Friday, October 31, 2008

Class of 2008

Mood : Nostalgic

Us Form 5's graduated today . I promised Nancy I wouldn't cry but I did . Plus , I happened to be one of the earliest to break down .

First teacher who made me break down ? Puan Khursiah . This lady might be despised by some . But I am grateful to her for all that she has done for me (helped me greatly with Maths when I was in Form 2 and 3) . Seeing her teary-eyed made me teary-eyed too . The hugging made it worse . Puan Siva (form teacher and Accounts teacher) however , was a strong woman and barely shed a tear . I envy her . Puan Rahimah , my previous year's Chemistry teacher ... remembered my name ! Surprisingly . Or was it because she saw my name tag . And she hugged me too . Hmm .. Anyway , current Mathematics teacher , Puan Zubaidah , too made me feel sad . Frankly speaking , I'm gonna miss her and her shrilly voice . She has helped me a lot . She was my Maths teacher when I was in Form 1 . She took charge of our Maths class last year and of course , our final year . Add. Maths teacher , like usual lah , smiling away . Gonna miss Puan Ruhaizah's smile . Puan Revathy and Puan Reetha ! Best History teachers ever . I owe them big time . Puan Lim , I know you're reading this . When it was my turn to embrace you in a cuddly hug , I mean , shake your hand , I felt like crying even more . Even though you never did teach me in class , but you were there . As a casual teacher which I am sure I would never forget :) Puan Ong too :) I will forever remember that tear-stained face with the make up melting away on the 31st of October 2008 . And Puan Tay ! The adorable one ! BM and Choir teacher . She almost made me cry while I was reading her message to us on this cute lil' card . Remember , we shall go out and yum cha one day ! Puan Faizah , the teacher who never failed to darken my mood for a few years . This year however , I am so fucking thankful to her for helping me with my Moral paper . If I get an A1 or A2 for Moral , I'm gonna buy a present for her . It's all because of her that I was able to score an A2 for my trial paper . Sadly , Puan Chan wasn't around . We did get to hug her before she left to deliver her baby . But still ... !

After our Majlis Restu Ilmu , we didn't really do much except accept our certs and of course , take many many many pictures ! Uniforms were being passed around , owners asking for signatures on their uniforms . It was a blessed sight . I always knew this day would come . But when I thought about it back then , why the big hoo-hah ? Everyone should be happy that they're secondary school life is coming to an end , why the tears ? Now I know why .

It is so unbelievable that have survived in this school for five years . When I first entered SMKBK (now known as SMKKK) , it was the worst place ever . Gangsters roaming the school compounds , vandalism , threats and many more . What makes me so proud of SMKKK is how not only Puan Faizah , but all the teachers alike , have contributed to making the school a better place . From what I've heard , this is Puan Faizah's last year in this school and I feel so disappointed that she has to leave . She may be hated and despised , but I am very sure that many love her as well .

We're all gonna be separated after SPM . Going to different colleges and other higher institutions of learning . Yes , we'll meet new friends . But post sec. school life would never be the same as sec. school .


Thursday, October 30, 2008

2012 : Armageddon ?

Mood : Sleepy

Not the movie Armageddon okay .

A year ago my father told my family that we're all gonna die in the year 2012 . My reaction towards this statement was undeniably plain . I wasn't surprised . Hey , we're all gonna die one day . Dying sixty years earlier wouldn't hurt . Right ? Frankly , I am not convinced that we are going to be extinct four years later . It just doesn't make sense . Why so early ? But still , if Doomsday really does occur , I wouldn't give a shit .

2012 . It just occured to me that the London Summer Olympics is going to be held on that year . But will it be held then ? If Armageddon is slowly approaching ? Historians are convinced that our world is slowly coming to and end , and will be destroyed by 21st December 2008 . This is because that specific date is when the Mayan calendar ends . I know a few people who have no fear of dying . Even at the thought of our human race ceasing to exist forever . But that's besides them point .

Even a movie was made based on this controversy , entitled 2012 : Doomsday . Games too , like Universe at War : Earth Assault , are alien-based . I mean , yeah, there're many games which are alien-based . This one however , begins in the year 2012 when an alien race lands on Earth to strip-mine the planet . The humans were warned by scientists but even as a whole , the human race is not able to form a unified military front against the alien forces . Because these aliens have vast military experience from invading and destroying other planets in the universe , the human race is not able to withstand their forces .

My dad has this collection of books by Zecharia Sitchin . Written in 1976 , these six books caused much controversy . In his very first book , The 12th Planet , Zecharia Sitchin presents evidence not only of contact by extraterrestrial beings thousands of years ago , but these beings genetically engineered Homo Sapiens to serve them . In his last book , The End of Days , the Sumerians calculated planet Earth's doomsday based on the Bible . One of the dates were supposedly 2012 , but with much reference to the Bible soon afterwards , it was said that Armageddon would not happen in they year 2012 . If you actually bother to read the books , they contain much logical explanations compared to the Bible . To my fellow Christian friends , it's just my belief that aliens exist . Please don't think that I'm trying to promote Alienism . I have nothing against Christianity .

So what's up with all this crazy talk about Armageddon ? I'm confident that we won't cease to exist on the 21st of December 2012 . If our fellow scientists confirm with the residents of planet Earth that the comet is going to hit Earth by then , it would never be too late for us to pack our bags and move to another planet . The only planet which could support life is planet Mars . Currently lah . So if we're really gonna die by 2012 , start packing your bags now for a long long journey there .

Planet Mars aka. Red Planet . Our future home !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 4 ?

Mood : Sick

When HSM 3 was announced , I was overwhelmed with joy . Finally ! Finally , the chain of HSM movies would friggin' end . Hey , it's High School Musical : Senior Year . Senior year ! If HSM 4 gets released , it shouldn't be a high school musical anymore , it should be a college musical :) That is , of course , if the all of them end up in the same college .

So I read on the net that HSM 4 (which is being written now) is gonna be known as High School Musical : The College Years . True or not , I don't know . But come on lahh , logically , it should be called College Musical already right ? Ha ha .

So I guess some High School Musical fans are too , overwhelmed with joy . Only not for the same reason . But there's a catch . Apparently , the HSM cast from the first three movies are not gonna return for the fourth instalment . Yes , Zac Efron , Vanessa Hudgens , Ashley Tisdale , Corbin Bleu , Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman will not be returning to film HSM 4 . If there even is one . However , the new characters introduced in HSM 3 would be taking the places of the major cast . I don't know who they are 'cause I have not watched the movie yet . Duh . Not interested :)

Matt Prokop . Prokop ? Might as well name him Matt Porno . One of the new actors introduced in HSM 3 as is going to appear in HSM 4 . Apparently lah okay . I know some people who like him . If you read this , please don't get offended okay . I'm just kidding :)

The major cast announced that they put in the most effort for HSM 3 . Zac Efron stated that this would be their last chance to work together as a cast . Thus , the extra effort . I think they were kinda put off by the fact that Walt Disney were going to film the fourth instalment without informing them . Hence , they won't be returning for the so-called fourth film .

Is this the end of the High School Musical franchise ?

PS : HSM fans , sorry if I offended you people . Through my point of view , I don't get what's so great about HSM . I even prefer Kemp Lok . Eh , sorry . Camp Rock .

PPS : I watch HSM too okay . Only I feel that if they release another HSM movie , Walt Disney Productions are obviously milking the money cow :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

We Fight We Break Up , We Kiss We Make Up ?

Mood : Numb

I got to know him through Shafik , a friend of mine since I was in Form 2 . It was just a minor crush , but after getting much closer to him , I couldn't get him off my mind .

So we hooked up . We've been together for a year and two months + , till it ended yesterday . During our relationship , there were of course many fights and misunderstandings . Quoting Katy Perry's Hot n Cold , "We fight we break up , we kiss we make up" . But this time , I am not gonna be softhearted . What's done is done and I'm not gonna take any second chances .

Fayadh , I am sorry for whatever I have said and done which has hurt you . You know how I'm like and I never did mean to hurt your feelings . However , you also know that the reason we broke up has nothing to do with the way you're treating me . You know why . I don't want to say it here . But I know you do . Please understand . I love you .

Hot n Cold , I effin' love her new song :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Raya Open House at Liparis .

Mood : Groggy

I attended a Raya Open House yesterday at Liparis . Lo and behold , I was so damn lucky I got to sit at the same table with two retards . Literally , retards . Really . Okay , to anyone . ANYONE who have mentally disabled relatives , I'm sorry lah okay . I can tolerate some but not all . So if you feel sensitive towards these kinda issues , please leave .

So this family arrived the same time as I did . When I entered the house , I felt so choked up by the satay smoke and insufficient space in the house I just wanted to get out of there . But cannot lah right . It would be downright rude to just leave like that without even wishing the hosts Happy Raya and stuff . So , I stayed . Duh . If I didn't stay there then I wouldn't be posting my experience with two retards right .

I did what everybody does at open houses . Eat . But this time I didn't eat the rendang . Was too lazy lah , there were so many people around waiting for their turn to scoop food from the trays and stuff . So I aimed for the satays and those Indian crackers , Popadoms (I don't know how to spell it) . So yeah lah , my family and I were sitting at this particular table where there's this mum and her three sons . The eldest one was perfectly normal , like us normal people . However , his two brothers were complete retards .

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when you're trying to eat and this person near you just stares ? And stares . And stares ?! One of the two retarded brothers was sitting opposite me and he just kept staring at me when I was eating . Actually , he stared at anyone . So my brother sitting beside me felt uncomfortable too . But we tried to ignore him 'cause he's uhh .. retarded . Pity the poor fella . He barely even touched his food .

His younger retarded brother on the other hand , was gobbling up his food like as if he hasn't eaten for days . Sorry , make that weeks . The food that he didn't like , he would dump on his older retarded brother's plate , and the normal older brother sitting in the middle would just give him this stare which he ignores .

I was really addicted to those Popadom crackers so I would go back and forth from the table frequently to top up on the crackers . Sooooo ngam ah , when I went off to get more crackers , the younger retard just finished his pile of food , and when the plate of crackers touched the table , his sharp eyes caught sight of it . You can guess what happened next . With immediate effect , he reached out his big fat piggy-looking hand and scooped up all my beloved tasty crackers and stuffed it in his mouth . He muched on them a few times and went for more . At that moment , I was so tempted to take the crackers away and have eat them myself . As in , get them off the table and hold then in my protective hands . But , because he was a complete retard , I didn't .

After my brother was finally done with his meal , we proceeded to hang around outside of the house where there's just fucking fresh air . This was when my brother started a conversation with me . It went something like this :

Nick : Jie , you know right , I almost shouted at the boy sitting beside me (younger retard) .
Me : Why ? What happened ?
Nick : Just now when I was taking food , he was right beside me . Then right , when he was
scooping up some curry onto his plate , he licked the ladle all over and put it back .
Me : (stoning)
Nick : I almost wanted to shout at him . But I didn't lah , 'cause he's a retard .
Me : Then did you take the curry before he licked the spoon ?
Nick : NO . Luckily lah . Dunno whether he got lick the spoon before that or not .
Me : Oh my fucking gawd man .
Nick : Yeah . Oh my fucking gawd . Oh yeah , and when I was queuing up to tak food right , the
fatty keep on pushing me you know . Not only me , but everyone else there as well . I
really wanted to punch his teeth out man .
Me : Yeah , if there wasn't something wrong with him , I would have too .

I'm sorry to all you people out there who found this post kind of insulting . But hey , I mengamalkan nilai toleransi with them already okay . Especially the fatty younger retard .

I was on the verge of exploding .

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sobs .

Mood : Emo

A really good friend of mine is not talking to be . He hasn't talked to me for more than a month now . And it makes me feel so miserable . Sob . I feel so useless . I think he hates me . Double sob .

I Feel Very Much Loved by Certain People Today :)

Mood : Lonely

I might be feeling lonely at the moment but some friends managed to perk me up and make my day :) I don't wanna mention any names but you know who you are . I love you guys too !


I wanna ponteng school next Thursday and go hang out to release some stress . Anybody wanna join me ? I doubt there would be since SPM is drawing closer . Still , if the any of you are interested , do contact me . Doesn't matter if you're in Form 5 or Form 4 or Form 3 . Just give me a ring .

Thank you . Your love and concern has awakened me from my deep slumber in Lonely Land .

Friday, October 24, 2008

Su Kim Just Knocked Some Sense Into Me .

Mood : Infuriated

If you have a problem with me , do explain why . Tell me straight to the face , there's no need to tell it to other people because it won't do you any good . It's better you approach me and get this over and done with before I approach you .

And to YOU , you're making me feel insecure and unhappy . Please don't keep this up . Do something about our situation now before I take action .

Everybody around me is lying . Duh . That's why I have only one person whom I could trust with my life .

Two weeks before SPM and this shit has to happen .

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whatever Lah .

Mood : Grumpy

You know what , I am so fed up of you and your stupid behaviour . You can talk the talk , but can you walk the walk ? Stop acting like as if you're so smart and just fuck off . I don't want to blame you for anything but deep down I can't help but blame you for everything . You try to act as if you're cool about everything but in fact , I know you're not . You're so fake you know that ? Meluat aku tengok kau .

Do me and a lot of other people a favour and fucking fuck off for good . I hope I don't have to ever see you again . EVER . Go get a life of your own . Oh yeah , do you know that you are a hypocrite ? A really terrible one too !

PS : I need to talk to someone now , and that person is Marcus .

Tagged by Nancy !

Mood : Full

1. What's the relationship of you and her/him ?

My good friend who suffers from leg-aches during rainy days !

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?

-superb English
-has excellent vocals
-appears emo sometimes and isolates herself from everyone else when she is
-a good impression I guess ?

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you

She said I'm adorable :)

4. The most memorable things she/he had done for you

She helped me a lil' with my choir parts even though she was in charge of the sopranos

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..

Uhh .. I dunno seriously . Because I'm not really .. attracted to the same sex

6. If she/he became your enemy, you will..
Ignore her . Takkan cari pasal with her meh .

7. If she/he became your lover, she/he has to improve on..

Ehh .. her .. mood swings ? It won't happen anyway !

8. If she/he became your enemy, the reason is..

Because we probably don't get along :(

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?

Nothing in particular .

10. The overall impression of him/her is...

That she has perfect English :D

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?

They probably feel that I'm weird for getting together with a guy of another race

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
Ehh ?

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?

I can be fucking rude to people for no particular reason .

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?

No one . I love me

15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
Without the all of you , I think I wouldn't even exist as who I am today

10 people to tag [according to alphabetical order following my link list]

Chin Wynn





Wen Cheang

Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?

How would I know .

No.3 is a male or female ?


If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?

It would be good entertainment .

How about no.5 and no.8 ?

I don't think they're homos .

What is no.1 studying about?

I don't think he would be studying now . PMR's over :)

Is no.4 single ?

I'm not really sure .

Say something about no.6 ?

She looks like a cat somehow .

Anger and Happines Balanced Out .

Mood : Frustrated

Something really unexpected happened to me a few days back and I'm feeling really uncomfortable about it . It's been bugging me for quite some time . Tons of questions are filling up in my head and I feel like it's about to explode . But still , I shouldn't think so much . I guess I should stay cool about it . To the person I'm talking about , don't laugh at me lah okay . I know I shouldn't be thinking so much .

PS : Sonia informed me that my primary school friends are gonna have a reunion after SPM back
at USJ . Ohmygawd I can't wait ! I miss them soo much :(

Sonia Soon ! I miss you so damn effin' much and I can't wait to see youuuuuu . xoxo <3

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Journey to Secret Recipe ... On Foot .

Mood : Ecstatic

A week ago I had this major major argument with my mother . Hence , a massive explosion in the household . After the fight , she was so ego , I also was so damn ego , so both of us also don't wanna talk to each other lah . I mean , none of us wanted to start the conversation first . Or at least start talking to each other . I'm gonna keep out all the not-so-juicy details because I'm gonna sidetrack from my Secret Recipe topic .

I have been accustomed to walking from one place to another be it near or far because when I was in Form 1 , I walked home from school daily . Before you burst into laughter , four years ago I wasn't living a minute away from school , I was living in the Oncidium-Kaypoh-Aunty Area . It would take around fifteen minutes for me to reach home from school - under the sweltering heat . You know lah , what time school finishes .

Since my dad has been constantly advising me to patch things up with my mum , I finally agreed without agreeing out loud to him lah of course . I secretly agreed . But saying apologising itself wouldn't do the job , for like I said , the argument was a major one and everybody except for my siblings I think , were affected . In one of my previous posts , I mentioned that I would be taking extra classes with Mr Lee (not the PTDD Mr Lee) to brush up on my Add. Maths . On Thursday , I did a lot of pondering . I was thinking whether I should go for my extra class or buy a cake for my mum . After I-can't-recall-how-many hours of considering the act , I decided to go ahead with my plan .

I texted Mr Lee to inform him that I wouldn't be attending the extra class on that day because I had to go out with my family . My class started at 6 PM , so I left my house at six , telling my dad that I was going for extra classes at my tuition centre and would be back around 8 PM or before that . Thus , I started on my journey to Secret Recipe on foot . It was kinda frustrating 'cause it was raining . Fayadh accompanied me to Secret Recipe but he also delayed me by wanting to eat at SMC first . So my official departure was at 6.15 PM .

On our way , I was dreading that my dad would be driving around in his Little Red Kancil like he always does . But hey , what are the odds of him driving around Oncidium ? He hates that area . I felt really bad that day 'cause Fayadh was doing his best to mak me happy but I was so overcome with fear of getting caught lying to my parents that I practically ignored his good intentions and told him off many times for being so childish (I told him off rather acridly) . Another reason was also because I was not feeling well thanks to walking under the rain , even with an umbrella . I am so sorry baby , I know I was wrong for treating you that way when I shouldn't have : ( I'm gonna make up for it alright ?

By the time I reached Secret Recipe , it was already 7 PM , and my legs ached so bad ! I didn't know my legs would ache bad but then I realised that I was walking under the rain and every time it rains , my legs start to ache . Something like rheumatism . Imagine how piercing the pain would be like once I'm old and wrinkly :( Another thing was that the last time I walked all the way to the Vanila area was when I was still living in Oncidium and the journey was from my little abode to McDonald's . This time however , the journey was from my lagi little abode to Secret Recipe which is so much fucking further than McDonalds . So , do the math lah .

After I bought the two cakes (Chocolate Banana and Classic Cheesecake for Fayadh but he didn't want it 'cause h merajuk thanks to me lah) , I proceeded to leave for home . But it was already 7.15 PM and the sky was soooooo dark . I was so freaked out lah 'cause Kota Kemuning is not really a safe place especially during the night . After much wasted tim on discussions and persuasions , the both of us finally agreed to take the bus . When I said bus , I meant Rapid KL . I didn't mean Bas Mini . But we had no choice ! We waited for a bus , any bus to pick us up but it took like , another 10-15 minutes for the dreaded bas mini to appear (I was praying for Rapid KL to save me) . Hence , we had to go back in the .. ehem .. Bas Mini of Doom . I am never ever ever never ever gonna take a bas mini anywhere ! Not after what happened during my experience with Kota Kemuning's bas mini .

I have never really acquainted myself to the idea of sitting in a mini bus . At least Rapid KL is cleaner and more high class . Plus , you pay just an additional 20 cents for the ticket and you can use it for the whole day , unlike the mini bus where you have to pay 80 cents and only go on the bus once . Sad people . When I boarded the bus , I realised that the bus was imbalanced (one side senget one) , making me feel a little bit uncomfy . But I tried to hide it in the little corner of my mind and not mention it to Fayadh because I was already ungrateful to him throughout the whole journey . I didn't want him to start boiling . I know what you must be thinking of now , aiya , come on lah , senget only what , what's so bad ? I didn't really mind the senget part . However , I felt really agitated when I realised that the water was leaking from the top . I don't know whether it was because it was raining outside or it had something to with not servicing the non-functioning air conditioners , but I was about to blow my top when I found out that the seat I was sitting on was wet as well and it made my pants so wet around the buttock area , I was embarassed for words . I was thankful that when I got off the bus , it was already very dark and nobody could see the wet patches around some areas .

Before I left for home , Fayadh was giving me some actuation regarding how to pujuk my mum . I obliged . What happened at home , stays at home . I'm too lazy to tell everybody about it . I'll just say that my mum accepted my apology and left everything in the past . She wasn't even angry when I told her that I skipped class to get her her cake :)

Mmmmmm . Yummy .

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sorry .

Mood : Pissy

My apologies to all , especially my boy Fayadh - so sorry sayang :( My dad used the PC since he set foot into my little abode after work . Hence , I don't have enough time to tell you all about my journey to Secret Recipe on foot yesterday .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Trial Results .

Mood : Sick

I barely have the time to post anything up here anymore thanks to SPM . Tomorrow I shall though , 'cause I have a nice story to tell :)

English : 83 (A1)
Pendidikan Moral : 72 (A2)
Bahasa Malaysia : 70 (A2)
EST : 70 (A2)
Mathematics : 58 (C5)
Prinsip Akaun : 53 (C6)
Sejarah : 42 (8E)
Chemistry : 37 (9G)
Additional Maths : 31 (9G)

Pathetic , I know . But I'm very sure I'll do better for SPM :)

Smile whenever possible . Even if your results are as bad as mine :)

PS : Fayadh sayang , I'm sorry I can't post up our story tonight . I'm so sick and I've been waiting all night to use the PC for half an hour . I'll post it up tomorrow kay ? That's if mum doesn't make noise about it .

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Might Be Going Soon .

Mood : Blank

Signs and symptoms of phenacetin toxicity may initially be absent or vague. Untreated, overdose can lead to liver failure and death within days; paracetamol hepatotoxicity is, by far, the most common cause of acute liver failure in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

In recommended doses, paracetamol does not irritate the lining of the stomach, affect blood coagulation as much as NSAIDs, or affect function of the kidneys. However, some studies have shown that high dose-usage (greater than 2,000 mg per day) does increase the risk of upper gastrointestinal complications such as stomach bleeding.

Individuals that have overdosed on paracetamol, in general, have no specific symptoms for the first 24 hours. Although nausea, vomiting, and diaphoresis may occur initially, these symptoms, in general, resolve after several hours.

Haha , I don't think I'm gonna die but I realised that I consumed 11 tablets of Panadol within 2 hours without realising how much the dose was per tablet . I checked it this afternoon and it stated that each tablet contains 200mg . OMG , stomach bleeding !

But don't worry lah . Paling teruk also I get admitted to hospital only mah .

Evidence of liver toxicity may develop in one to four days, although, in severe cases, it may be evident in 12 hours. Right-upper-quadrant tenderness may be present.

No wonder I felt nauseous in school today and now I'm suffering from abdominal pain :(

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mamma Mia !

Mood : Drunk

This movie is just heavenly , especially if you're an ABBA fan . I've watched it three times and for a musical , it beats High School Musical flat . Sorry HSM fans , I'm not really a fan :)

I've been listening to ABBA ever since I was young , credits to my parents who are absolutely in love with ABBA . There's no denying however , that ABBA's songs are extremely catchy and the lyrics are simple . The movie included hits like Lay All Your Love On Me , Chiquitita , S.O.S , Take a Chance On Me and of course , my all time favourite , Mamma Mia . The storyline is not boring , with an all star cast featuring The Devil Wears Prada's Meryl Streep , James Bond's Pierce Brosnan and Bridget Jones' Diary's Colin Firth .

Yes , the Pierce Brosnan aka 007 James Bond . Try to imagine him singing . I burst out laughing when he started singing S.O.S in the movie . But after listening to his voice a few times it didn't seem so funny anymore . Awww :(

The scenes in the movie were quirky and funny . I never did feel bored even after watching it several times . Of course , the songs played their part by keeping the audience alive throughout the whole movie , with many singing along to ABBA's hits .

Again , to those ABBA fans , this movie is a must !

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Abhorrence Towards Additional Mathematics and Fake Promises .

Mood : Dead

The only reason I went to school today and yesterday is to get back my Pendidikan Moral marks from Puan Faizah . Add. Maths Paper 2 results was supposed to be given out today but the whole school had to sit and watch the Form 3's Restu Ilmu ceremony and it took up around the first two periods , which is my class' Add. Maths period . I'm not bothered about Add. Maths . In fact , I don't even want to look at it . I just feel that I would get around 60 marks for Pendidikan Moral which would make my day . Yesterday Puan Faizah claimed that she has finished marking my class' paper but has not even looked at Science 2's . We persuaded her to return our papers but she disagreed and promised that she would return our papers today . She didn't even enter the class lahh . I should have just continued sleeping at home .

And the rest was history . Nothing special happened today only that not many from my class turned up and 5 Science 4 was suffering from pre-SPM symptoms .

During Add. Maths tuition , I actually managed to do a few questions without asking Mr Lee too many times . Yay ! I considered sacrificing my time for this whole month for extra classes with Mr Lee on the days when he is free to improve on my Add. Maths . He'll be my free personal Additional Maths tutor for this whole month of October till SPM . He can tutor me on the following days :

Tuesday and Thursday : 6 PM till 8 PM
Friday : 4.30 PM till 6 PM

Note that I have my paid for classes on Fridays from 2.30 PM till 4.30 and I'll be continuing my extra class from 4.30 PM till 6 PM . I'm aiming for a credit at most and I am willing to sacrifice my time and precious afternoon naps for intensive Additional fucking Mathematics classes . I am being mentally challenged and I am going to overcome it . Good luck , me !

I remember when 5 Science 4 was sitting for our Add. Maths paper , everyone except for Ji Kin and Rachel felt that (picture's) way when attempting to answer the gedebabi questions .

PS : I don't know where I got the word gedebabi from . It just popped up in my mind . It has nothing to with the Malay translation of pork/pig , which is babi . As far as I know .

PPS : I was talking with mc and Fayadh at SMC this evening and I saw Nicholas Wong . I then recalled Adzmy mentioning that Nicholas has a tattoo around his ankle and I wanted to see if it was true . So I used mc to ask him . LOL . Sorry mc . I finally saw the tat and it was nice . I want a tattoo of my surname on my neck soon . Mum allows me to get a tat but it has to be after I complete my education . That's too late lah . I'm prolly gonna get it done by the end of this year or next year , even though I'll be taking Form 6 . After Form 6 , I'm gonna pierce my lip and that is definite . Oh yeah , the next time I go out to Sunway Pyramid , I'm gonna pierce my right ear to make my piercings balance out , since I've got five on my left and four on my right :)

I'm gonna have this symbol embedded on my neck/back forever :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Emotional Much ?

Mood : Emo

So yesterday my class got back our English Paper 1 . My marks were .. satisfactory I suppose , and I got a nice comment from Puan Chan . I barely had time to start reading my Section B essay because Ijmal asked for it , so I gave it to him . In return , I went around class asking for essays which weren't being read (everybody was reading everybody's essay) , and I read a fair few which impressed me .

About my essay , when I was writing it , I decided that no eyes be laid upon it besides me and Puan Chan due to personal reasons . But it totally slipped from my mind when Ijmal asked to read it .

Ijmal : Kak nise , can I read your essay ?
Denise : Nah (passes essay paper to him)
Ijmal : Thanks .

One minute later .

Ijmal : Why does this story seem so .. familiar ?
Denise : Er , 'cause it is ?
Ijmal : (says to Amirul because he was reading as well) Told you !
Denise : Shhhhh ! Keep it to yourselves .

When Ijmal and Amirul were done reading it , they passed it back to me and Ijmal (ehem) shed a tear or two apparently . The next thing I knew , Ann wanted to read it , and so did Shyuan , Yi Zhong , Elyna and some others which I cannot recall thanks to it being passed around . Practically everyone who read it knew who I was referring to in the essay . Some people didn't even give me a response .

Yi Zhong : I know how you feel .
Denise : You do ?
Yi Zhong : Yeah lah , I know who you're talking about in the essay ma .
Denise : Kinda obvious , huh ?
Yi Zhong : Yeah .

Other parts of the conversation with Yi Zhong are meant to be kept private .

Elyna : I really like your story . And er .. I think it's about ... (mouths a name)
Denise : Yeah , it's about that person .

I cut out some parts of the conversation to avoid confrontation from some parties .

The next thing I knew , the person I wrote about asked for my essay . I hesitated , but let her read it anyway . What harm would it do right ? While I was reading Ijmal's essay , she came up to me and said it was a nice story . I don't know if I was being paranoid but I thought I saw sadness in her eyes - they were kind of red . But I think I was just exaggerating . Maybe she was just sleepy or tired or something . I denied the fact that it was nice and stated that another friend's one was nicer - just to be humble . She , however , told me that she thought it was utterly boring . I agreed (lol) .

At that moment , I felt like breaking down . But I held back those tears teasing my eyes , wanting to gush out . It felt kind of awkward sitting opposite my best friend , or should I say , ex-best friend after not really talking for a long time . I was really tensed up and dared not look up much .

When I went home , I read my essay . I forgot to mention that after writing the essay , I had no time to go through it . I just had to start on my Section A essay because I was running out of time . I started to cry after reading the second paragraph .


One year and three months ago , I lost my best friend . At that moment , when we totally broke off all means of contacting each other , I felt vastly disappointed with her . And she , me . Now , when I think about what happened last year , I feel so brokenhearted at the fact that our friendship broke all because of a fucked up misunderstanding which did not even involve me or her .

I miss her . I miss the times when we hung out and laughed like maniacs in class for three years . The times when we debate on which football player is hotter and which Japanese Rock artiste is to die for . She was part of my life and losing her made me realise that a part of my heart was taken away . We went through a lot . Whatwith her parents not liking me , saying that I'm no good at my studies and being a bad influence to her . Yet , she disagreed with them and stayed true to me as a best friend . It is pathetic that , although we sit in the same class , I can't even strike up a nice conversation with her . All we do is smile at each other or utter a simple 'Hi' and 'Bye' .

Every night for two months , I have been thinking about how our relationship fell to pieces and the effects it had on me . I am hesitant to talk to her because I am afraid that she would act coldly towards me after what happened last year . It is so heart-wrenching to even think about what her response would be to me if I told her that I miss having her as a friend .

Let's face it , she was the best friend I've ever had , and to be honest , nobody can replace her .

Yes , as a matter of fact , I think I should .

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I Am Feeling EVIL !

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I have nothing to say . But I'm feeling evil ! Muahahaha !

Friday, October 3, 2008

Books , books and more books .

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So I went to Mid Valley today for one specific reason - Twilight . The more I read Qisthina's blog (it's practically all about Twilight) , the more I crave for the book . Once my dad parked the car I headed off to MPH and when I caught sight of the book I clung onto it so tightly , if it were a baby or puppy , it would have died of suffocation . I bought it and skipped happily around MPH and nobody seemed to mind because , duhhh , it's Raya . I love festive seasons .

However , I'm not gonna read it yet because I'm currently reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe . To those of you who have not heard of Robinson Crusoe , it's a classic , that's for sure . But when I first started reading it , it bore me to tears . First of all , I couldn't stand the tiny words . Biasalah , classics . The font is so tiny I have to squint to read it . After reading a few pages , my eyes would start to burn in pain . Secondly , at the beginning when he (Robinson Crusoe)'s narrating about his life , I felt like slamming the book shut and never opening it ever ever again . But I was strong and put up with all the boring parts and I finally go to the more exciting chapters , when he got stranded on an island with his whole crew dead except for him of course . Now I'm already halfway through the novel and I can't seem to put it down . But , one reason why I get annoyed everytime I lay eyes on the tiny fonts on the pages , is (please don't get offended my friends who are Christians) that he talks about how God has had mercy on him , etc. It's not that I'm anti-Christian . I respect others' religion but the too frequent mention of God and His providing Providence is too much for me . But , I just read on . Again , to my fellow Christian friends , please please please do not get offended . If you are , tell it to my face , don't bitch about me behind my back yeah .

After Robinson Crusoe , I have to read another novel entitled The Not-So-Perfect Man by Valerie Frankel . It's a birthday present from my siblings (awww..) and I appreciate that . They're so sweet . It so happened that when I received this present , I was already starting on Robinson Crusoe . I didn't want to stop reading Robinson Crusoe despite how boring it was during the beginning so I told my sis , this one just has to wait . Sorry :)

And then I shall read Twilight . Muahahaha ! After much calculation , by the time it's time for me to open Twilight , it shall be after SPM because during SPM week , I shall not , by any means , touch any book . This is due to the fact that me , like most people who love to read , could not put down a book once we pick it up .

I am prepared for some post-Twilight reading . My sister bought this set of books for her birthday , the Septimus Heap series . My brother has finished reading the first book , Magyk , and is not allowed to read the following books : Flyte , Physik and Queste . Why ? Because Hannah won't allow him to open the wrapped books until she's done reading Magyk . Which I know will take a long time for her to finish because for the past month , I have not seen her looking at the book , Magyk . So once I'm done with Twilight , I shall read Magyk . While saving up/earning some money to buy New Moon .

PS : The Septimus Heap series will also appear in Cinemas soon . Soon as in around three years time or more .

After Mid Valley , we went to Suria KLCC and of course , I just had to stop by Kinokuniya . My brother headed for his favourite section , Comics aka Graphic Novels . Once we reached the Manga slash Comic section , this particular graphic novel caught my attention . I walked towards it and it took some time for my brain to process what I was looking at 'cause when I realized what it was , I screamed in excitement and yelled for my brother to come over -yes , in Kinokuniya . He came over and when he saw the graphic novel I was holding in my hand , his jaw dropped . It was Hatter M by Frank Beddor . I wanted it then and there , but it didn't take me too long to realize that it cost RM70 . Thus , I sadly put it back where it belonged :(

Hatter Madigan is among one of the many characters in The Looking Glass Wars . When I started reading this book , I simply could not put it down . What it is , is a totally alternate universe of the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll . If you have read the story , or watched the cartoon , Alice Liddell is a little girl from our world who happened to stumble across another world - a world full of nonsense . However , in Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars trilogy , he portrays Alyss as the princess in the Queendom of Wonderland . Her family was attacked by her aunt who was banished from Wonderland , Queen Redd , and she fell through the Pool of Tears into our world . Hatter Madigan (the Mad Hatter) is Queen Genevieve (Alyss)'s personal bodyguard and is ordered by the queen to protect Alyss once they escape from the Queendom . They had no choice but to escape through the Pool of Tears when they were cornered by The Cat (the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland) , Redd's number one assasin with nine lives . Hence , the Queendom is turned upside down by Redd . Bibwit Harte (if unscrambled , becomes the White Rabbit who's always late in Alice in Wonderland) , the Queendom's scholar has no choice but to obey Redd's every command to stay alive . What happens to Alyss then , in our world ? You'll have to read to find out then .

PS : When I was in Kinokuniya , I searched high and low for the second instalment of The Looking Glass Wars trilogy , Seeing Redd and I found it - the very last one . But I had already spent enough on food , whatnots and Twilight . So I couldn't buy it . Beddor's third and last instalment entitled The Law of Wonderland is set to be released in Fall of 2009 . I can't wait ! Oh , and again , the script to The Looking Glass Wars movie is being written now . Thus , I lagi can't wait !