Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wild Children of Kota Kemuning.

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Saturday, 280309

Mc arrived while I was still taking my shower which was about 7 PM. We were planning to go at around 8 plus which was considered early for me but whatever, we were starving. My parents and sister already had dinner. Which left me and my brother because we would be eating at Zk's house. We ended up leaving at 7.45 PM due to three growling tummies. I expected little or no people there. But who knew, we were one of the last to arrive. Which meant the food almost gone, swept away by the hungry lil' things. Heck, there were an estimated thirty people there that night. Oh, and Louis was nice enough to peel the prawns for me. I thought he was just kidding but when I walked off to get my dessert and came back, they were all peeled. Thanks bro.

And so he blasted the music through somebody's PC speakers using somebody's iPod. Or were both of 'em his? I was not so sure. What I was sure of was that Bryan and Nicholas were dancing some kinda new dance called Tectonik or something and it made me LMAO. Then we played the drinking game in Zk's house in the dark during Earth Hour. Those playing included me, my brother, Zk, Cy (Charng Yie), Myyu, James, Nelson, Aaron, Louis, Samuel and Andy. The result? Nobody being able to see their cards. Therefore, people knocking over drinks and fucking expensive Chivas all over the beautiful marble floor. After an hour, we switched on the lights and the three people whose faces were as red as strawberries were the birthday boy himself, my bro and Cy. My brother with deadly bloodshot eyes. Aaron was wasted as well because he kept on lying down on my knee and when I woke him up his eyes were as bloodshot as my brother's.

I sent my brother upstairs and he obeyed. I then spotted Aaron sleeping on the armchair and forced him to wake up. At which I failed. So I left him there. The other guys who had a bottle of Chivas to themselves were drinking and smoking outside. The other girls were drinking wine at the dining hall while I was busy cleaning up Zk's beautiful marble floor decorated with plastic cups, a Chivas bottle, tons of Coke cans and lots of spilt alcohol. After cleaning up I went upstairs to check on my brother, to see him lying down on Zk's bed with his eyes wide open. He told me he was unable to sleep so I went downstairs to get him a glass of warm water. When I reached Zk's room, I saw him playing Left 4 Dead on Zk's PC and left the water there for him. I then headed downstairs.

Once I reached Zk's living room, I saw Bryan and Myyu sleeping on the couch and several others whom I can not recall around that area. I ignored the drunkards and proceeded outside where more drunkards were shooting each other with water from the hose and water guns. After a certain time (of which I was not so sure), they decided to cut the cake. Zk was waving around a sword which initially I thought was just a plaything, but turned out to be real. Those who were still conscious like me, Mc and Louis tried to persuade him to put it down but failed. And so we sang the birthday song with Zk literally swinging the sword into the cake with full force. He then walked away. Resulting in me having to cut the cake and distribute it while some others stood around and stared, not even offering their help. They should know who they are. I'm not referring to everybody present during the party. Just a fair few. Luckily there were some like Cy, Hy, Ej (Eu Jin) and Louis who helped me to cut the cake (because, mind you, it was purely ice-cream cake which means it was fucking solid as stone).

I poured myself more Chivas and coke and started to sip slowly, enjoying the entertainment to while away time. Not even five minutes outside and Hy (Hou Yung) joined me in my drinking splendour. I am not sure how much we drank during that period but I recall him standing up, walking a few steps then collapsing right in front of me which yanked me awake. After that I could not remember much of what happened. I only remember flashes of events like:
  • When Bryan vomited on Myyu
  • When Hy vomited in the toilet
  • When either Mc or Louis took away my drink
  • When I walked upstairs and searched every air-conditioned room for my brother but had a very hard time 'cause every room was packed full of drunkards
  • When my dad turned up to fetch me and my bro home because a good friend of mine called him
  • When I vomited for the first time after a heavy drinking session at 5.30 AM and 6.30 AM
The next day all my parents did were ask me and my brother if we felt like vomiting. When we said no, they nodded and walked away. What they probably did not know was that my brother vomited like a madman at Zk's house (I didn't know this until a day after) and I vomited during the wee hours of the morning. Zk told me that many people slept at his house because they were not able to get up. And I do not know why I was so effing unlucky that night. Some junior spilt his drink on my shoes and feet, Andy spilt his drink on my thighs and I split my drink on my thigh. Gawd. That was about it, what happened that night. I doubt any of you would read this super long post anyway.

Anyway, happy belated birthday Leow Zheng Kai, my nephew. I wanted to post this at 12 AM sharp during April Fools (your birthday) but my internet connection got the better of me. I'm sorry for not being able to wish you at 12 AM sharp through SMS 'cause I fell asleep. Please forgive me. I can't wait for you to get your car so that we can go yumcha at AC and not SMC anymore because I hate the service there after your Teh O Ais incident just now. Ha ha. Hope you find your present wearable (:

And now, pictures. These were taken by Eric (Zk's older brother) before everyone got drunk and high.

PS: Those I call Junior are juniors from my ex-school which I have no idea what their names are.


Wy (Win Yee), Hs (Heng Shaun)'s sis, Wy's sis, Zk, I-forgot-her-name, Michelle and Christine.

Andy, James and two juniors.

Augustine, Samuel and three juniors.

Zk, my bro and me.

'E drinkers and smokers.

Cy's sis and junior.

Andy and people in the background.

Juniors. Mind you, I know their names but I'm just too darn lazy to type 'em all out.

Andy and girlfriend.

Mc, Louis, my bro, me and Aaron.

Wj and Zk.

My bro and me. Horrible pic of me.

Me, my bro and Mc.

James, Louis, Aaron and Augustine's head.

Mc's shoulder, my bro, Zk and my shoulder. Lol.

Wj and Michelle.

Party-people. I'm behind Chouw (Chee Houw).

Myyu, Jeff and Bryan.

Chuang (Chong Huang) and Mc's back.

Bluured out juniors, Cy and Chuang.

Jeff, junior, Chouw, Hs, Wj, Kh (Ka Han), Bryan, Mc and me (somewhere). Bryan's expression is priceless.

Ej, Samuel, Myyu, Jeff and Andy.

Cy, Augustine, Ej and Jeff.

Mc, Me, my bro, Kh, Chuang, Wj.

Samuel, Myyu, Jeff and Zk.

Too many to list out.

Mc, me and my bro.

Hy, Zk and Aaron.

And these, were of course, taken after everyone was drunk. I got the pictures from Myyu's phone so all the pictures feature his face there.

Two out of the four bottles of Chivas.

Myyu, James and Nicholas.

Chivas, Myyu and Nicholas.

Aaron and Myyu.

Wasted Hs, Chuang and Myyu.

Chuang, Hs and Myyu again.

Myyu and me. For real, I can't recall taking a picture with him at all. I was fucking wasted for all I care. Oh, and this is the first time I see my face appearing kind of reddish. My face never did turn red before no matter how much I drank, but not this time. I suppose I had a lil' too much to drink. If you noticed, in the pictures before I got drunk, the color of my face was not like the one in this picture =/

PPS: If you people have noticed, in the first few pictures taken from Myyu's phone, he was wearing a red shirt. After that he changed into a black shirt with an orange collar. Well, that was after Bryan vomited on him. Among those who vomited that night included my brother, Hy, James and Bryan from what I remember.

Just some screenshots of my conversation with Zk the next day.


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