Friday, October 30, 2009

A Plain Ol' Saturday.

Listening to: 藉口 (Jie Kou) by 周杰倫 (Jay Chou)

Saturday, 241009

I wasn't feeling well when I went for Inter. Comm. class that morning. Weiloon bailed on us, thus leaving me and Tanzy to fend for ourselves from the evil B*******d. I was practically shivering in class because of my running nose. What pissed me off the most was that we got our details wrong and passed up our assignment that day. It was actually due the following week. I sacrificed my sleep to write 250 words of bullcrap before sending it over to Tanzy to write his 250 words of bullcrap. I slept at 12 AM. He slept at 3 AM. I consider myself lucky.

After that was youth of course.

Cheefung and Wenli after youth.

Ashwin/Nicholas and Alex.

Wenli, Ong, Feevien, Sharolyn, Suann, Siemens, Ashwin/Nicholas and Alex.


Alex's ais kacang with no kacang nor any other liu. Maybe there was some at the bottom. I don't know.

My mee and beehoon goreng from Thai Village. It was too salty. Idon'tevenknowwhytheheckitookapictureofthisitlookssofugly. I was bored.

After youth, Baby, Sharolyn, Wenli and I were supposed to go back to Aunty Doraline's place for dinner. But somehow we made a detour. But of course we dropped Wenli and Sharolyn back home first. We never thought about going to Pyramid for dinner until Honwei called. That's when Sharolyn started negotiating with Aunty Doraline. Somehow she just gave up. I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying to her mum. I was zoning out. At last only Baby and I went to Pyramid to join Honwei at Sushi Zanmai.

He should be wearing a G.I. Joe t-shirt instead.

Featured here the second time, my Tamago Mentai. Superb.

Honwei noticed that I was taking pictures of my food and the first thing he asked me was,"Are you gonna blog about that?" I smiled. I'm saying that 'cause I can't remember what I said.

He had all that and he was still hungry!

Honwei's Caterpillar Roll! (Eew, avocado.)

Honwei's Stamina Roll. (Unagi, bleh.)

Honwei's fish head. (Omgwtf ew.)

Baby's cold noodle. Honwei had this too, but by the time we reached he was already halfway done eating his.

Baby's Salmon Zanmai.

Baby's tofu. Don't know what it's called.

My Sansai Udon. I ate the least (obviously).

After dinner we walked over to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. We decided to try a sample. We got Lychee flavored yogurt, which, I have to admit, was really good. It had a strong yogurt aftertaste though. So for those who doesn't like yogurt, better not try those fruity flavors. The chocolate flavored yogurt, however, had no yogurt aftertaste at all. Tasted just like choc ice cream.

It's priced at Rm0.53 per 10 grams. Choose the size of your cup, choose your flavor and choose your toppings! Baby and I didn't bother about the toppings of course. Ours cost about Rm5+. Honwei's one was RM15+. It's no surprise, he added quite a number of toppings.

There were too many people around so I couldn't really get a good shot of the toppings. This is only one section though. There are more toppings beside this selection. They even provided chocolate and strawberry sauce.

Excuse my bad photography and bad picture quality please!

PS: Baby why aren't you replying my messages or responding to my phone calls. It's been two hours )':

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Listening to: Geek In The Pink by Jason Mraz

Baby, please forgive me. You do know you're the best (:

PS: Iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou ):

Monday, October 26, 2009

Watch Those Candles Melt Away...

Listening to: Karinui by Mamiko Noto (Jigoku Shoujo ED)

... like our love.

Last night was my happy hour. Torres scored. ManU lost. Rejoice!

PS: I love you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Interview With a Vampire - Not.

Listening to: Collide by Howie Day

Dg: Happy 5 months! How does it feel to have made it this far?
Nise: Thank you. I am overcome with joy and pride. I love you so much Baby! Mwah!

Dg: I understand joy, but why pride?
Nise: That's simple. After so much we have been through, we have managed to stay together. Then again, aren't all couples like that? All those arguments. Heartbreaks. Heartaches. We pulled through eventually (:

Dg: How has life been for you ever since you have committed yourself to becoming Zekey's girlfriend?
Nise: It has been a scary rollercoaster, going through loops and loops. It never seems to end. It probably would never end. Surprisingly, I'm glad that it's probably not gonna end. This way, we would never get bored of each other, knowing that there is always more to find out about our better halves.

Dg: That's sweet. I bet you've been asked this question like, a thousand times. What attracted you to him?
Nise: Definitely not a thousand times. Ha ha. Well, that's a really simple question. First off, he was my childhood crush, and me, his. We were 9 years-old when we both met in SK USJ20. Then, when I was 11, I left that school without a word to any of my friends. That shattered his heart (that's what he told me). He cried for days! I was so touched when he told me he cried, even I felt like crying too. And so we lost contact of each other for 6 whopping years. That's when I found him on Facebook.

Dg: Wow, that was long. You have not answered my question yet though.
Nise: I wasn't done yet! Anyway, I added him on Facebook and was really excited because, wtheck, it's Zekey Wong- my long lost childhood sweetheart! After he approved me, he posted a comment on my wall. He wasn't sure if I were the Denise he once knew. I was! And he couldn't believe it. I was so happy to have found him. We switched on our webcams and when I saw him I was shocked. He wasn't the skinny boy I used to admire. He was, in fact, an extremely good-looking lad with hunky broad shoulders and lips to die for.

Dg: So what does the story of long lost love have to do with what attracted him to you?
Nise: Why the sarcasm? If I didn't know him from years before, I doubt I would be attracted to him at all. Actually, I would. Just that the attraction force wouldn't be so strong :p

Dg: I see. Okay, a tough one now. What has your beloved done for you that you would never ever forget?
Nise: Oh, a really tough question! Frankly speaking, I can't choose. He has done so much for me in such a short period of time. Come to think of it, it was on the 7th of August 2009, 3 days before my actual birthday. It was a Friday. Baby picked me up from my house after his class and brought me to Sunway Pyramid. We walked around like usual. He wanted to watch a movie but I didn't want to. I remember. I remember we had a little argument and he was very upset with me. I remember. We tapau-ed KFD and left at about 7 plus PM, but our moods weren't any better. We reached KK soon after and had dinner in the car. Once we were done, he gave me a card. I opened it and started reading it's contents. Then music started pouring out from his stereo. Collide by Howie Day (our song!). I started crying while reading the letter which contents I would not reveal. He passed me Sophie Kinsella's latest novel, Twenties Girl. I cried even more. After my tears dried up, we went to the playground nearby and got bitten by mosquitoes. A wonderful experience (not getting bitten by mosquitoes, everything except that).

Dg: Oh, that is so wonderful! An experience one would never forget. Do share with us one of your best moments with your boyfriend caught on camera.
Nise: It was during his birthday this year, the 6th of June 2009. We had a great time at Bubba Gump with friends and family.

Dg: What a beautiful birthday cake! The both of you seem very much alike. Are you both alike in any way?
Nise: Of course! We don't eat certain types of seafood. We can't really speak Chinese. We play the piano. We wear braces. We love Japanese food. We must always have the last say (that's why our arguments never seem to end). And of course, we're Pokemon fans!

Dg: Pokemon?! Wow. Many similarities I see. Mind showing us your most favorite picture of Zeke?
Nise: Not at all! I love this picture. I don't know why. He just looks uber hot. Gets me salivating everytime I loook at it (x

Dg: I have to agree that it is a very attractive picture of him.
Nise: Indeed!

Dg: It is fair time for me to leave now. Thanks for agreeing to answer a few of my questions in conjunction with your 5 month splendor. May you have a great day today! Bye.
Nise: You are very much welcome. I had fun answering those questions as it gave me the chance to reminisce upon those moments of joy. Have a great day too! Bye.

Baby boy, this post is dedicated to you. Happy 5 months (22 weeks). I hope you enjoyed reading this. I love you so much xoxo

Just for laughs. Such an adorable face. Trying to feed me my maggi sup at Melur. Sweetie (:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah, So Bright. Ah, The Irony.

Listening to: Storm by Gackt

I have decided to change my blog template from black to white - and I am anything but used to it. It is so bright and it hurts my eyes. But it's nice to have something different for a change. Plus, it's been more than a year since I've created this blog and never changed how it looked. I don't really fancy all those layouts from BlogSkins and other layout websites. It's too complicated and fancy for my liking. Simple is my thing (:

About my header, it's coffee! And I don't like to drink coffee. See the irony? But, yeah, it's something different I suppose - in addition to the white template. Something to be proud of. Tch, I'm proud of everything.

Baby surprised me with another soft toy - another doggy! I don't really like soft toys especially teddy bears. But dogs are an exception! He's 2 days early but who cares?! He said he couldn't wait to give it to me. You made the right choice babe. Mwah.

The first one Baby got for me is the one on the left which remains unnamed to this day. And then today he presented me with the one on the right, which I have decided to name Marie Dicky Wong. It is so omfg adorable. Such a cute tummy! Thank you so much Baby. I love you so much. Hugs and kisses for you, Pig (:

My sister has the same plushie. Well, maybe not exactly the same because mine is white and hers is black. Hers is also bigger than mine. Sob. And she calls hers Money Money. I have no idea why. I still refuse to say good night to it. Yes, it. Hah, take that, Hannah!

Step step step on your doggy! (I censored my toes 'cause they're fugly.)

Credits to Baby as the photographer and providing the cymbal (;

PS: My lip bled when Baby kissed me just now. It hasn't recovered yet. So ganas :p

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Monkeys' Day Out.

Listening to: Fearless by Taylor Swift

Friday, 161009

Holiday Villa Subang was invaded by us monkeys.

Jichuan looks like he's having fun. Pun intended.

He wanted to pump his tits.

Baby acting cool. Eleh.

Sharolyn on the treadmill. She's giving me the whuuut look.

Wenli. Can't see her clearly. Maklumlah my cellphone's camera is only 3.2 mp. Oh, and I wanted to get myself in the picture too :p

My Mr. Lovable.

Jichuan wants a part in the picture too, but he moved. So, too bad lah!

I have now become tanner than before. Which displeases me. It took me 10 months to become a shade lighter by staying indoors 80% of the time throughout the year and all it took for my hard work to come crashing down was 5 hours under the sun. My initial plan was to go there and babysit the little ones at the wading pool. Mana tau Mr. Lovable had to carry me and dunk me in the adult pool - fully clothed.

My fish fingers = imba.

Baby and Brian.

Jichuan, Sharolyn, Aunty Doraline and Aunty Michelle.

Wenli :D only person missing that day was Kokfei.

Sharolyn and her Jichuan (:

My Baby and me. xoxo. Credits to Wenli for the awesome picture!

Showoff in the wading pool :B

Ziqin. Wrong hole!

We finished swimming at 6 plus PM and decided to head off for dinner at Pangkor Fish Head, SS15. Sharolyn and Wenli skipped ballet. Happy them. Ugh, I forgot to mention that me, Sharolyn and Wenli had to wear disposable panties and it was too darn uncomfortable. Why? Isn't it obvious, we didn't bring extra undergarments. Luckily we brought extra clothes though. Who knew, we were going to be dunked (me) and pushed (Sharolyn) into the pool?

Aunty Doraline giving her future son-in-law the look, Aunty Michell, Ziqin and the Snake Man himself.

Uncle Ong, Andreaz and Brian busy with his orang juice.

Ziqin, Jichuan, Sharolyn and Wenli.

After dinner, the six of us (me, Baby, Ziqin, Wenli, Kokfei and Sharolyn - Jichuan had to attend a funeral-) went to Pyramid to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It was a very, very awkward movie. Especially for a Disney movie. The movie was so lame, it was funny. No, I'm serious.

Hamburgers raining down on me? I'd rather not.
Jichuan showed me this vid like 3 months ago. I suddenly had the urge to post it up.

Introducing our very own Snake Man - Leong Ji Chuan! I touched the snake not too long ago. It took me like, 2 hours to brave myself to do it. And I touched it with my forefinger, I didn't even want to carry it. The way it wrapped itself around Jichuan is freaky. I don't know how Siemens and Melissa actually enjoy it!

Oh, and I forgot the snake's name. I recall Jichuan saying that he wanted to rename it Charlie. Inspired by the Charlie Bit Me...Again! video on YouTube because it bit him a few times.