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New Year's Eve .

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Wednesday , 311208

And so I walked over to Marcus' house after work with Aaron and Zk . Okay , I went to Zk's house first to shower before going over to Marcus' . I ordered two pizzas which cost me 50 bucks (25 from me and 25 from Aaron) and immediately left with Zk and Aaron to get us some booze . Zk drove us out to MCM to get a bottle of whisky and headed back to Marcus' crib just in time to pay the delivery man . I savoured every single piece of the pizza before proceeding to drink myself drunk . After Marcus was done with his happy time upstairs , Sarguna fetched him to MCM to get a bottle of vodka . And then we started the drinking game which rocked my socks off (although I wasn't wearing any , it's just a figure of speech) . Aaron mixed a drink for me which I enjoyed very much (thank you dear boy) and did not do Mc much harm (he loved it too) .

Thus , Aaron ended up losing most of the time , Zk and I ended up drinking three cups of raw whisky one shot , my brother , two . I tell you , the feeling the fucking raw whisky going down my throat is the last thing I ever wanna taste . The amount of alcohol I had that night did not affect me until half an hour after the game ended . Zk however , forfeited . It was kinda obvious that he couldn't take any more , what with the burning red colour taking over his complexion . When he was drunk , I wasn't . So I remembered what he did while he was unconscious . He climbed onto the ledge of an unoccupied house and started singing and hugging people . Aaron was having a smoke and was not allowed any more liquor by Marcus . But he managed to find where Marcus hid the vodka anyway and had quite a lot of it . After Zk had his fun outside , he went up to Marcus' room and lied down . So I poured myself some vodka (we finished the whisky) and drank outside with Aaron . Mind you , I did not let go of my paper cup since I started playing the drinking game up until I wasn't allowed any more of it .

Do note that the series of incidents which occured after I walked Aaron to Hazel's house were just blurry parts which I remembered in my drunken state .

After quite a while , I walked Aaron to Hazel's house (since she lives a few doors away from Marcus) and walked back to Marcus' house . And that was when the alcohol started kicking in . I could barely walk straight but I managed to enter Marcus' house without a scratch . My body was starting to heat up and I couldn't take it so I tied up my hair and succesfully climbed up the stairs without toppling down and proceeded to Marcus' room , to see Zk still sleeping . At first I sat down on Marcus' chair because I didn't want to go near his bed (too many ticks) but I ended up lying down beside Zk on the bed because I didn't give a fuck about the ticks anymore . I was too damn drunk . And then I got woken up by an invasion of crazy -ass people who were shouting and screaming and playing the piano in particular . And then everyone left for the rooftop except Zk , Mc and I . Mc was playing the piano with such emotion that I almost fell asleep (not because it was boring, because it was nice , like a lullaby) but he left ten minutes before midnight .

The last time I hung out on Marcus' rooftop was a few years back , and this time , I did not dare climb up there because I could barely even walk straight . How the hell would I manage to stay alive if I climbed up there in a subconscious state , I wonder . So I stood at the window for a few minutes and walked back down to Marcus' room to join Zk in his slumber . After the countdown and the fireworks , some people whom I can't recall invaded the room again . With immediate effect , Zk sat up still and walked to the toilet . Upon shutting the room door , Mc and I heard horrible vomiting sounds which made me want to throw up as well . And dayummm it went on for quite some time . But after Zk got it all out I guess he did feel better 'cause his face wasn't red anymore . Mc was kinda upset that I didn't join him up on the rooftop 'cause he wanted to take a picture with me . I'm sorry BFF , I was being cowardly . Plus , my condition would not approve of me climbing up rooftops .

From here on , all I could remember was Zk leaving and I was not allowed any more alcohol . And that was when I finally threw away the paper cup . I remembered that I took a Carlsberg from Zk's house and I went to take it from Marcus' fridge . Whether I finished it or not , I can not remember but my brother and some friends say I did , so whatever . I remember sitting beside Zk on the piano bench and him saying that I smelt strongly of alcohol and shooed me over to the bed . I also remember lying down on a bed outside of Marcus' room because it was freaking noisy in his room . Oh , and Zk came out and was standing around the bed . I don't know what he was doing because my eyes were so fucking blur , I can only remember seeing him walking back and forth not saying anything . I can't remember what I talked to him about either . And then he left .

I remember sitting in my dad's car and when Mc got out , he told us to go home and shower before my mum smells the alcohol . I remember not being able to walk straight when I stepped out of the car . I remember almost tripping when I was going up the stairs . My brother told me this morning that my voice sounded very slurred and ran up the stairs like a monster , but I don't recall my voice being slurred or me running up the stairs . I remember calling Aaron , and him saying that I sound damn high because I drank more than him . I don't remember calling everyone else on my list but they said I called them last night . Whatever . I'm sorry if I said any stupid things last night if I called you . I'm very sure I was unconscious of what I was doing .

Clockwise from top : Zk , Marcus Jr. , Afiq , Marcus and Sarguna . This pic was taken just after our game .

Zk and Mc . This was after Zk vomited all that shit out .

Mc enjoyed the massage from the chair so much , I think he almost came .

Zk , me and Marcus Jr. . I could barely smile . I had trouble even squatting down because I was feeling kinda dizzy .

I apologise for the blurry picture . I couldn't stand still . What with my paper cup containing my F&N Vodka in my other hand .

Me and Marcus . My paper cup which I did not let go of the whole night (until I wasn't allowed any more to drink) .

Zk looking unto the beyond . I guess throwing up makes you feel kinda fucked up .

Zk .

Just some random picture I snapped when I was kinda high .

Mc dry humping the tiang lampu and a ghost dry humping him .

Mc having fun with my phone .

My blurry brother and I . If you noticed , I could barely smile because my eyes were about to close .

My brother lying down on Marcus' tick-infected bed .

PS : A tick from Marcus' bed followed me home .

PPS : Zk , sorry for updating so late . Read it tomorrow yeah !

PPPS : I've been going crazy over Donnie Yen lately and I just realised he could fucking play the piano . Watch this . I melted .

PPPPS : I just realised that I didn't take any pictures with Aaron because he left me for Hazel ):

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