Friday, December 12, 2008

Class of 2003 Reunion .

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Thursday , 041208
So Matthew and I took a cab from his crib down to USJ 16 for our primary school reunion , bringing with us a bag of chips each since I didn't have the time to cook anything for the potluck thanks to work . I was really nervous , 'cause I had a feeling that most of the people there would not be able to recognize me . We didn't do much there except eat and socialize . I was feeling really happy then 'cause I got to meet up with them , after not seeing each other for , what , six years ? Most of them couldn't recognise me , especially the Malays , but after a while , they (apparently lah) couldn't believe I am the Denise I am today . Ha ha . If you knew me back then (like Matthew did) , then it would not be surprising . I then left for Carlos at 10.30 PM with Matthew and a few other guys . Since I had work the next day , Matthew got his friend (who looks a lot like Ashraf Sinclair) to send us home and we reached home around 12 midnight , or was it 1 ? I can't remember . I'll just post up picutres of the people whom I remembered . Oh and they remembered me as well (:

Sonia Soon Chee Liang . My BFFL . I love her so damn much !

Amalina . How can I forget this girl lahh , always with Umi .

Genevieve . Shorty but a hotty . She recognised me at first sight !

Neerusha . She remembered my Oncidium house and LuLu !

Amanda Cheng Yi Ling . One word . Hot . She's so tall she makes me feel short . Mun Choong (:

Matthew . I went there with him lah , so there's nothing much to say . Ha ha . Fucker pierced his lip and I'm so envious .

Choy Jia Mei . I totally forgot how she looked like until somebody mentioned her name and pointed her out to me , then I remembered (:

Iylia . Crazy girl remembered me ('cause of my specs) but I didn't . Omg man .

Jeswena . My BFFL . She has never changed lah , same only . Perangai tak ubah-ubah (:

Ashraf ! Or was is Asyraf ? Alah , I call him Acap anyway . I can't remember how to spell his name but his big glossy eyes was what triggered my memory of him .

Shah Arif . I was staring at him since I entered the premises because he looked so darn familiar . Finally I walked up to him and talked to him and after telling him I was Denise , his jaw dropped . Ha ha ! It's like as if I went for plastic surgery or something , the reactions I received that night . This fella was one of the naughtiest students in my class then . Teasing people and stuff . And OMG he's so buffed up and effin' tall right now . Barely recognisable . Except for his nakal face lah . Never did change .

Tiffany Loh Yen Mei (I think that's how her name is spelt) . I can only remember calling her by her chinese name and not her Christian name . This girl is like super chun man . Her hair ah , fucking awesome .

Hooi Yi Vonne . Kind of impossible to forget this cutie . I slept over at her house a few years back and it was awesome . Miss her weih . Oh , and she and Amanda are like superglued to each other . Ha ha !

So I guess that's it . I don't have pictures of Umi Idayu , Nazrin and Amirul . Amirul's jaw dropped too when Matthew told Amirul that I'm Denise . Ha ha ! Fella freakin' tall already .

PS : Sorry for cropping your pictures Sonia ):

PPS : I've been feeling really down in the dumps these few days . I'm feeling very very insecure and ignored . I miss Yi Zhong so much . I'm so happy I got to spend time with her a few nights ago before she left for Canada . I think I'm gonna break down any moment soon .

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