Sunday, April 26, 2009

Farking Disappointed.

Mood: High

I have been going out a lot lately after college and such. I had no class on Friday so I went to Pyramid at around 2 with Roy, Hy and his chic to watch a semi-rip-off movie, The Uninvited. I was having dinner at the McDonald's outlet at SS15 when I saw Jia Jian walk past, so I waved at him. Who knew that I would go for mamak back in KK with him, Jo, Ji Kin, and Nic around 10.30 until 12 midnight.

On Saturday, Zekey fetched me to Subang at around 11.15 AM? We had dinner at Puchong, had Secret Recipe and then proceeded back to KK. Fetched Matt from his house and Myira from McD and headed off to Ria to meet Jo and Nic. Oh, and Matthew, being the bitch he is, had to fucking bug the shit out of everyone to go to the new mamak, Mama Kandar. So he hopped into Nic's car, with Jo following behind him and me in Zekey's CLK following Jo. Lo and behold Mama Kandar was about to close. Boy was Matt pissed. So, Melur it was. Zekey dropped me there and left for Subang. We ended up leaving at 11.30 PM plus 'cause everyone was freakin' drained.

And today! I was really proud of myself because I didn't go out with my friends at all. All I did was sleep until the afternoon. Went down to Summit to fetch my brother and his friend around 6 PM after their AND1 and had dinner at SS15. I was thinking about how guai I had been today because I stayed home to rot. But Jo had to call me up and tempt me into going out. So, being the not-so-guai person I am, I agreed. This time I dragged my brother along since he hasn't been out at night for a week already. Jo fetched us around 9 and he chose Mama Kandar, of all places. No lime, no canned drinks.Which means no Teh O Ais Limau, Sirap Limau, Coke, Sprite, you get the picture. I suggested we go for a game or two of pool so we left for the snooker centre in KK around 9.50 PM and played for a while until Nic turned up after his gym session. I suck real bad at pool for your information but I had a great time lah overall. We played our last game with me and Jo in a team and Nic (my brother) and Nic (Choo) teamed up. We were rushing so everyone just chipped in money and Nic sent me home with Lady GaGa blasting through his sound system. Ahh, my comfort zone.

Fucking disappointed because I thought I would be able to last a day without going out with friends. Looks like I failed. Hey, it's me. Aku bukan clubbing kaki tapi aku lepak kaki (:

PS: Laugh of the day, watching Nic make out with the pool table is fucking hilarious. With Jo smacking his ass and all!

Shyuan, our bitchling Matt, Ann, Me and my personal colour coordinator, Jo. Fucking miss this shit.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Marcus!

Mood: Gloomy

Happy belated birthday best friend! I'm sorry I'm late by 2 days. I wanted to sms you but heck, you're at NS. By the time you read your message would probably be today or Friday. So I decided to dedicate a post to you in conjunction with your birthday.

I can't believe we've known each other for eight years already. Given the fact that I hated you the first two years we met, you became my friend soon after. And after that, my best friend. I don't know why but we have formed this strong bond of friendship after the first two years of knowing each other. I guess it's 'cause we can relate to each other. And after all that we've been through we have actually managed to stay as best friends for quite a long time.

Dude, I miss hanging out in your room.

And then walking to McD after that.

Mahjong at it's best.

The concentration.

The crazy messed up shit we got ourselves into. The year 2005.

Just remember that I am here for you whenever you need me. My family treats you as part of us. Like you said, my mum is your second mum! You do know that you are the only guy who is allowed to stay over at my house right? That is how much my mum trusts and loves you. And so does everyone else. I miss walking into your house at random times of the day and just playing with your dogs. Your home is like my second home!

Gawd I miss you best friend. Hope you're having the time of your life at National Service. Can't wait for you to get home safely (:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks Jo.

Mood: ?

Jo fetched me to the dentist for my appointment at 5 PM today. As a reward, I gave him the permission to choose the colour of the rubbers for my braces. Well, any colour except orange. Such a horrible colour. He ended up going with red and blue. My mum likes the colours but my sister doesn't. My brother and dad didn't comment. I think it looks like Mentos on my teeth. After my appointment, Jo fetched his brother from Kota Permai and dropped him off at his tuition centre. Oh, and we went to Asibah too for his dinner. Miss hanging out with him. Friends for 7 years oi! He asked if I would like to join him, Nick and Kenx at Carlos after their gym session though. I turned it down. Have. To. Resist. Shisha. Temptation.

Tomorrow is Marcus' birthday. But he's in Bintulu. National Service, you suck. I miss my best friend ):

Monday, April 20, 2009

College, Money and Sleep Deprivation.

Mood: Exhausted

I kick-started my week by rotting at home on Monday. Studying a bit of Maths and Movies. But most of the time slacking around the house, sleeping, or going online. Besides calling in to and winning the water bottle, nothing much happened. After waking up to a bright Tuesday morning though, I spent the most money I have ever spent in my life throughout the whole week.

So on Tuesday, I had lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki with Roy, Han Yuen (Hy) and three of their friends. It cost me a whopping Rm20 which could fucking last me two days in college. It was my second time eating there and I am sure it'll be my last. I have always preferred sushi over teppanyaki. Now I know why. I enjoy sushi so much more than I do teppanyaki, even if I have to pay more for that moment of eternal bliss, I would. After lunch, Hy drove us to Neway at SS17 for a karaoke session. A word of caution however, do prepare your own water bottle if you are planning to sing for 4 hours straight. Yes, we sang for 4 hours. The place was so comfy I felt like sleeping there and then. But heck, I did not want to waste my 12 bucks sleeping there! RM12 is still money no matter what. We saved the best for last. Linkin Park. I'll leave it to you guys' imagination. You know, how they sang to Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. We left around 5.30 PM and my big bro Hy sent me home. Awwww. But he went to Ftz after that. Gawd, what is with guys and Ftz?!

Nothing much happened on Wednesday. I wanted to save money for my outing on Friday so I headed home for lunch. But it didn't really make a difference 'cause during the next few days I went way over my budget anyway.

I was sitting in the front row on Thursday, much to my surprise. It was Maths, for crying out loud! Hy and Roy were sitting way way at the back, like usual.

Hy: Denise, movie later?
Me: Provided someone sends me home after that ('cause my only form of transport will be leaving at 12.30 PM).
Hy: Can lah. You are talking to a young adult here (FYI, he loves using the term "young adult").
Me: Okay, on.

The four of us: Hy, Roy, Zhi Yuan (Zy) and me watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop at 12.30 PM. The movie ended at 2. There were parts which were worth laughing at but overall, it wasn't as hilarious as I thought it would be. Heck, Adam Sandler produced it! So there went my RM6. Not forgetting my RM6.25 when I had McDonald's for lunch. Oh, and when I bought my RM10 reload before I had lunch! Gawd. After spending my money on my reload card, I realized that I had RM5 left in my purse. Was not even enough for a McD lunch. Pathetic. So I headed over to the ATM to withdraw some cash.

And then it was Friday. I spent a total of 14 hours out of my house. 3 hours in college and the balance 11 hours elsewhere.

On Thursday..

Pa: I'll be leaving at 7 AM tomorrow.
Me: What?! My class starts at 1 PM!
Pa: Well, you'll have to just follow me unless you arrange your own transport.
Me: Oh well.

I managed to get Mervin. But I ended up reaching college at 9.30 AM. Better than 7.30 AM. So I had breakfast at a very slow rate while reading the newspaper. By the time I finished reading the paper and breakfast, it was 11 and my eyelids were beginning to droop. Which made me head down to the lobby area and grab a three-seater sofa all for myself. Don't ask my why I did that. It's kind obvious I lacked sleep and needed some there and then. And since I had nothing better to do, I did. I was texting Zekey since I arrived in college and when I could not take it anymore, I told him that I would text him 20 minutes later, 30 minutes tops 'cause I desperately needed a nap. It was around 11.30 AM when I sent that message to him. So I covered my face with my sweater and immediately drifted off to Slumberland. What felt like 5 minutes of sleep turned out to be 50 minutes when Zekey texted me, waking me up around 12.20 PM. My back ached after that.

After class Hy, Roy and I were going nuts over which subjects to register for out next semester. We ended up going for Introduction to Computers, Environmental Chemistry and Introduction to World Religion. I'm probably gonna die from mental exhaustion next semester. I hung around my faculty with my classmates while waiting for Flesmond to arrive. He arrived around 4.30 PM with Jinn and Audrey, picked me up and headed off to Sunway Pyramid for Audrey's long-awaited ice-skating session. We started skating at about 5 PM up until 8 PM when the rink closed. My ankles ached bad, but it was worth it. RM11 for 3 hours of total freedom on ice. If you know how to skate I mean. Zen Yoong was awesome on ice, Jinn was experimenting, Flesmond kept on getting pulled down by fat chics and Audrey was really enjoying herself. So I guess everyone had a blast that night. We had dinner at KFC then headed back to KK because Audrey wasn't feeling well and Flesmond and I were feeling really doped. We ended going to NTS 'cause Audrey was having a very bad cough and Flesmond insisted on her drinking a glass of "kat chai shun mui". I reached home after 12 AM. I couldn't remember the exact timing.

On Saturday, I went for Zekey's Youth Fellowship at Summit. I left the house at 11.30 AM and reached home at like.. 7 PM? Had dinner at Poh Yap with my family and was about to reply my friend on MSN when the phone rang.

"Nick Choo"

Must be mamak session. Must be Subang.

And so it was.

Jo picked me up at about 9.30 PM. A thing about Jo's driving. Everytime I sit in his car, I watch my life flash past in black and white. There is a need to wear the safety belt when you enter his car, whether you are sitting in the front passenger seat or behind. No kidding. I can't remember what time we reached Carlos but we stayed there for a few hours with our shisha. I had a great time with them after not seeing them for a month. Them as in Jo, Nick and John. Matt was supposed to join us but apparently he got screwed up by his dad for going out the whole day and wanting to go out again at night. By the time I reached home it was 11.45 PM and I felt like I was gonna shrivel up and die of fatigue.

On Sunday, John picked me up at 8.45 AM and we had breakfast at Sri Melur with Afiq. I have not seen him since we collected out SPM results and he looked like as if he was stranded on some island, what with not shaving and, gawd, the matted long hair. I reached home at 9.45 and Zekey's mom arrived at 10 AM to bring me to their church. After church, we had lunch at SS15 and I headed off to Subang Parade to look for my family since they were there. We spent some time in MPH before leaving for Carrefour and the pasar malam. I can't remember what I did after that though. My mind wasn't functioning too well I suppose.

And finally today, which is Monday, I flew all the way to 3K to play badminton with my classmates: Yee Shien, Andy, Wei Loon, Su Han and Fei Yang. Zekey, being the awesome-est friend ever, offered to fetch me from KK to 3K and back after his class. I declined the offer initially 'cause it's hella troublesome but I accepted it in the end. Sweet Taylor's Boy (:

I am fucking summarizing everything 'cause I want to fucking go to sleep and my big bro Hy keeps on pestering me to update. I'm chatting with him and Roy now, so, NAH! I doubt you would read the whole post. It's so fucking longwinded and boring without fascinating images. So, good luck lah.

Just some random pic. Love you all <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fuck This.

Mood: Exhausted

Gonna update tomorrow. Sorry for being on hiatus for a week.

Random lah.

Monday, April 13, 2009

JJ and Ean.

Mood: Drowsy

I woke up at 6.30 AM this morning 'cause my brother's alarm rang. So I plugged in the earphones into his phone and tuned into since JJ and Ean are on in the morning (who doesn't know that?). I was really keen on listening 'cause I absolutely love the both of them. But I got even more excited when they started talking about David's showcase concert held at the Sunway Amphitheater last Saturday.

They were playing sound clips from the concert. You know, the songs he sang during the concert. JJ mentioned how touched he was when David started singing Angels by Robbie Williams. Frankly, it really made my hair stand on end. It was absolutely beautiful. Apparently when David was singing on stage, the both of them were running around backstage collecting items David used: a water bottle he drank from once (and which was really obvious 'cause he was drinking on stage), a paper plate he was eating food from, a piece of tissue he used to wipe his mouth with, a pen he used to signed autographs with, a ticket autographed by the main man himself and a few other items which I couldn't recall.

So JJ and Ean were like,"Give us a call if you want any one of these items at 03-9543****. We're gonna offer his water bottle he drank from on stage right now!". For your info, it was still 7.50 AM and I was still lying down on my bed, snuggling under my blanket hugging my bolster. And since I had nothing to do, I dialed the number on my phone ever so slowly. Seriously, I was like,"What are the chances of me getting through? There are like a few thousand David Archuleta fans all over the Klang Valley. Sure cannot get one lah." And I was right, the minute I pressed the CALL button on my phone, the line was busy. So I hung up and went back to hugging my bolster for 10 seconds.

Then I redialed. The phone started ringing for quite a while and I was about to hang up, when..

Ean: Hello,
Me : Er, hello?
Ean: Yeah, You calling in for the ticket?

At this point I was like, "What ticket!?".

Me : Er, yeah?
Ean: Okay, hold on yeah.

And he goes like-

Ean: There's someone else on the line!

-to JJ of course. And then he comes back to me.

Ean: May I know who's on the line?
Me : I'm Denise.
Ean: Okay, so we have Denise and Natalie.
JJ : Alright, so we have to see who is the bigger David fan. I'm gonna ask a question and the one who knows the answer screams her name first okay?
JJ : Okay, here goes. During the concert, was David wearing a tie or not?

I don't know why at this point it took me so long to shout out my name. To be frank, on the day David was performing, it wasn't obvious that he was wearing a tie because his tie was a skinny tie. And the other three (Ann, Shyuan and Yz) were busy singing and dancing along to his songs. They were too busy to realize that he was wearing a really adorable grey skinny tie. It kind of blended in with his outfit too. They didn't realize until I pointed it out to them and they were like,"Oh em geeeeee it looks so cute on him!". So anyway..

Nat : Natalie!
Ean : Okay, Natalie goes first.
Nat : False!
Ean and JJ: Awwwh, that answer is.. wrong!

And from this point on everything was gibberish. It was so effing noisy, I couldn't hear a damn thing.

Then everything went silent.

Ean: Congratulations Denise! You're the winner! Can I have your contact number please?
Me : 012-647****
Ean: Okay, thanks for taking part yeah.
Me : Yeah, thanks so much.

Then I hung up. And was stoning.

Ha ha! Okay, so if I shouted my name first, I would have answered True. Which meant that I would have won. And because I didn't shout my name first, I still won 'cause she answered wrongly and it doesn't matter whether or not I answered because I win by default. Yay!

And so, I am the owner of the water bottle that which David Archuleta drank a mouth from and never touched again. I mean, not yet lah. But going to be. Since I don't have it yet. I'll probably have to go all the way to their studio in Bukit Jalil and collect it. But seriously though, I don't know whether it really is the water bottle David drank from. Hey, it could be any other water bottle right? But still..

I am currently in love with this song right now. He gave us an awesome performance. You did great David.

PS: I will udpate about the concert, soon. It's going to be really longwinded.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My El Nino.

Mood: Ecstatic

Torres scored 2-0 against Blackburn!

My smexy boyfriend on his rise to fame. My dad is currently burning up right now because he has his bets on Blackburn. Ha ha ha!


Mood: Dirty

Torres just scored 1-0 against Blackburn!

My mum finally admits that Fernando Torres is macho! She was so against him during the beginning. Beginning as in, since he joined Liverpool.

I went for David Archuleta's showcase concert today at the Sunway Amphitheater with Yz, Shyuan and Ann. Will update about it soon within this week.
I miss Jq so much. And I can't believe he shaved off his beautiful hair! The picture below is only one of the four pictures which can be found on Jq's cousin's husband's blog.

I miss my bro.
I'm gonna go mamak with Mc soon. What time is he gonna reach?! My eyes are starting to hurt. Gah! It doesn't matter. If Liverpool wasn't playing, I would probably have gone to sleep while waiting for him.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Over.

Mood: Sleepy

I've been thinking about our relationship for quite some time already.

I'm sorry.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zekey Wong!

Mood: Cultured

I was chatting for practically the whole day with Zekey since I reached home from college yesterday. I missed him so much! Have not seen him in, what, seven years? His face has not really changed but his body has. He used to be as skinny as a stick. Ha ha. But he told me he hits the gym quite frequently. At least that explains the buff body. I can't wait to see him this Sunday. He's coming from Subang to fetch me back to Subang. Lol?

I caught you showing your braces dude! Don't be shy lah, aku pun gigi besi aper (:


Off topic lah okay, I took this quiz on Facebook. Aku Fernando Torres babeh!


Bro: I'm going out at 3.
Me : It's already 2.55.
Bro: I know.
Me : Where are you going? I thought your class is at 8.30?
Bro: I'm going to that new cyber cafe which everyone says is a mini FTZ.
Me : Does Mummy know?
Bro: If she did, I would not be able to go you know.
Me : Oh yeah. Bye.

Sorry, it was just random. So now I'm home alone. Flesmond will be fetching me to Pyramid at 5.30 later. And nobody will be home yet. My fishes will feel lonely ):

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Mood: Rythmic

I was mamak-ing with Flesmond, Jinn, Audrey, Brandon and my bro a few nights ago and someone brought up the topic on X-Men. Jinn told me that Gambit would finally be making an appearance. Finally! Gambit is the character I have admired since I was a kid and ever since the first X-Men movie was released, I have been looking forward to seeing Gambit. And this time, when I least expect him to appear, he is gonna do so! Yay!

Gambit a.k.a Remy LeBeau. Why, Denise? Why Gambit? There's nothing special about him. All he does is throw cards at people! Pfft! What you people don't know (okay, besides those X-Men fans) is that he possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy. He also uses a staff when it comes to combat.

Taylor Kitsch is gonna play Gambit! If the any of u find him familiar, he acted in The Covenant with Steven Strait. I prefer Steven Strait over him of course.


Today we were briefed on Sounds by Miss Jaime. She showed us clips from Mamma Mia!, Enchanted, Madagascar and Shall We Dance. Those were all I could remember. I can't remember if there were more but I doubt there were. Then this African girl whose name I cannot remember showed us a clip from Seven Pounds and some other movie which I have never seen. Wei Loon showed us a clip from Casino Royale and a clip from Star Wars Episode One. The last one, Kah Fei, showed clips from Babylon A.D. and Valkyrie. Like usual, we had to answer the questions which appear almost the same every class.

After class, me and my group members gathered to discuss our movie genre. We decided on horror. At first Roy suggested we have the discussion over lunch. But the two busy ladies (Jennifer and Shirley) did not agree. Looked like as if they were rushing somewhere else. Heck, the last time we wanted to have a group discussion, they disappeared even before Miss Jaime left the class. So we had a quick discussion in class and headed off to have lunch at Summit.

So I had lunch with Roy, Joe S (Han Yuen) and Joe T (Zhi Yuan) at some Malay shop and were joined by V and Ah Chong (Lol? I prefer calling him Kok Wai). Anyway, they started talking about this guy in my class whom I will not name because if I do and he finds out, I would probably be skinned alive. What are the chances of him stumbling across my blog anyway? None. But I'll be stuck in the same class as him for the next four years so there might be a chance of him talking to me. Thus, finding out about my blog. They were not really saying nice things about him lah (y'know, wanting to bash him up and stuff). But I have to agree on everything they say about him 'cause what they said were so true. It sends shivers down my spine. Oh, and I found out that Zy stays back at college sometimes while waiting for his brother to fetch him home. Yay! At least I won't be walking around campus like some loner now.

I won't need to wait until 2.30 plus anymore! 'Cause Sook Ling will be finishing earlier, which means that I can go back home earlier :D

Happy face.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Mood: Hot

They call him the Iceman because of his 'cold' personality. Rarely speaking up during interviews and conferences unlike his fellow Ferrari teammate, Felipe Massa who cracks jokes and is a chatterbox. Behold..

Kimi Raikkonen! He's uber fair too. It's no wonder he's known as the Iceman. I can't believe I saw him race live in front of me! And was like, 50 meters away from me. That's really close y'know (:

My heart can't stop throbbing. But too bad he's married.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tell Me.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag three of your closest friends, then other three of your not-so-close-of-friends (Let them guess which one they are in!).
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing (No, duh!).
6. Have fun laughing!

~ Here In Your Arms - Hellogoodbye.

~ A Fragrance of a Season - IZABEL VAROSA.

~ Not Capable of Love - The Ataris.

~ Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New.

~ Faith - Inoran.

~ No Promises - Shayne Ward.

~ Love Story - Clavier.

~ Honorable Mention - Fall Out Boy

~ Let's See, If That's True ANot - The Pillows.

~ Color - BAReeeeeeeeeeN

~ Brand New Breeze - Kanon.

~ Darkwave Surfer - Aural Vampire.

~ Kiss - AnCafe feat. Shelly Trip Realize.

~ Trust - Duel Jewel.

~ Room - SID.

~ Armor Ring - Alice Nine.

~ Hot Limit - T.M. Revolution.

~ Hard Trip (Sound of Qlimax) - Casteam.

~ Stupid - ELLEGARDEN.

~ Untouchable - Billy.

~ Tell Me - hide.

Oh Em Eff Gee.

Mood: Sleepy

Facebook is lagging my ass off.

And when haircuts go wrong.

I have class tomorrow and it ends at 12 PM but I'll be going home at, whut, 4 PM? FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK. Quote Cartman from South Park. Yes, with caps.

Money. Job. Money. College. Money. Time. Money. Friends. Money. Food. Money.

If you read my cbox, Zue said my hot ringworm looked like tits. I thought so myself too. But it kinda creeps me out. You know, having an extra nipple.

Anyway, I had a great day today with them. I missed them so much and I can't wait to go out with them soon. Love you gals so much <3

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Mood: Crushed

And all you do is fuck things up for me.

Somehow it is during this part of my life that seems the most torturous. What with having no license, no car, no job and no income. I am sorry for ranting. I just can't help it. Do keep in mind that this is a personal rant. If you don't like reading my emo posts, don't do so. Because I don't like people reading these kind of posts then going around telling people about how I am such a sucker.

I desperately need a job right now because currently, my money is flowing out with none flowing back in. I wonder if I can cope. You know, balancing out my time at college and my time at work. That's if I get a job in the first place. I have not been sleeping soundly these past few nights because I have been wide awake thinking about what I should do. I am kind of driven to the point of no return where if I don't get a job, I am going to effin' rot in hell. Penniless. I know, why not look in the newspaper for part-time job offerings? Or post a bulletin on Friendster or Myspace or Facebook or on my blog? I would have done that. If I had a car. It would be completely pointless to get a job somewhere far away from my house if I can't travel there.

No license and no car means no traveling at my own free will. For example, my dad sends me to college as and when I have class. Be it in the morning or afternoon. But he isn't around to send me back home. Which means that I have to look for my own transport home. Which, in short, fucking sucks and is such a big turnoff until I feel like smashing everything in my way every time I think about it. It's not that I'm not grateful that there are people willing to send me home. I appreciate you guys a hella lot but it would make me feel better if I would be able to drive myself home without being dependant on friends. Troubling them makes me feel guilty.

Thankfully at college I am starting to get to know my classmates better and communicating with them more often compared to the first week. But still, after class everyone goes home or wherever they're supposed to go. Which leaves me alone until my friend from Sunway College finishes class and fetches me home. It can get really frustrating. Especially when I have to walk around or eat alone for a few hours. I mean sure, I can take care of myself but hey, I have to engage in conversation with people most of the time. You guys should know. And I don't plan to talk to myself unless I am driven to that point.

Oh and about today. The race stopped at Lap 33 with Jensen Button dominating them all. I was looking forward to the rain but I wasn't looking forward to such a heavy one. It was kinda awesome, the way they raced under the rain and all but I have to admit that it was a fucking rip-off 'cause they would not restart the race. My ticket cost RM800 and I am thankful that I got it for free and not have to pay for it 'cause if I did, I would be really upset that I did not get to watch them race all 56 laps.

Congratulations Jensen Button!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Mood: Tired

Solid proof.

Anyway I went to watch the Formula 1 qualifiers today. I thought my ears were gonna bleed. Will update about it within this week.

Oh, and somebody's lovestoned. Have fun tomorrow at, ehem, you-know-where :D


Mood: Crappy

He thinks my ringworm infection is hawt. Whut?!

I miss you too ):

Wild Children of Kota Kemuning.

Mood: Unhappy

Saturday, 280309

Mc arrived while I was still taking my shower which was about 7 PM. We were planning to go at around 8 plus which was considered early for me but whatever, we were starving. My parents and sister already had dinner. Which left me and my brother because we would be eating at Zk's house. We ended up leaving at 7.45 PM due to three growling tummies. I expected little or no people there. But who knew, we were one of the last to arrive. Which meant the food almost gone, swept away by the hungry lil' things. Heck, there were an estimated thirty people there that night. Oh, and Louis was nice enough to peel the prawns for me. I thought he was just kidding but when I walked off to get my dessert and came back, they were all peeled. Thanks bro.

And so he blasted the music through somebody's PC speakers using somebody's iPod. Or were both of 'em his? I was not so sure. What I was sure of was that Bryan and Nicholas were dancing some kinda new dance called Tectonik or something and it made me LMAO. Then we played the drinking game in Zk's house in the dark during Earth Hour. Those playing included me, my brother, Zk, Cy (Charng Yie), Myyu, James, Nelson, Aaron, Louis, Samuel and Andy. The result? Nobody being able to see their cards. Therefore, people knocking over drinks and fucking expensive Chivas all over the beautiful marble floor. After an hour, we switched on the lights and the three people whose faces were as red as strawberries were the birthday boy himself, my bro and Cy. My brother with deadly bloodshot eyes. Aaron was wasted as well because he kept on lying down on my knee and when I woke him up his eyes were as bloodshot as my brother's.

I sent my brother upstairs and he obeyed. I then spotted Aaron sleeping on the armchair and forced him to wake up. At which I failed. So I left him there. The other guys who had a bottle of Chivas to themselves were drinking and smoking outside. The other girls were drinking wine at the dining hall while I was busy cleaning up Zk's beautiful marble floor decorated with plastic cups, a Chivas bottle, tons of Coke cans and lots of spilt alcohol. After cleaning up I went upstairs to check on my brother, to see him lying down on Zk's bed with his eyes wide open. He told me he was unable to sleep so I went downstairs to get him a glass of warm water. When I reached Zk's room, I saw him playing Left 4 Dead on Zk's PC and left the water there for him. I then headed downstairs.

Once I reached Zk's living room, I saw Bryan and Myyu sleeping on the couch and several others whom I can not recall around that area. I ignored the drunkards and proceeded outside where more drunkards were shooting each other with water from the hose and water guns. After a certain time (of which I was not so sure), they decided to cut the cake. Zk was waving around a sword which initially I thought was just a plaything, but turned out to be real. Those who were still conscious like me, Mc and Louis tried to persuade him to put it down but failed. And so we sang the birthday song with Zk literally swinging the sword into the cake with full force. He then walked away. Resulting in me having to cut the cake and distribute it while some others stood around and stared, not even offering their help. They should know who they are. I'm not referring to everybody present during the party. Just a fair few. Luckily there were some like Cy, Hy, Ej (Eu Jin) and Louis who helped me to cut the cake (because, mind you, it was purely ice-cream cake which means it was fucking solid as stone).

I poured myself more Chivas and coke and started to sip slowly, enjoying the entertainment to while away time. Not even five minutes outside and Hy (Hou Yung) joined me in my drinking splendour. I am not sure how much we drank during that period but I recall him standing up, walking a few steps then collapsing right in front of me which yanked me awake. After that I could not remember much of what happened. I only remember flashes of events like:
  • When Bryan vomited on Myyu
  • When Hy vomited in the toilet
  • When either Mc or Louis took away my drink
  • When I walked upstairs and searched every air-conditioned room for my brother but had a very hard time 'cause every room was packed full of drunkards
  • When my dad turned up to fetch me and my bro home because a good friend of mine called him
  • When I vomited for the first time after a heavy drinking session at 5.30 AM and 6.30 AM
The next day all my parents did were ask me and my brother if we felt like vomiting. When we said no, they nodded and walked away. What they probably did not know was that my brother vomited like a madman at Zk's house (I didn't know this until a day after) and I vomited during the wee hours of the morning. Zk told me that many people slept at his house because they were not able to get up. And I do not know why I was so effing unlucky that night. Some junior spilt his drink on my shoes and feet, Andy spilt his drink on my thighs and I split my drink on my thigh. Gawd. That was about it, what happened that night. I doubt any of you would read this super long post anyway.

Anyway, happy belated birthday Leow Zheng Kai, my nephew. I wanted to post this at 12 AM sharp during April Fools (your birthday) but my internet connection got the better of me. I'm sorry for not being able to wish you at 12 AM sharp through SMS 'cause I fell asleep. Please forgive me. I can't wait for you to get your car so that we can go yumcha at AC and not SMC anymore because I hate the service there after your Teh O Ais incident just now. Ha ha. Hope you find your present wearable (:

And now, pictures. These were taken by Eric (Zk's older brother) before everyone got drunk and high.

PS: Those I call Junior are juniors from my ex-school which I have no idea what their names are.


Wy (Win Yee), Hs (Heng Shaun)'s sis, Wy's sis, Zk, I-forgot-her-name, Michelle and Christine.

Andy, James and two juniors.

Augustine, Samuel and three juniors.

Zk, my bro and me.

'E drinkers and smokers.

Cy's sis and junior.

Andy and people in the background.

Juniors. Mind you, I know their names but I'm just too darn lazy to type 'em all out.

Andy and girlfriend.

Mc, Louis, my bro, me and Aaron.

Wj and Zk.

My bro and me. Horrible pic of me.

Me, my bro and Mc.

James, Louis, Aaron and Augustine's head.

Mc's shoulder, my bro, Zk and my shoulder. Lol.

Wj and Michelle.

Party-people. I'm behind Chouw (Chee Houw).

Myyu, Jeff and Bryan.

Chuang (Chong Huang) and Mc's back.

Bluured out juniors, Cy and Chuang.

Jeff, junior, Chouw, Hs, Wj, Kh (Ka Han), Bryan, Mc and me (somewhere). Bryan's expression is priceless.

Ej, Samuel, Myyu, Jeff and Andy.

Cy, Augustine, Ej and Jeff.

Mc, Me, my bro, Kh, Chuang, Wj.

Samuel, Myyu, Jeff and Zk.

Too many to list out.

Mc, me and my bro.

Hy, Zk and Aaron.

And these, were of course, taken after everyone was drunk. I got the pictures from Myyu's phone so all the pictures feature his face there.

Two out of the four bottles of Chivas.

Myyu, James and Nicholas.

Chivas, Myyu and Nicholas.

Aaron and Myyu.

Wasted Hs, Chuang and Myyu.

Chuang, Hs and Myyu again.

Myyu and me. For real, I can't recall taking a picture with him at all. I was fucking wasted for all I care. Oh, and this is the first time I see my face appearing kind of reddish. My face never did turn red before no matter how much I drank, but not this time. I suppose I had a lil' too much to drink. If you noticed, in the pictures before I got drunk, the color of my face was not like the one in this picture =/

PPS: If you people have noticed, in the first few pictures taken from Myyu's phone, he was wearing a red shirt. After that he changed into a black shirt with an orange collar. Well, that was after Bryan vomited on him. Among those who vomited that night included my brother, Hy, James and Bryan from what I remember.

Just some screenshots of my conversation with Zk the next day.