Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thanks Jo.

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Jo fetched me to the dentist for my appointment at 5 PM today. As a reward, I gave him the permission to choose the colour of the rubbers for my braces. Well, any colour except orange. Such a horrible colour. He ended up going with red and blue. My mum likes the colours but my sister doesn't. My brother and dad didn't comment. I think it looks like Mentos on my teeth. After my appointment, Jo fetched his brother from Kota Permai and dropped him off at his tuition centre. Oh, and we went to Asibah too for his dinner. Miss hanging out with him. Friends for 7 years oi! He asked if I would like to join him, Nick and Kenx at Carlos after their gym session though. I turned it down. Have. To. Resist. Shisha. Temptation.

Tomorrow is Marcus' birthday. But he's in Bintulu. National Service, you suck. I miss my best friend ):

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