Sunday, January 31, 2010


Listening to: A rumbly in my tumbly.

I am slightly sunburnt actually. Not very. I didn't even notice it myself until Sharolyn and Baby pointed it out to me when we were having dinner on that night itself. And why am I sunburnt? Stay tuned dawg(s).

Gonna update soon. I guess. If my limbs have not fallen apart yet by then.

PS: I can't wait for the very good news!

If you're asking why those pictures look bad, blame me. The person-in-charge-of-snapping-the-photos. I don't deserve to be called 'The Photographer'. What to do, the camera I used to take pictures is not mine and I am not at all talented in this subject. Btw the last photo was snapped by Fcy. Kudos to her.

More photos soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Can't Sleep, So..

Listening to: My heartbeat.

... I shall blog!

First off, I don't need to sleep early 'cause Macro class is canceled (I hope it won't be replaced) which means I only have to put up with one boring lecturer and not two! I'm sorry Ms Chaw and Mr Lee, but you guys really do bore me.

I have not gotten my text books for any of the subjects yet. I don't even know why we need a text book for Public Speaking. We won't even have a midterm or final exam!

Andddddd, I'll be going to Pulau Ketam the coming Friday for Photography class' field trip. I've got to be at the KTM station at 8.30 AM. So early! Hopefully my camera doesn't die on me. I don't have a spare camera. Sigh.

Oh, and when I went to Wenli's blog just now, I came across so many smexyh pictures of my babybabybaby. Hearts.

I misshie this hairstyle.

Brian, Joerel and Baby. Why the middle finger?!

And what's this..? What are you doingg with Joerel b? Is he trying to apply lip gloss on your lips?!

Sharyn is giving you the cheeky smile Baby. I know your lips were dried and chapped ): Missed me kan?

Sorry for making such a big fuss out of it. But I just miss it too muchie.

Just some random picture my brother took.


PS: Baby don't leave meeee, don't go offline! This was what I was doing. I'm sorry I didn't want to tell you.

PPS: Surprise! You know I love you pig.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Being Sick SUCKS.

Listening t0: NOTHING. no mood to listen to any song.

I skipped Macroeconomics and Marketing Principles today. Two boring subjects conducted by two utterly boring lecturers. I skipped not because I didn't want to rot in those classes but simply because I have fallen sick. Which sucks. I have to lie down half the time, which makes everything so freaking inconvenient. I feel like dying ):

I keep on sneezing nonstop and my throat aches. And what sucks even more is that my class starts at 12 PM tomorrow but I've gotta follow my dad out in the morning to PJ because he's bringing my sister to the immigration. And I have to freaking wait there. I wouldn't really mind if I were not sick. But yeah, I am. Sick, I mean.

If I'm really sick I might skip class again. But I've got no class on Wednesday, which means I don't have to go to college but I have to 'cause I need to submit my MUET form by Wednesday D:

I am on the verge of dying now. I keep sneezing and sweating like there's no tomorrow. My nose is sore. My eyes can barely open. Even sitting in front of the PC is so hard to do.


PS: Happy 21st Birthday Wjinn! Sorry I didn't wish you Happy Birthday thru sms like I always do. I lost your number =/ Anywho I wished you on Facebook already so have a great birthday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2 at Singapore.

Listening to: 忍者 by 周杰伦

231209, Wednesday

Our destination for the day was Orchard Road. Why? Because I wanted to see the long awaited Christmas lights of Singapore. Which is, really, a sight to see. My camera a bit cacat so what you are going to see in the pictures are not what you're gonna get. The Christmas lights, I mean.

Just a weird plant outside my grandma's house.

Grandma, Mummy and Hannah leaving the house.

We walked to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch at the Kopitiam Food Court. I just had to have the delicious Singapore Laksa. Mummy doesn't cook it so often nowadays. Thus, my strong craving for Singapore Laksa. I miss it now );

I gave all the see ham to Mummy.

After lunch, Hannah craved Old Chang Kee's fishballs. So we stopped by the branch in Tiong Bahru Plaza.

Yummy :D

After that I thought we were going to go back home. Mana tau Mummy said we're immediately going to Orchard Road. I was wearing a long sleeved top and jeans. And it was kinda hot so I decided to walk back home with Hannah to change into something more.. cooling?

My uncles fetched us from Tiong Bahru Plaza and we were off to Orchard Road!

We went into Wisma Atria first. Hannah wanted her kuih tutu so we stopped by the food court. I have no idea why it's called tutu. Maybe because it looks like a ballet tutu. In Malaysia it's called kuih piring but I have never seen it around before.

It tasted.. okay. I had the one with the coconut filling. I'm not a fan of peanuts so I didn't try the peanut one.

The food court at Wisma Atria.

There's an ang mo playing the keyboard and singing in a cage.

Then my uncle left because he doesn't like shopping ): Mummy, Grandma, Hannah, and I walked to Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) and there was this gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of Taka.

Big yaaaaaaah?

After spending almost an hour in Kinokuniya (heaven), I met up with Mummy and Grandma to grab a bite at yet another food court.

I can't remember what Hannah ordered but it was kinda good. Cheesy, in fact. Some lasagna thingy.

And then we walked down to the ground floor to take a picture with the Christmas tree. Or more like the base of it.

And then we walked out to see ORchard Road's unlighted Christmas lights!

Grandma and Mummy.

Hannah and I walked along the Ngee Ann City, Wisma Atria and Ion stretch. And at the end of the stretch (Ion), we saw another huge Christmas tree.

What made it fun was that we could go into the tree!

A picture taken from the inside of the tree. My eyes hurt because it was too bright ):

Hannah and I - bauble-ized.

Me and Prada located in Ion.

Hannah and Louis Vuitton in Ion.

Partially lighted up. Still not at night.

Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree! Yum.

All lighted up but looks horrible here. Looks beautiful in reality.

Sisterly loveeeeeee (:

We left Orchard Road at almost 8 PM and took the MRT home. It was jam-packed but much better and efficient than our.. LRT. Of course.

Our dinner. Two chicken pies and MOS Burger fries. The burger is outta the pic. But it was nicey!

That is all. Didn't do much except walk around and ended up with sore feet. Came across a couple of rude people too. Bleh. Toodles!

PS: All that was missing was Zekey. I missed him so much. Everywhere I went, I thought: How nice it would be if we were walking together now. We'd be pointing at this and that and exclaiming at everything while taking pictures. Ha ha. Wonder when that would ever happen.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Listening to: WATER DANCE by KAT-TUN

Bombing of churches? Smashing of cars with the cross in them? What is this country coming to?

So anyway, a few nights ago I was lying down on the sofa in my living room and was reading my book. My dad was playing poker on Facebook when it started to rain. He panicked and told me to go outside and bring the watermelon pots in. I walked outside, opened up an umbrella, and tried to drag the pots in with one hand. I failed. It was raining kinda heavily which made me refuse to put down the umbrella.

And then I realized that I kept on getting pelted by raindrops. I had to adjust the position of the umbrella with one hand while I tried (oh so hard) to pull in the watermelon pots one by one. After still getting hit my the rain and still no success in dragging the pots in, I stood up and looked up at the umbrella. I saw a big hole at the top of my umbrella. Fml.

PS: Eventually I managed to pull the pots in. But still.. FML!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Liew Yi Zhong! <3

Listening to: The Pledge by Dir en grey

050110, Tuesday

Happy Birthday my bestestestest friend, Yi Zhong! I hope you had a great day even though I wasn't able to spend the whole day with you. This is the first time ever since we met that I have actually celebrated my birthday with you and I feel great (: No matter what, you know I'll always be here for you babe. I'll always sayang you!

So anyway, Baby and I brought Yz out for breakfast at Carson's Bubble Tea. We met Ck there. Unfortunately, I forgot to take some pictures ):

Then Yz and Ck left forMid Valley. Baby and I went back to his house to change and rest for a while before going gift-hunting for Yz.

At 7 PM, we met Ck at Sunway Pyramid's bus stop to proceed off to Full House Damansara. I had no idea where we went. Usually I navigate Baby all over the place. But this time it was just pure confusion for me and Baby. We just tagged behind Ck from Bandar Sunway all the way to Damansara. We got stuck in a really bad traffic jam which went by quite quick because Baby and I were engaged in heavy conversation to pass the time by. Hugs.

Baby and a... bathtub. With cushions in it!

Me and Baby standing a few feet away from the shower (:

Ze burthday gurl, Yi Mun (sorry I dunno how to spell her name) and Ck

Baby looking at Yz. For real.

Yi Mun and Panda :p

Tz's reaction after receiving her present from me and Baby. Hee hee.

Happily toying around with her present.

The menu.

Ck surprised her with a big teddy bear! Her face macam tomato sudah. It cost RM9x.

And she finally cries.

Emo-ing ):

My alfredo spaghetti and watermelon juice. Was goooood.

Baskin Robbins Oreo Ice-Cream cake which cost RM1XX. The strawberry ice cream inside was awesome.

Baby and I. hearts.

The other pictures are in Yz's phone. I guess they'll be up on Facebook soon. I hope you had a great day babe. Hey, you're 19! xoxo.