Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bosan .

Mood : Extremely Bored

Monday , 291208

1. Aaron , Louis , Zk , Kevin and I went to Pyramid .
2. We watched Ip Man (me watching it for the second time) .
3. After the movie , Kevin was like some psychopath-Ip Man-wannabe waving the snooker sticks around like how Donnie Yen did in the movie .
4. An uninvited guest turned up and spoiled Zk and my mood .
5. I met Kevin's friends who look like as if they're my age but they're his age .
6. Syabil thought I was a Malay and I thought he was a Chinese .
7. The snooker centre's locker dropped on Adrian and because it dropped on him , he saved me from getting a concussion .
8. Adrian's shirt tore because of the accident but he managed to stay alive .
9. Aaron was kind of upset after .. seeing someone there .
10. Louis couldn't stop smiling during snooker .
11 . Yi Zhong's friend , Jefferey was behind me when Zk and I were queueing up at J.Co and I did recognise him . Jefferey , if you're reading this , sorry for not acknowledging you . I would feel awkward if I did so without Yi Zhong around.
12. We went to Starbucks thrice again .
13. I sat in the snooker centre for two hours .
14. I inhaled a lot of smoke because all of them were smokers including Kevin's friends .
15. We had KFC for dinner and Nicholas Wong joined us .

I managed to snap a picture of Kevin trying to act like Ip Man (:

Zk and Louis .

PS : I didn't snap much pictures that day because it was Zk's phone I was using . I think I accidentally deleted some pictures too . Too bad 'cause I snapped this pic with Kevin looking like a girl . I mean , Kevin looking like a girl .

PPS : I won't how many A's my brother got for his PMR unless you already know lah . Just in case he screws me up for telling everyone who reads my blog .

PPPS : I lepak-ed in Kevin's house with Aaron and Louis today . We watched some B-rate movie called Gabriel and no offence Kev but I almost fell asleep watching it .

PPPPS : Louis , if you dare to shave your head bald or make yourself look like some rempit skinhead , I will disown you as a friend and I know you wanna be my friend (:

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