Friday, July 18, 2008

Potato Salad , Yummy Yummy !

Potato salad rocks ! The first time I ever laid eyes on it , I instantly felt attracted to it . I can still recall that cold April night . Well I can't really remember the date but we were all in Afiq's house . It was his birthday (this happened in 2005) and his dad was cooking up a feast ! There were like only three types of food : fried chicken , bbq'ed beef and of course , potato and egg salad ! Wooohooooo ! I don't eat fried chicken so I went for the beef (2 pieces) and dug into the gigantic bowl of delicious homemade potato salad (thanks Afiq's mum ) ! Everybody was after the meat and chicken and nobody was touching the potato salad . So , with oppurtunity within my grasp , I piled my whole paper plate with potato salad and nobody even noticed ! Actually I had no idea what I just piled onto my plate . It just looked so tasty I decided to try it out . Thus , my desperate craving for potato salad every week .

My next encounter with potato salad was during Ben's birthday around .. er .. June this year . I arrived late and by the time I reached Ben's house everybody was there and everybody was high . I was full at the time but I was still looking for food . Those who know me well enough , know how big my appetite is . Sadly , the only stuff I saw was satay , chicken and some salad . All the stuff 'kena sapu' already by those hungry monsters (ahaha) . So yeah , I hung out for a while and then Ben's momma decided to bring out the cake . So we sang and we danced and we got drunk . Okay I was exaggerating . We just sang the traditional Happy Birthday song to Ben and proceeded to 'hantam' the mouth-watering sponge cake as well . After consuming my share of the cake , I headed out to look for a drink . While looking for the plastic cups , I caught sight of a bowl full of .. yes , POTATO SALAD ! Surprisingly , it was full to the brim . When I started scooping out tons of it , people started to stare . Eventually I asked Shyuan if there was anything wrong with the potato salad . She said she doesn't like potato salad . Righhhhht . I heard many other people too , did not enjoy potato salad . Well , the fuck I care ! After the first mouthful , I felt like I was in heaven . The aroma was tempting and I proceeded to gobble it all up . Within seconds , my plate was sparkling (not literally) clean . And yes , I went back for more and more an MORE ! Till the bowl which was previously full to the brim of potato salad was empty . Hey , no one was interested in it anyway .

Today , I could not resist the temptation of having potato salad . I finally goggled 'Potato Salad Recipes' and I got a really nice looking recipe . Don't laugh at me , I know potato salad is a piece of cake to make . But I want it to be perfecto ! So I'm gonna make my own potato salad tomorrow after English Camp and .. savour it . That's if I succeed though .

P/S : Anybody - though I doubt there might be - who like me , craves potato salad , do , do , do join me on my quest to create the perfect potato salad !

I'm REAL .

You Are 69% Real

You know who you are, and you're pretty darn comfortable with yourself.

Like everyone, you struggle with the parts of yourself that aren't so great...

But you're good at accepting who you are and not dwelling on your faults.

As a result, you're confident, optimistic, and very real.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Over and Done With

To those who have been keeping up with me about my problems quite recently , I guess you know the meaning of the title . I don't think it's necessary to elaborate anymore . If you don't get the point , well , you don't know me well enough .

To those who have been there to support me 24/7 , I wanna thank you guys a lot . No matter how fed up you all are with me , you guys're still there for me and I appreciate that a lot . You guys know who you are . I seriously can't list out everybody's names because I'm kind of in a rush now . But I will later . I've gotta go and again , thanks for all the love and support I required then :) I love you guys so much .

Monday, July 7, 2008

What Reptile Are You ?

You Are a Snake

You have extraordinarily sharp senses.

You sense what's going on almost before it happens.

You connect with the world. People instantly feel close to you.

You are a natural protector. You take good care of your friends.

You are an ambitious person. Your ambitious drives you.

But while you are ambitious, you are also humble. You are thankful for everything you have.

Do you agree with the description about my personality as a snake ? Do comment on this post . A penny for your thoughts :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

SPM - Sudah Pasti Mati

Credits to Khai Synn for giving me the idea that SPM means Sudah Pasti Mati and STPM means Sudah Tentu Pasti Mati , three years ago . Ever since then , the idea has been etched into my head and that's what I think would happen to me if I sit for SPM in November . Hey , I'm not at all prepared for two subjects . Additional Maths. and Chemistry . Thankfully I dropped one out of three of my killer subjects , Physics . Given the choice between the Arts stream and the Science stream , I would pick Arts . Sad to say , a few seconds after I chose 4 Arts 1 in 2007 , I changed my mind . Science would not be as hard as they said it could be right ? Right ? I mean , most of my friends in Science stream seem to be having a good time . A bed of roses .

Boy was I wrong .

Really , I assumed that being in the Science stream wouldn't be as hard as I expected it to be . Do bear in mind that I am not even taking pure science , but sub-science or Sains Teknologi . I'm not taking Biology , but instead , Accounts which I heard was not really a problem (which is true - if you get the hang of its basics) . So I kicked started the year with an A1 for Add. Maths. , average results for Chemistry , and a border-line passing mark for Physics . It wasn't so bad then . Come one , i'ts just the beginning - or so I thought . After my mid-year examination , the results of my three most crucial subjects dropped as low as the stock market could ever go . Actually it was not that bad , but , you get the point . So yeah , academically I was not doing very well . Especially with Physics . I did not take tuition for that dreadful subject , nor was I attentive during class . Ann , Yi Zhong , Shyuan , 2 Fa+ , Ikki and I would sit furthest away from the blackboard and most of the time , mind our own business . Conclusion , we didn't pay much attention to Puan Siti Aminah during class . So that was why my results plunged down the drainhole .

At the end of the year , I was caught up with other kinds of shit . Like having a boyfriend for instance , and getting addicted to MySpace . It pulled me away from what was more important , which was of course , my studies . Plus , I was kinda caught up releasing stress on my Guitar Hero . I love that game . Anyone wanna challenge ? Ehhh , sorry for getting off topic . So , my mum suggested that I switch to the Arts stream - which was a tad too late . However , she did suggest I drop Physics but replace it with Commerce , and if possible , take an extra subject which was Basic Economics . I simply agreed but did not think much about it . Hey , its was just a suggestion . I assumed she would forget about what she said sooner or later . But she didn't , and when the first term of school began , she reminded me about her 'suggestion' . Then it dawned on me , I saw a glimmer of hope . I got to drop Physics bitches ! Please , do excuse the profanity for it was unintentional . But yeah , I know , if it was unintentional , how come you don't just backspace the godforsaken WORD . I just like it that way :)

So I went throught a lot of obstacles just to get my school Principal to allow me to drop Physics . I do not want to describe it in detail because I'm effin' lazy at the moment . Anyway , my point is , I'm so not ready to sit for SPM coming up in November . What with the second test next week , it's just killing me . To some it might be a piece of cake , the second test I mean . Hopefully it would be for me too . Quoting Su Kim , "Take it (the second test) as a way to strengthen your knowledge in those certain topics" .

I'll try :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unasked Questions

12 Questions You've Never Answered...

1. Would you bang your neighbor?
- if my neighbour was the last guy on earth , i would rather kill myself .

2. What describes your relationship?
- dark chocolate

4. What's the last movie you saw?
- Kung Fu panda

5. I've come to realize that the last
person who held my hand...
- was fayadh

6. Whats your middle name?
- Li or Hsien ? heh

7. Who have you talked to most today?
- mummy

8. Do you carve pumpkins every year?
- of course not

9. Color of your boxers/underwear?
- i don't think you would like to know

10. Color of your shirt?
- white

11. I'm always...
- breathing ?

12. Who's on speed dial 2?
- mummy

Malaysian Politics , A Telenovela in Itself .

The week they all came back to Malaysia for good , there was the fuel price rise , Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin's statutory declaration , and ... this .

Wow . Out of a pristine , sterile , urban island , they're back to a circus . Malaysia is a telenovela in itself . I wonder whether other countries have peccadilloes like this . I don't think Hollywood is even creative enough to make a movie like Malaysia . Of course others in international finance are squawking . This is going to drive our investors ! I don't care whether He Wo Shall Not Be Named did it or not , but we are sunk economically . We're going to be like Zimbabwe ! We'll be using leaves as currency ! Some of my friends however , see this in a more positive light . With destruction and chaos , comes hope and peace . But they do agree that there needs to be a healthy transition period , whoever leads the country . Name-calling and accusations can take one so far ; a good , transparent and honest judiciary is what is needed now . The question is : Are the fundamentals in place ? Because there doesn't seem to be any .

The friend of my parent said : "We are currently seeing political dynamics of unparalleled intensity although qualitatively , they remain light years from sophistication . It seems chaotic at times , dynamic at other times , but comical almost all of the time . "Free speech is a new thing . Transparency means listening to what the administration reveals or chooses to reveal . And the party is left with a void . A power and ability void ." If anything , Malaysian should not fear the chaos . "If we had a system where everyone is seen as equals , if the system were managed my competent people , and if society and large sections or the population could learn to live without handouts , I'm fairly certain we could actually go further down the road to development , and by this I mean not just economically , but in a more well-rounded way," remarked a fellow classmate .

I'm not going to even pretend to be clever and analyse the situation . We are grappling with urban poverty ... health issues that have been sidelined because they don't fit in with the Succesful Muslim Country that we are (Breast Cancer is sexy . HIV/AIDS is not ) ... religious and cultural moves and practices that hinder a country and its people's growth . We have to deal with inter-faith and intra-faith issues . Race and religion issues will be increasingly sensitive , and not just among those who do not share the same faith . Education . Privacy and vigilance issues .The constant desecration , and forgetting , of history and culture , and the social engineering . This charade is taking attention awat from what really matters . Now , I am in no way discounting the saga we are witnessing now . This is very real , and will have implications on our future , but the Real Malaysia is not heeded . We have forgotten one essential ingredient in our pursuit of success . We have forgotten compassion .

Enough is enough . We want dramas on TV and film . Not in governance . A friend of mine , likened this whole political climate to Desperate Housewives .

"We have the murder of a pretty young woman , in which a housewife is supposedly involved . A sex scandal with a family friend (or gardener) - Gabrielle Solis .

"The state of confusion in the biggest political party in Malaysia is similar to the Scavo household . The prodigal son of a conservative pious family (the Van der Kamps) that invloves homosexual affair with a friend , and the power struggle to win the neighbourhood presidency between Katherine and Lynette .

"Orson's mother that keeps coming back to interfere in the affairs of the Hodge family and simply refusing to sit back quiet in the retirement home .

"Let's not forget the women and men who keep changing partners , jump here jump there , join this household , leave that household , then come back to the same household . "But in the end , it's still the same bunch of characters in a small street in Wisteria Lane having scandals with each other ."

In short , we are all mad . The battle right now is really about claiming stake to a throne . When are we , the people , going to take back our lives and rule the earth ? When are we going to emulate one of the 1940s nationalist movement slogans , 'Raja itu Rakyat , Rakyat itu Raja' ? (The sovereign is of the people , and the people are the sovereign) . A friend remarked that all this should be taken positively . She opined : 'I think Malaysian politics today is fantastic . People are begninning to dare to speak up .

"OK , some of us (politicians included) may say some ridiculous things , but that's fine . The fact is we are speaking . We just need to accept that there are diverse opinions .

"One thing Malaysians have to learn , and are beginning to face , is that a change of government should not mean downturn in economy or a drastic change in our lives .

"Look at the West , their countries change government all the time , and they still go on , business as usual ."

Malasysian politics is finally growing up and I'm enjoying it . So sit tight , and let's watch the show . It's going to be exciting .

P/S : I do not watch Desperate Housewives . It's too crazy to understand .

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Temporary Hiatus !

People ! I'm so sorry for the temporary hiatus for a few weeks . Now I'm back and I'm loaded - with nothing . Streamyx was starting to piss me off for a few weeks after disconnecting my line for stupid reasons . Anywhos , my internet conncection is back ! Which means I'm back too . Hehhe . I wanted to post about My Trip Back to Singapore . Day Two . today but honestly , I forgot everything that happened on Day Two . Well , not EVERYTHING . But everything in detail (you know like what happened before and after a certain event) . So I'm gonna cancel it . I don't think anyone cares anyway .

I have History notes to finish , English grammar work to copy into my Grammar One exercise book , and Accounts exercises that have to be finished by tomorrow . So this means that I can't stay long here for it is already 10.40 PM (yes , dear readers) . So I guess I would just have to postpone my posting to either tomorrow or hopefully , tonight .

Again , I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused for the past few weeks -although i know there are not much readers but , heck , let me feel a teeny weeny bit of satisfaction that I actually managed to sneak online and posted this short post :)