Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zekey Wong!

Mood: Cultured

I was chatting for practically the whole day with Zekey since I reached home from college yesterday. I missed him so much! Have not seen him in, what, seven years? His face has not really changed but his body has. He used to be as skinny as a stick. Ha ha. But he told me he hits the gym quite frequently. At least that explains the buff body. I can't wait to see him this Sunday. He's coming from Subang to fetch me back to Subang. Lol?

I caught you showing your braces dude! Don't be shy lah, aku pun gigi besi aper (:


Off topic lah okay, I took this quiz on Facebook. Aku Fernando Torres babeh!


Bro: I'm going out at 3.
Me : It's already 2.55.
Bro: I know.
Me : Where are you going? I thought your class is at 8.30?
Bro: I'm going to that new cyber cafe which everyone says is a mini FTZ.
Me : Does Mummy know?
Bro: If she did, I would not be able to go you know.
Me : Oh yeah. Bye.

Sorry, it was just random. So now I'm home alone. Flesmond will be fetching me to Pyramid at 5.30 later. And nobody will be home yet. My fishes will feel lonely ):

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