Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hectic Kuala Lumpur .

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My blog is kind of dead right now 'cause I don't have the time to update frequently . It saddens me to see it in this condition . Sob . But since I just woke up from my three hour slumber and am not as sleepy as usual , I shall make great use of that time , and blog .

Tuesday , 091208
It was my off day and I had nothing to do at home , so I went to KL with Chwan Chong . Marcus was supposed to join too , but well , let's just say he faced some complications . So Human (Chwan Chong , I call him that) and I left Kota Kemuning by RapidKL at 10.30 AM (which was already late) and reached KL Sentral at 12 PM . Our initial plan was to head over to Mid Valley but after much pondering at KL Sentral , we decided to head down to Times Square/Sungei Wang . Yes , I know that that place is Lala Central but that doesn't mean I'm lala . I just felt that it would not be so crowded over there and there would be more stuff for me to buy (because items at TS are effin' cheap) . Whilst queueing up to buy the monorail tickets , I suddenly thought of going to Bukit Bintang instead . But Human would have nothing to do at Bukit Bintang . It's not as if he's the shopping type . So I bought two tickets to Imbi and took the monorail to Times Square .
Before stepping into Times Square , I took a deep breath , praying hard that my eyes would not pop out of their sockets due to looking at lalas too much . And then I entered the place . Much to my surprise , there weren't many lalas (but there were still some) around and I rejoiced ! We headed over to the cinema to see if Bolt was available and it was ! I bought tickets for the 1.30 PM screening when it was 12.20 . I wanted to get something from Sungei Wang so we headed over there to have lunch and to get my studs . We had KFC for lunch and while waiting for Human to slowly enjoy and savour his KFC Chicken Rice , I headed over to one of the shops to buy a few ear studs . After paying for my studs , I asked the shop attendant how much would a lip piercing cost (fucker Matthew pierced his lip already and I am so jealous) and she said RM60 inclusive of the cream and stud . It was such a good bargain 'cause most of the places I go to charge Rm60 without cream and you have to pay another additional RM 30+ for the stud . I was so tempted , but I reminded myself that I have to work and if I pierce my lip my mum would fuck me up , bad .

Human and I while on the way up the escalator .

So we left Sungei Wang at 1.20 PM and reached Times Square at 1.25 PM . We reached GSC just in time for Bolt . After the movie (3.15) , we had no idea what to do so we walked around window shopping . Frankly , every clothes shop in that place sells lala looking clothes so there was practically nothing for me to see nor try on . The shoes were okay though , they were freakin' cheap and nice as well . But I was wearing my sneakers . Thus , I didn't bother to try on any shoes because I was too lazy to take off my sneakers and socks . After walking around for quite some time with nothing much to look at except lalas , Human finally suggested we go bowling . I was like , they have a bowling alley here ?! I've been to Times Square so many times and I didn't even know they had a bowling alley there . Dumbshit . We bowled two games and guess what ? I beat Human flat . Ha ha ! I can't blame him lah , it was his second time playing and I've been playing since I was 11 . Plus , I represented Klang before . The scoring for the first game was Human : 65 and Me : 106 . For the second game , Human : 50 and Me : 138 . He doesn't want to play with me anymore 'cause according to him , playing bowling with me only wastes his money . Ha ha !
Scoring for our second game . N stands for Nise (me) and C stands for Chwan Chong (Human) .

X'mas tree !

After bowling , we went for a drink at the food court . I really wanted to see Bby but he wasn't free until I left KL around 5 plus . Bad timing . Oh , and Babi Bryant FFK me also . Grrrrrr . It was raining kinda heavily when we left but we made it through the rain ! Now why does that phrase sound so familiar .. Anywho , leaving at 5 was a very bad idea because everyone finishes work at that time . Clap clap . Good job Denise ! Human and I stood in the U64 bus for one hour plus until we reached Sri Muda . Then we had to wait for the Kota Kemuning bus some more . Ughhhhh . We reached home at 8 . Took us almost three hours to get home from KL , but going there took us around one and a half hours only . Minus the hours wasted standing in the bus , it was a fun day lah , even though it was just me and Human . I should go to KL more often . Sunway Pyramid bores me to tears now . I'm thinking of where to go to next Tuesday . Any suggestions ?

Human and I in the T530 bus on the way home from Sri Muda .

Just some SS picture I took using Human's phone while we were at the food court .

PS : I am so going to miss Yi Zhong . She's leaving for Canada tomorrow ! I wanna send her off but I have got no transport there and back , and I've got work . Ahhhhhhhhhh , I felt like crying when I was chatting with her just now . A week ago my mum asked if I would like to follow Yi Zhong there because if I do , she would book a ticket for me to go with Yi Zhong . But if I do , then I would be staying there for a month . I wouldn't really mind lah , but I don't think I would have enough money for expenses there so I rejected my mum's offer . Still , I don't want her to go . Sob . Bye Yi Zhong , I'll miss you so badly ):

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