Sunday, April 26, 2009

Farking Disappointed.

Mood: High

I have been going out a lot lately after college and such. I had no class on Friday so I went to Pyramid at around 2 with Roy, Hy and his chic to watch a semi-rip-off movie, The Uninvited. I was having dinner at the McDonald's outlet at SS15 when I saw Jia Jian walk past, so I waved at him. Who knew that I would go for mamak back in KK with him, Jo, Ji Kin, and Nic around 10.30 until 12 midnight.

On Saturday, Zekey fetched me to Subang at around 11.15 AM? We had dinner at Puchong, had Secret Recipe and then proceeded back to KK. Fetched Matt from his house and Myira from McD and headed off to Ria to meet Jo and Nic. Oh, and Matthew, being the bitch he is, had to fucking bug the shit out of everyone to go to the new mamak, Mama Kandar. So he hopped into Nic's car, with Jo following behind him and me in Zekey's CLK following Jo. Lo and behold Mama Kandar was about to close. Boy was Matt pissed. So, Melur it was. Zekey dropped me there and left for Subang. We ended up leaving at 11.30 PM plus 'cause everyone was freakin' drained.

And today! I was really proud of myself because I didn't go out with my friends at all. All I did was sleep until the afternoon. Went down to Summit to fetch my brother and his friend around 6 PM after their AND1 and had dinner at SS15. I was thinking about how guai I had been today because I stayed home to rot. But Jo had to call me up and tempt me into going out. So, being the not-so-guai person I am, I agreed. This time I dragged my brother along since he hasn't been out at night for a week already. Jo fetched us around 9 and he chose Mama Kandar, of all places. No lime, no canned drinks.Which means no Teh O Ais Limau, Sirap Limau, Coke, Sprite, you get the picture. I suggested we go for a game or two of pool so we left for the snooker centre in KK around 9.50 PM and played for a while until Nic turned up after his gym session. I suck real bad at pool for your information but I had a great time lah overall. We played our last game with me and Jo in a team and Nic (my brother) and Nic (Choo) teamed up. We were rushing so everyone just chipped in money and Nic sent me home with Lady GaGa blasting through his sound system. Ahh, my comfort zone.

Fucking disappointed because I thought I would be able to last a day without going out with friends. Looks like I failed. Hey, it's me. Aku bukan clubbing kaki tapi aku lepak kaki (:

PS: Laugh of the day, watching Nic make out with the pool table is fucking hilarious. With Jo smacking his ass and all!

Shyuan, our bitchling Matt, Ann, Me and my personal colour coordinator, Jo. Fucking miss this shit.

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