Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yesterday .

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Saturday , 201208

So I worked OT again tonight and my eyes have this stinging sensation . Doctors Khor and Jenny 'cheng' the last six people who worked overtime , Domino's ! And that was when I just finished eating my dinner (wan tan me) . Who else was given the task to order the pizza but none other than yours truly . Doctor Andrew (the kind-of good-looking one, but Doctor Cheong is more attractive) joined us 'cause there weren't many patients during that hour .

Oh and yesterday I went to Pyramid to watch Ip Man . A piece of advice to those who are planning to watch that movie , do book tickets in advance 'cause that's what I did and luckily I did 'cause when I went to collect the tickets , the 9.50 show was already full and I was watching the 9.50 show . Anywho , the movie is so fucking awesome . I cried . Felt really sad watching how the Chinese were tortured by the Japanese back then . Donnie Yen's Wing Chun moves are crazy gila amazing and I wanna watch it again , so badly . The movie has it's bit if humour as well .

I'm falling sick , I can't stop coughing and it sucks . Before I forget , I made an appointment with Dr Khor on the 17 of February next year to fit my lower braces . I'll have to extract one tooth a few days before . Smarty me , I made the appointment on my off-day . I have no idea how I'm supposed to go to the clinic for my appointment because I doubt I would have any transport on that day . I am really scared of extracting my tooth . Actually I should consider myself lucky 'cause most people who wear braces have to extract four teeth !

Okay you know what I am so sleepy right now I think I'm gonna fall asleep at my PC . Good night (:

PS : I can't wait for prom !

PPS : Qis took off her braces yesterday . She looks beautiful (:

PPPS : I typed all this out yesterday but my internet died so I'm posting it now .

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