Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Imma Liverpool Farmer with Pink Lips.

Listening to: Rain by Gackt

And I promised myself I would not get addicted to Facebook when I created my account 3 years ago. I hate it when I waste time randomly clicking around Facebook and playing with my game applications. A friend of mine once said,"It is okay to create a Facebook account. Just stay away from the games." My parents created Facebook accounts, not to reconnect with their old buddies, but to play Texas Hold 'Em Poker. Look at them now (those who know how my parents are like) and of course, look at us too. As a result, their three children suffer. Our PCs kena pao by our orang tuas.

Everytime I come back home from a tiring day out - at college, with Baby, etc. - I expect to see my PC available and not occupied. I was happy when I realized my sister's school session is in the afternoon because she would not fight with me for my PC. But my happiness was quickly turned into... well... unhappiness I guess. Every day I come home to seeing my mum sitting at my PC happily playing poker. Is it really that fun?

I (used to) get angry every time my dad started swearing at the PC monitor because of his online poker games. Helllooooo, it's just a game. But then again I start swearing at the monitor too when people steal my crops on Barn Buddy or when I forget to harvest my crops on Farmville. Don't ask me why I chose two farming games apps. as examples. I don't really know why I did, but maybe it's because I am a potential farmer.

PS: Baby I'm sad I can't see you today )':
Anyways a sneak preview at my next post. Don't expect much. Tons of pictures but no words to make them speak - CNY 2010.

I am too lazy to separate my Taiping stay into 6 posts so I'll just compile everything into one post. Seeeee youuuuuuu!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Am A Failure ):

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I just realized that I have not completed my update on my Singapore trip. I'm sorry, I procrastinate. And my condition is quite bad actually. But I can't really do anything about it. I refuse to improve anyway. Heck, I am too lazy to even update my blog. I don't know how famous and non-famous bloggers do it. It is practically impossible for me to update every single day! I tried for like the first month.

Gagal sudah.

PS: Baby I can't wait to see you tomorrow <3

I want this hairstyle. Please? *sulks*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photography Field Trip.

Listening to: Nothing ):

300110, Friday

Warning: My photography is quite bad. You have been warned.

We had to meet at the Subang KTM station at 8.30 AM. Once we arrived at the station, we had to wait for the train. By the time we left the KTM was about 9 AM. The journey to Port Klang took almost an hour. After arriving at Port Klang, we had to walk all the way to some secluded jetty and wait for yet another half an hour. We waited until 10.30 AM. The ferry arrived. But we were at the back of the queue, so we had to wait another one hour for the next ferry to arrive. A few of the seniors decided to walk to a - not so - nearby KFC, which happened to be the smallest KFC I have ever seen and been into. About half an hour later, Mr. Francis received a phone call informing him that the ferry is about to arrive. So we rushed back to the jetty - under the blazing hot sun. Eventually, we had to wait for another half an hour for the ferry to arrive.

Tanzy, Roy and Fcy. We were on our way to the jetty.

Tanzy and his dai lou (:

Such a cute sight.

Everyone's model, Fcy.

When the ferry finally arrived, we were already half dead. I was probably the only one who didn't sit in the ferry. It took us almost another hour to reach Pulau Ketam. By the time we reached Crab Island, it was around... You do the Math lah okay. Besides that, a journey there in an air conditioned ferry with a horrible looking toilet cost me RM7. I kind of felt that it was overpriced.

Don't be fooled. The place is actually quite dirty.

The restaurant we ate at.

Cindy and Doreen :D

Our lunch cost RM93. I think. Somewhere around there lah, I can't recall properly. We split it among 8 people. We thought the food there would be somewhat fresh and nicer than usual, but... there was nothing special about the food there.

I've been to Pulau Ketam before but it was around 7 to 8 years ago. Almost everything stayed the same (if I could even remember properly). There are no cars, only bicycles. I actually underestimated the place and thought there was no school there. But obviously, there was. I had a feeling that everybody knew everybody in this little town. I wouldn't even call it a town. A community, maybe?

John, Teik Lun and Kah Man on their bikes. Rent a bike for RM5 and ride it around Pulau Ketam the wholeeeeeeeee day!

Look familiar? (:

Old school foosball.

Our male model, Weiloon.

Our journey back home was much more fun than the journey to the island. Simple reason being because the ferry we took was open-aired. I assumed that it would be cheaper.. but it wasn't. It was the RM7 as well. But worth the money though. The only downside was that we got hit by the salty seawater every once in a while which kinda ruined my mood because it stained my specs. Overall, the journey home was much more fun but a lot more tiring. We had to sit in the train for another one hour. Which still sucked anyway. I reached home around 6. 30 PM

Then I had to rush back out again because I was joining Baby's family for dinner and then a stand-up comedy show later at night at Jaya One. Sharolyn and Baby noticed that I was sunburnt. I didn't notice though. Because I never do get sunburnt. It didn't hurt much anyway but a few days later my skin started peeling off ):

PS: Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day Baby!