Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Sunway Pyramid .

Mood : Drunk

Thursday , 251208

I was supposed to go out with my family but there were some complications so I went to Pyramid with a few friends instead . Zk's parents fetched me , Aaron , Louis and of course Zk there at 12 PM . As soon as our feet touched the floor of Sunway Pyramid's basement car park , we headed to the cinema as quick as feet could bring us , just to see the queue stretching a long way . Fuck ? We bought the 7 PM tickets for Yes Man ! and the movie made me laugh my guts out . Zk was laughing louder than I was though . I am very very confident he enjoyed his movie . We had Carl's Junior for lunch and every one of us ended up not finishing our fries . I am not gonna eat burgers for at least one month . We tapau-ed some of the fries for Nicholas and passed it to him at his .. er .. flower stall ? Ha ha ! After lunch , Zk and I walked around looking for our respective presents . Zk wanted to get a present for his friend (who gave him an A|X cap which cost around RM 150) which costs around RM 150 and finally after much walking around we finally found a bracelet from Guess which didn't look too aunty or too lala and cost a whopping RM 129 . Then we had to go upstairs to the ATM and withdraw cash first before going back down to Guess to purchase the bracelet . About the present I got for Jonathan , I won't say anything here just in case he reads it . I just hope he will like what I got for him .

Then , we went to Setabak - eh sorry , Starbucks and met up with Louis , Aaron and Nicholas . Then we went to the snooker center above the bowling alley and I kinda had a bit of fun also lah watching them play . We stayed there for around one and a half hours then we went shopping around for Nicholas' present for his long-time girlfriend (when asked about his budget , he said he has no budget) . I had to help him out 'cause I was a girl and I was supposed to know what type of bag girls like . Righhhht . Nicholas ended up modeling with the bags . He also ended up not buying anything . Then we went back to Starbucks and stayed there until we had to go for the movie at 7 PM . After the movie we went to Starbucks , again . We went there like , thrice already . I don't know what's up with Aaron , we barely got our asses sat down on the chair and he urged us to go to Rainforest . And so we did . Three bottles of beer cost us a fucking RM 55.20 . Aaron chipped in the most . I chipped in RM 16.20 I think ? I'm very sure I paid 20 cents lah . Ha ha ! Louis on the other hand , was kind of broke . He was looking really queasy , I think he wasn't feeling well . Zk didn't want to drink 'cause he didn't want to relive the experience of drinking beer on an empty stomach . But he drank a bit anyway . We left Pyramid at 9.30 because Louis' curfew is at 9 . I wanted to enjoy my beer so I bought it into Zk's Fortuna and drank a bit on the way to Yau Poh (the chinese restaurant behind SMC) . After I got down from the car , I couldn't walk straight . Hell , it was only one bottle ! I think it was because of my lack of rest and drinking on an empty stomach . Even after sitting down at the restaurant , Aaron and I were feeling really dizzy (his eyes were red too) but after I had my dinner (Zk belanja) I felt slightly better but still blur . Then the three of us walked back to my house to wait for their transports home . Oh , and Louis was sent home by Zk's parents 'cause he couldn't stay out any longer (:

Zk .

Aaron and Louis .

Nicholas , Louis and Zk .

Zk and Aaron while waiting for Nicholas . We couldn't stand the crowd in Romp .

Louis and his Caramel Macchiato . He shared it with me and I have to say , the drink was delicious !

Nicholas Wong .

Aaron Wong and his shirt that I love .

Louis and a blurred out Zk .

This guy never ceases to make me laugh .

Just some random picture .

Louis and a clearer Zk .

Me and Aaron trying to kiss me ? Fella damn cute , sayang him .

Zk and I . Sayang him also !

On the way up th escalator . Zk is behind me .

Aaron when were at the chinese restaurant behind SMC .

Zk .

My bottle . Aaron threw his on the ground . Just some random pic .

PS : I don't look nice in the pictures , but whatever (:

PPS : I didn't get to take pictures with Nicholas and Louis but it's fine . I love Zk and Marcus' phones man .

PPPS : Aaron says he likes nise nise . How sweet of him . Sorry to keep you waiting Aaron , knock yourself out with the pics . And Zk , don't think too much . I'm here if you need me .

PPPPS : Happy 19th Birthday , Jonathan . I guess I'll be seeing you tomorrow . Enjoy your night out clubbing .

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