Saturday, April 11, 2009


Mood: Dirty

Torres just scored 1-0 against Blackburn!

My mum finally admits that Fernando Torres is macho! She was so against him during the beginning. Beginning as in, since he joined Liverpool.

I went for David Archuleta's showcase concert today at the Sunway Amphitheater with Yz, Shyuan and Ann. Will update about it soon within this week.
I miss Jq so much. And I can't believe he shaved off his beautiful hair! The picture below is only one of the four pictures which can be found on Jq's cousin's husband's blog.

I miss my bro.
I'm gonna go mamak with Mc soon. What time is he gonna reach?! My eyes are starting to hurt. Gah! It doesn't matter. If Liverpool wasn't playing, I would probably have gone to sleep while waiting for him.

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