my ex-secondary school, SMK Kota Kemuning. I wanted to go see her myself, but doubt I would be allowed in. I'm not really a fan of Malaysian artistes, but hey, it's not every day you get a celebrity to come to your school. Besides last year when Hans Isaac came to film some movie on SMKKK's grounds. I know it wasn't as big as David Archuleta going to Sri KDU, but it's better than nothing, Alex (Oh). I saw some of the pictures of the event posted up on Pn. Lim's Facebook account. I requested for her permission to post up some of the pictures on my blog, and yes, permission was granted.

Pn. Lim's daughter, Heidi, with Shila.

Heidi standing in front of SMKKK's stage in the Dewan Terbuka. It looks nothing like my school hall. Total makeover.

And finally, Shila performing on stage.

PS: I was chatting with Chong a few hours ago and he was talking about how awesome it would be if he could make every girl he talks to, fall for him. All he needs is Wei Loon's looks, Hy's money and his own mouth. Wl and Hy better be reading this (:

PPS: Mr. X has not replied my sms yet. I am waiting.

PPPS: Wl uploaded our movies onto Youtube already. Mine and Yee Shien's ones are audio disabled because of the copyright infringement. Yes, we used songs by famous people, therefore they disable the audio. Shitty. Anyway, click here to watch Andy's movie. Click on the username sifatji (yes, it's Wl) to watch the other groups' movies, if you have the time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gimme a Title.

Listening to: Be Free (Mat Zo Remix) by Amster Dyen pres. Airplay 47

Since Wl (Wei Loon) and Roy want me to update my blog about something, anything. I shall. However, don't get your hopes up too high guys. This post is coming from a girl who is suffering from sore feet, sore eyes and a rumbling tummy. Hence, probably some random shit will be appearing every now and then.

If you have noticed, I have changed my Mood to Listening to. This is because my mood has been the same lately and it would be pointless to keep on letting ya'll know how I'm feeling at that very moment. Come to think of it, it's kinda pointless to let ya'll know what song I'm listening to while the current post is in progress, no? But I find it slightly more interesting to know what song a friend is listening to while working on the post.

Bohhhhhhh Ringggggg. Do excuse the lame paragraph above. Next please.
A picture Zeke took when we were at Italianesse three days ago (:
I went to One Utama today with my family. There are limited pictures available 'cause the younglings insisted on playing with some game in my phone which kinda drained out the battery? So I couldn't really take a lot of pictures after they murdered my phone battery.

I was walking past Sushi Zanmai when I saw the queue. Zomfg. I have to admit though, Sushi Zanmai is effin' awesome. The quality of the food at Sushi Zanmai is incomparable to Sushi King's. Give it a try some day. It's a bit pricey, but oh-so-worth-it. Itadakimasu!

The youngling (my brother) expressing his shock at a random passerby.

I was tempted to buy a Liverpool handphone strap. I didn't. Don't know why. I think my feet were killing me at the time and all I wanted to do was sit down but I kind of drifted off somewhere unconscious of my surroundings. Next thing I knew, I was in MPH.

I was at One Utama from 2 PM till 9 PM. The agony of walking around such a huge shopping mall yet not able to spend. I did actually but I limited myself lah. Oh and I kinda got a rough idea of when I'm gonna get my tattoo, how it's gonna look like and how much it's gonna cost. 'Cause I already asked the dude in charge at Dragonfly. The price is reasonable since I want that size anyway. I guess I'll be getting my tattoo next year. I hope. My parents aren't really keen on me getting one. But hey, quote Jo, do I look like I give a shit?

Stupid-girl-pointing-at-my-ass-about-to-hump-me is gonna start college at SEGi tomorrow, DECE (Diploma in Early Childhood Education). Just when I'm about to have semester break. WHY?! I guess I'll be seein you on Wednesday babe. Enjoy yourself tomorrow! <3

Oh, and my dental appointment is at 7.30 PM tomorrow. Please suggest some colors I have not chosen yet. Mixture of colors is also accepted!

Okay lah, cukup lah. This is just some stupid random update. I could have just went to sleep. But I'm not sleepy anyway. So what the heck, enjoy this lame post full of lame contents.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Mood: Irritated

I was opting to blog about another topic but sadly the stupid Malay fucker living behind my house had to spoil my mood. I am sorry if I sound a tad too racist lah, but if the asswipe with the horrible singing happened to be a Chinese, I would substitute the word Malay with Chinese. Same thing goes if the asshole was an Indian. Or in this case, any other race! Thankfully I am not in my room now or I would open up my windows and tell him to Stehfu!

Stehfu is how I pronounce the online lingo, STFU (Shut The Fuck Up) because I am too darn lazy to read out the initials. It's so fucking long compared to Stehfu. Ass Tee Eff You! See. It takes me half a second to say Stehfu and one second to say Ass Tee Eff You. Saves so much of my time.

Back to the Malay dude and how this blog topic came to be posted.

I headed up to my room with a newspaper clutched in my right hand. Just when I flipped open the newspaper and was about to start reading the first article, I started hearing noisy music coming from outside. I drew the curtains and looked out the window and ended up not seeing anybody nearby, yet the music continued to play. So I walked into my toilet, climbed onto the toilet bowl and squinted out the window, only to see some Malay dude hanging his phone on his window and blasting his music.

Trying my best to keep my temper under control, I stepped down from the toilet bowl and headed back to my room. Yet before I could even lie down on my bed, he started screaming as if someone was strangling him. I walked back to the toilet and realized that he was actually singing. He kept on switching between songs. First it was Hot 'n Cold, then I Kissed a Girl, followed by Fall For you, and then Disturbia. He kept on switching between those few songs and it pissed me off so badly I felt like pouring a bucket of water into his room.

Ignoring the fact that I've got a tone-deaf idiot living behind me, I walked downstairs to take a shower. Who the hell knew that his singing could be heard from the toilet downstairs?! Gawd. I stomped out of the toilet, walked into my room upstairs, plugged in the external speakers to my iPod, opened my windows and put it near my windowsill so that it drowned out his terrible singing. I then proceeded to the my parents' room and showered in their toilet.

When I was done, I walked back to my room, expecting the asswipe to turn his music on even louder. But I was wrong. He was silenced! Hooray! I was jumping for joy (not literally). I unplugged the speakers and happily skipped downstairs to sit in front of my PC.

5 minutes later, I walked back to my room to check if he actually attempted to sing again. Alas, he switched his music back on again, but softer. And this time, there was no singing. I swear, if I hear him singing with his banshee-like voice, I am gonna scream at him to Stehfu.
Today Ms Jaime played our movies in class. It's amazing how we (my group) actually managed to complete our movie in three days. We filmed our flashback scenes on Day One, our handicam scenes on Day Two and edited the film on Day Three. The assignment was given to us like, a month before but we kinda kept on procrastinating. It doesn't matter anyway, we got our work done. Yay! Oh, and a big congratulations to all the other groups who did awesome jobs as well (:

And then we watched High School Musical 3 in class today. I didn't mind watching it since I have never watched it before (because I have never even planned to watch it) but, yeah, the majority of my class are of the male species so 3/4 of the class ended up sighing every 5-10 minutes (when they start the singing). Hey, you guys should be proud. You lasted 2 hours through a movie you never thought you would watch. Ever. Ha ha!

Oh, and I achieved something today too! After class I headed off to Summit with Roy, Hy, Zy and Chong only to part because I had to get Guitar Hero for Mirshal. When I was done, they were still standing outside the game shop, discussing where to go to next. They ended up choosing Asia Cafe. And guess what? I didn't follow! Yay! Usually I would follow them somewhere but wth, I have to stick to my Mission GM (Mission Guai Mui).

But that does not mean you all can't ajak me out anymore okay. Please do. I'll just have to see the situation first before I accept or reject your invitation (:

In class two days back. I was sitting all the way back 'cause I arrived late for class ):

Ah Kua a.k.a The King of Drifting. Ha ha. Seriously, this dude's got skills. Only on the simulator though.

Ah Kua, Andy standing behind him and Su Han beside Andy.

Ah Kua against Yee Shien.

Baby Andy and Baby Loon Daytona-ing.

From right to left: Su Han, Ah Kua, Wei Loon, Andy and Yee Shien.

During badminton, I beat Yee Shien!

And Andy!

Besides those two, I beat Roy, Chong, Ah Kua and Wei Loon. Wei Loon is uber good so he used his left hand against me. Which didn't really make a difference because he effing rocks with his left hand as well but the point is I bet him. Yay! The reason I'm posting this up is because Roy told me to. I know you'll read this dude. Ha ha! Anyway, the reason I won is also 'cause I'm a girl so they went a lil' soft on me (:
I'm sorry for everything..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mood: Grateful

Vote for my bitchling please. My buddy for 11 years and counting, Matthew Lim Chit King. Please and thank you!

Went to Sushi Zanmai in Pyramid for Mother's Day lunch!

Mummy! I love you!

I told him to look at the camera twice but I doubt he heard me.

Monkey in pink.


We went to watch Star Trek at 4 PM. Set phasers to stun!

The boy with braces made my day today and yesterday. Thanks for being there for me hun. My lil' drummer <3

And who might this be.. Hmm..

Friday, May 8, 2009

When Friends...

Mood: Depressed

Aren't really the friends you thought they were.

What have I done to deserve all this shit? And all along I thought I could manage my time with my different groups of friends properly. Who the fuck knew I would screw up?

The all of you are worried that I will change. In what way, I should ask?

You all are making assumptions that I am ignoring you because my college friends are fun and I spend more time with them? Is that why the both of you don't call me out to SMC on Friday nights anymore? Is that why? If it's not then I want to know why.

I don't need to be a genius to figure out that not smsing you for one month equals to a bucketful of misunderstandings and wrong assumptions. I know you too well Leow Zheng Kai.

If you and Mc were any other friend, I wouldn't give a shit. But the both of you aren't just "any other friend".

Oh, and Mc, so much for your friend huh. I'm sorry for not, er, being there when I am supposed to be? I don't know. I don't know what the fuck is going on because you all are keeping all this shit from me. It's not as if you don't know that you can just confront me if you are unhappy with anything. Is it so difficult?

I have not been ignoring the both of you. Heck, the both of you have never even looked for me. Just 'cause you read my posts about me going out with friends other than you all, you respond by not inviting me out on Friday nights? Is that how you all handle things?

Just so you know, I would turn down any invitation from other friends just to hang out with the both of you. That's how much the both of you mean to me.

Words can not describe the hurt I feel inside. I have never shed tears for a mere friend before. I'm sorry for sounding pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I'm not begging the both of you to forgive me. For I have done no wrong.

I can't believe you're saying my new friends are more fun to be with because they have cars. I'm so fucking disappointed. Can't believe you don't know me well enough.

We can leave our situation as it is now. All that would be left of our relationship would just be faded memories. It is not simple for me but if that's how you all want things to be, so be it. Losing one friend is nothing to you.

Oh, and good luck for your midterm next week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Broke My Own Record.

Mood: Blank

Of not going online for a week. Before this I have at most restricted myself from going online for one day which ended up with me getting all jittery and in a bad mood. This time I attempted to restrict myself from using the internet for a week. I am glad to say I succeeded in doing so. However when I reached home from college yesterday afternoon, my mum was already sitting at my PC playing some online casino game which she she can't stop playing once she's hooked. And so being the guai daughter I am to my mother, I allowed her to use my PC until I wake up from my afternoon nap.

Who knew that my modem slash router had to go haywire just before I woke up and failed to function. I exploded.

Now I am in SEGi's computer lab, updating my blog. Pathetic.

Oh, and I just watched Andy's group's movie. It is so fucking similiar to ours. Fark lah.

Oh, and this also means I won't be updating my blog much until I get a new modem slash router ):