Monday, April 13, 2009

JJ and Ean.

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I woke up at 6.30 AM this morning 'cause my brother's alarm rang. So I plugged in the earphones into his phone and tuned into since JJ and Ean are on in the morning (who doesn't know that?). I was really keen on listening 'cause I absolutely love the both of them. But I got even more excited when they started talking about David's showcase concert held at the Sunway Amphitheater last Saturday.

They were playing sound clips from the concert. You know, the songs he sang during the concert. JJ mentioned how touched he was when David started singing Angels by Robbie Williams. Frankly, it really made my hair stand on end. It was absolutely beautiful. Apparently when David was singing on stage, the both of them were running around backstage collecting items David used: a water bottle he drank from once (and which was really obvious 'cause he was drinking on stage), a paper plate he was eating food from, a piece of tissue he used to wipe his mouth with, a pen he used to signed autographs with, a ticket autographed by the main man himself and a few other items which I couldn't recall.

So JJ and Ean were like,"Give us a call if you want any one of these items at 03-9543****. We're gonna offer his water bottle he drank from on stage right now!". For your info, it was still 7.50 AM and I was still lying down on my bed, snuggling under my blanket hugging my bolster. And since I had nothing to do, I dialed the number on my phone ever so slowly. Seriously, I was like,"What are the chances of me getting through? There are like a few thousand David Archuleta fans all over the Klang Valley. Sure cannot get one lah." And I was right, the minute I pressed the CALL button on my phone, the line was busy. So I hung up and went back to hugging my bolster for 10 seconds.

Then I redialed. The phone started ringing for quite a while and I was about to hang up, when..

Ean: Hello,
Me : Er, hello?
Ean: Yeah, You calling in for the ticket?

At this point I was like, "What ticket!?".

Me : Er, yeah?
Ean: Okay, hold on yeah.

And he goes like-

Ean: There's someone else on the line!

-to JJ of course. And then he comes back to me.

Ean: May I know who's on the line?
Me : I'm Denise.
Ean: Okay, so we have Denise and Natalie.
JJ : Alright, so we have to see who is the bigger David fan. I'm gonna ask a question and the one who knows the answer screams her name first okay?
JJ : Okay, here goes. During the concert, was David wearing a tie or not?

I don't know why at this point it took me so long to shout out my name. To be frank, on the day David was performing, it wasn't obvious that he was wearing a tie because his tie was a skinny tie. And the other three (Ann, Shyuan and Yz) were busy singing and dancing along to his songs. They were too busy to realize that he was wearing a really adorable grey skinny tie. It kind of blended in with his outfit too. They didn't realize until I pointed it out to them and they were like,"Oh em geeeeee it looks so cute on him!". So anyway..

Nat : Natalie!
Ean : Okay, Natalie goes first.
Nat : False!
Ean and JJ: Awwwh, that answer is.. wrong!

And from this point on everything was gibberish. It was so effing noisy, I couldn't hear a damn thing.

Then everything went silent.

Ean: Congratulations Denise! You're the winner! Can I have your contact number please?
Me : 012-647****
Ean: Okay, thanks for taking part yeah.
Me : Yeah, thanks so much.

Then I hung up. And was stoning.

Ha ha! Okay, so if I shouted my name first, I would have answered True. Which meant that I would have won. And because I didn't shout my name first, I still won 'cause she answered wrongly and it doesn't matter whether or not I answered because I win by default. Yay!

And so, I am the owner of the water bottle that which David Archuleta drank a mouth from and never touched again. I mean, not yet lah. But going to be. Since I don't have it yet. I'll probably have to go all the way to their studio in Bukit Jalil and collect it. But seriously though, I don't know whether it really is the water bottle David drank from. Hey, it could be any other water bottle right? But still..

I am currently in love with this song right now. He gave us an awesome performance. You did great David.

PS: I will udpate about the concert, soon. It's going to be really longwinded.

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Wow, you get the bottle?!!!?

You're so lucky to see him in the flesh, man! Congrats on winning! =)

I was in Sunway Pyramid on that day. I never knew he was gonna be in the Lagoon. Heh.