Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Broke My Own Record.

Mood: Blank

Of not going online for a week. Before this I have at most restricted myself from going online for one day which ended up with me getting all jittery and in a bad mood. This time I attempted to restrict myself from using the internet for a week. I am glad to say I succeeded in doing so. However when I reached home from college yesterday afternoon, my mum was already sitting at my PC playing some online casino game which she she can't stop playing once she's hooked. And so being the guai daughter I am to my mother, I allowed her to use my PC until I wake up from my afternoon nap.

Who knew that my modem slash router had to go haywire just before I woke up and failed to function. I exploded.

Now I am in SEGi's computer lab, updating my blog. Pathetic.

Oh, and I just watched Andy's group's movie. It is so fucking similiar to ours. Fark lah.

Oh, and this also means I won't be updating my blog much until I get a new modem slash router ):

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