Friday, April 3, 2009

Ringworm Attack

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A week or so ago I found out that there was this funny marking on my chest and it was really itchy. At first I thought that it was just some kind of bug bite but the more I scratched it, the larger the 'bite' became. I stopped scratching it despite how much it itched but it didn't seem to heal, which made me worried. So I headed off to the doctor to see what could be done. After checking it, she told me that it might be either eczema or a ringworm. I was a hundred percent confident that it was a ringworm. I know people suffering from eczema and it hella didn't look like eczema to me. She insisted that I take some kind of cream which up till now has not improved the condition of the infection in any way. However, I wanted the cream or ointment with the steroids. Not the steroids which will make me huge and muscular okay, the one that is supposed to kill the fungus.

It is called a ringworm because of it's shape I guess. The texture of it is, ugh, hard to describe actually.

My class starts at 1 PM on Fridays so I was in no rush to go to college. I reached Summit around 11 plus and headed off to Guardian to get an antiseptic for the Ringworm growth. Then I headed back to college after Chor Yan sms-ed me. Some people thought it was a lovebite.

The antifungal cream I bought at Guardian.

Off Topic: Groups 1 and 2 have to join forces to make a movie of approximately 5 minutes. What kind of movie can be made in five minutes?! It might seem easy but I doubt it's gonna be. Luckily I have got the contact numbers of all six members of both groups just in case. I guess I will have to stay back after class more often now ):

Just some random picture taken after college today. Lol. Oh yeah, I am kind of hating my internet connection right now. Fuck you Tmnet. And to those people whom I have not been replying on msn, I'm sorry. I think msn is eating my messages to you all.

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