Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Work .

Mood : Exhausted

I worked OT tonight and I'm so fucking tired but today was okay . I had this craving for ais kacang during the afternoon and I went to the extreme just to get it . Sherry wanted to go buy rojak and since there weren't many patients today , I followed her lah . Unluckily , once I boarded her motorcycle , it started drizzling . And then this stupid pervert in a Kelisa started wolf-whistling at us I was so tempted to show him the finger . But I didn't lah , 'cause I was afraid later he and his gang come and whack me . Anyway , after buying our foodstuff , the rain became heavier and Sherry asked me if I wanted to wait for the rain to come to a halt , or just charge through it . Of course I wanna charge through it lah . Ended up soaking wet in the clinic .

Oh and this new part-time doctor came in today , Doctor Chong . I have to admit he is kind of good-looking and charming .. and tall . But he's not hot . I don't know how the nurses go gaga over him . One of the married nurses even walked into me a few times 'cause she was staring at hunky Dr Chong . Plus , she's married ! I went into his room a few times and he really talks a lot compared to Dr Andrew (another 'hot' doctor lah) who rarely says a thing . After he left around 10 plus , Liza ajak-ed me to go spy on what car he drives . She's married and 3 months pregnant and she can still go and intai on other men ! He drives a white Iswara . Dr Andrew drives a Wira . But Dr Khor drives a Merc (:

Sorry I'm so tired right now I'm just babbling all kinds of nonsense .

PS : I can't wait to see who Hadry Hyzan is . Apparently he's really hot . Well , according to Su Ling and Audrey .

PPS : I was so tempted to ask Dr Chong if he could send me home . Ha ha !

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