Wednesday, April 8, 2009


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I was mamak-ing with Flesmond, Jinn, Audrey, Brandon and my bro a few nights ago and someone brought up the topic on X-Men. Jinn told me that Gambit would finally be making an appearance. Finally! Gambit is the character I have admired since I was a kid and ever since the first X-Men movie was released, I have been looking forward to seeing Gambit. And this time, when I least expect him to appear, he is gonna do so! Yay!

Gambit a.k.a Remy LeBeau. Why, Denise? Why Gambit? There's nothing special about him. All he does is throw cards at people! Pfft! What you people don't know (okay, besides those X-Men fans) is that he possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy. He also uses a staff when it comes to combat.

Taylor Kitsch is gonna play Gambit! If the any of u find him familiar, he acted in The Covenant with Steven Strait. I prefer Steven Strait over him of course.


Today we were briefed on Sounds by Miss Jaime. She showed us clips from Mamma Mia!, Enchanted, Madagascar and Shall We Dance. Those were all I could remember. I can't remember if there were more but I doubt there were. Then this African girl whose name I cannot remember showed us a clip from Seven Pounds and some other movie which I have never seen. Wei Loon showed us a clip from Casino Royale and a clip from Star Wars Episode One. The last one, Kah Fei, showed clips from Babylon A.D. and Valkyrie. Like usual, we had to answer the questions which appear almost the same every class.

After class, me and my group members gathered to discuss our movie genre. We decided on horror. At first Roy suggested we have the discussion over lunch. But the two busy ladies (Jennifer and Shirley) did not agree. Looked like as if they were rushing somewhere else. Heck, the last time we wanted to have a group discussion, they disappeared even before Miss Jaime left the class. So we had a quick discussion in class and headed off to have lunch at Summit.

So I had lunch with Roy, Joe S (Han Yuen) and Joe T (Zhi Yuan) at some Malay shop and were joined by V and Ah Chong (Lol? I prefer calling him Kok Wai). Anyway, they started talking about this guy in my class whom I will not name because if I do and he finds out, I would probably be skinned alive. What are the chances of him stumbling across my blog anyway? None. But I'll be stuck in the same class as him for the next four years so there might be a chance of him talking to me. Thus, finding out about my blog. They were not really saying nice things about him lah (y'know, wanting to bash him up and stuff). But I have to agree on everything they say about him 'cause what they said were so true. It sends shivers down my spine. Oh, and I found out that Zy stays back at college sometimes while waiting for his brother to fetch him home. Yay! At least I won't be walking around campus like some loner now.

I won't need to wait until 2.30 plus anymore! 'Cause Sook Ling will be finishing earlier, which means that I can go back home earlier :D

Happy face.

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