Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Have Nothing.

Listening to: Never Knew I Needed by Ne-Yo

I actually have got a lot. A lot of rubbish in my house. A lot of studying to do. A lot of sleeping hours to replace. A lot of friends (cheh). A lot of things to catch up on. A lot of freedom. A lot of.. things on my mind.

Then why the title?! 'Cause I love that song! It's awesome. Together with "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Classics. Yes, Charice Pempengco is really good at singing these two songs and made my hair stand on end. But Whitney will always be #1.

So anyway, Happy Birthday Brandon Ho! Bila mau pool? I belanja. Or most likely me and your sis lah :p hehe. I can't believe I have already known you for 8 freaking years (same goes to you Audrey)! I have watched you grow up from this lil' kid with red lips and centred-parting hair into this good-looking young man with a great personality. Keep it up dude!

I just wanna thank all of you who have been there for me. Despite the title of my post, I have got everything I could ever ask for. Especially you guys. I love the all of you so much!

My brother, Nic *bodoh*

And my sister, Hannah *hearts you retard*

Tanzy and Fcy *hearts!*

Jason *beat you in pool!*

Joshuas Ng and Quek. I will remember this night forever *heartshearts*

And of course how could I ever forget, Liew Yi Zhong! I LOVE YOU!

High school ARGHHHH I miss it!

Significant event: Your 19th birthday!

And just some high school reunion (:

You extra special so dapat 3 pictures <3

PS: To those whose pictures I did not post up, I'm sorry it's because I don't have a picture of us! But you definitely know who you guys are *HEARTS!*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Listening to: In The Closet by Michael Jackson

Okay lah, I am sorry for no updating on the stuff I said I would update on. Been really busy lately! Still am actually. Nothing is inspiring me. Give me some inspiration people!

My assignments are 90% done. Now all that's left is my photography portfolio. I can't seem to decide on a good landscape picture. Because I don't have a good landscape picture. Which sucks. Warghhhhh! Oh, talking about photography, I'm going out with Angie to Subang or wherever to snap her Creative and Black and White photos later. I am so damn tired but she offered to spend me Shisha so I said okay (:

OMG Kevin Ravi Choo it has been forever since I last saw you. Come back to KK lah woi. Miss you lah!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Listening to: Gravity by Sara Bareilles

I can't tell you the surge of emotions I am feeling right now, and was feeling yesterday. I sobbed so badly. So badly... I guess you did too, because I only started crying after I heard your voice breaking. It pains me so, to see you like this. I'm sorry. Don't wait up for me. Don't waste your time. Don't love me like anymore like how you did before. It hurts seeing you love me so much while mine can't even compare to yours.

I've got nothing to say anymore. I'd rather not talk about anything we talked about over here. Those are our personal memories, our last few words.

Goodbye, I'll always remember the sound of your heartbeat.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Things Don't Go As Planned.

Listening to: The Scientist by Coldplay

I was planning to update my blog a few days after the previous entry. But Streamyx had to be a bitch and cut my internet off for one fucking week. If it weren't for my dad who threatened to write in to the newspaper about their crappy service, I would be far away from being able to access the World Wide Web. While I am enjoying my internet service at home, Tanzy has been unable to access the internet over at his side of KL. Soooo ngammmm. He is, therefore, rotting.

Besides my internet not being able to function the past week, I went back to Taiping for Ching Ming. Which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Besides getting attacked by leeches and mosquitoes of sizes you would not want to imagine - oh and also partially hiking the cemetery placed on top of the hill - it was okay. Weather back there was awesome. So cooling compared to the city.

I was thinking, should I update on one of the topics I previewed in my previous post. But.. that will come up in my next post I suppose. Aku mintak maaf! (:

PS: Baby I had an awesome day today with you. And your funny friends!