Monday, April 20, 2009

College, Money and Sleep Deprivation.

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I kick-started my week by rotting at home on Monday. Studying a bit of Maths and Movies. But most of the time slacking around the house, sleeping, or going online. Besides calling in to and winning the water bottle, nothing much happened. After waking up to a bright Tuesday morning though, I spent the most money I have ever spent in my life throughout the whole week.

So on Tuesday, I had lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki with Roy, Han Yuen (Hy) and three of their friends. It cost me a whopping Rm20 which could fucking last me two days in college. It was my second time eating there and I am sure it'll be my last. I have always preferred sushi over teppanyaki. Now I know why. I enjoy sushi so much more than I do teppanyaki, even if I have to pay more for that moment of eternal bliss, I would. After lunch, Hy drove us to Neway at SS17 for a karaoke session. A word of caution however, do prepare your own water bottle if you are planning to sing for 4 hours straight. Yes, we sang for 4 hours. The place was so comfy I felt like sleeping there and then. But heck, I did not want to waste my 12 bucks sleeping there! RM12 is still money no matter what. We saved the best for last. Linkin Park. I'll leave it to you guys' imagination. You know, how they sang to Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda. We left around 5.30 PM and my big bro Hy sent me home. Awwww. But he went to Ftz after that. Gawd, what is with guys and Ftz?!

Nothing much happened on Wednesday. I wanted to save money for my outing on Friday so I headed home for lunch. But it didn't really make a difference 'cause during the next few days I went way over my budget anyway.

I was sitting in the front row on Thursday, much to my surprise. It was Maths, for crying out loud! Hy and Roy were sitting way way at the back, like usual.

Hy: Denise, movie later?
Me: Provided someone sends me home after that ('cause my only form of transport will be leaving at 12.30 PM).
Hy: Can lah. You are talking to a young adult here (FYI, he loves using the term "young adult").
Me: Okay, on.

The four of us: Hy, Roy, Zhi Yuan (Zy) and me watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop at 12.30 PM. The movie ended at 2. There were parts which were worth laughing at but overall, it wasn't as hilarious as I thought it would be. Heck, Adam Sandler produced it! So there went my RM6. Not forgetting my RM6.25 when I had McDonald's for lunch. Oh, and when I bought my RM10 reload before I had lunch! Gawd. After spending my money on my reload card, I realized that I had RM5 left in my purse. Was not even enough for a McD lunch. Pathetic. So I headed over to the ATM to withdraw some cash.

And then it was Friday. I spent a total of 14 hours out of my house. 3 hours in college and the balance 11 hours elsewhere.

On Thursday..

Pa: I'll be leaving at 7 AM tomorrow.
Me: What?! My class starts at 1 PM!
Pa: Well, you'll have to just follow me unless you arrange your own transport.
Me: Oh well.

I managed to get Mervin. But I ended up reaching college at 9.30 AM. Better than 7.30 AM. So I had breakfast at a very slow rate while reading the newspaper. By the time I finished reading the paper and breakfast, it was 11 and my eyelids were beginning to droop. Which made me head down to the lobby area and grab a three-seater sofa all for myself. Don't ask my why I did that. It's kind obvious I lacked sleep and needed some there and then. And since I had nothing better to do, I did. I was texting Zekey since I arrived in college and when I could not take it anymore, I told him that I would text him 20 minutes later, 30 minutes tops 'cause I desperately needed a nap. It was around 11.30 AM when I sent that message to him. So I covered my face with my sweater and immediately drifted off to Slumberland. What felt like 5 minutes of sleep turned out to be 50 minutes when Zekey texted me, waking me up around 12.20 PM. My back ached after that.

After class Hy, Roy and I were going nuts over which subjects to register for out next semester. We ended up going for Introduction to Computers, Environmental Chemistry and Introduction to World Religion. I'm probably gonna die from mental exhaustion next semester. I hung around my faculty with my classmates while waiting for Flesmond to arrive. He arrived around 4.30 PM with Jinn and Audrey, picked me up and headed off to Sunway Pyramid for Audrey's long-awaited ice-skating session. We started skating at about 5 PM up until 8 PM when the rink closed. My ankles ached bad, but it was worth it. RM11 for 3 hours of total freedom on ice. If you know how to skate I mean. Zen Yoong was awesome on ice, Jinn was experimenting, Flesmond kept on getting pulled down by fat chics and Audrey was really enjoying herself. So I guess everyone had a blast that night. We had dinner at KFC then headed back to KK because Audrey wasn't feeling well and Flesmond and I were feeling really doped. We ended going to NTS 'cause Audrey was having a very bad cough and Flesmond insisted on her drinking a glass of "kat chai shun mui". I reached home after 12 AM. I couldn't remember the exact timing.

On Saturday, I went for Zekey's Youth Fellowship at Summit. I left the house at 11.30 AM and reached home at like.. 7 PM? Had dinner at Poh Yap with my family and was about to reply my friend on MSN when the phone rang.

"Nick Choo"

Must be mamak session. Must be Subang.

And so it was.

Jo picked me up at about 9.30 PM. A thing about Jo's driving. Everytime I sit in his car, I watch my life flash past in black and white. There is a need to wear the safety belt when you enter his car, whether you are sitting in the front passenger seat or behind. No kidding. I can't remember what time we reached Carlos but we stayed there for a few hours with our shisha. I had a great time with them after not seeing them for a month. Them as in Jo, Nick and John. Matt was supposed to join us but apparently he got screwed up by his dad for going out the whole day and wanting to go out again at night. By the time I reached home it was 11.45 PM and I felt like I was gonna shrivel up and die of fatigue.

On Sunday, John picked me up at 8.45 AM and we had breakfast at Sri Melur with Afiq. I have not seen him since we collected out SPM results and he looked like as if he was stranded on some island, what with not shaving and, gawd, the matted long hair. I reached home at 9.45 and Zekey's mom arrived at 10 AM to bring me to their church. After church, we had lunch at SS15 and I headed off to Subang Parade to look for my family since they were there. We spent some time in MPH before leaving for Carrefour and the pasar malam. I can't remember what I did after that though. My mind wasn't functioning too well I suppose.

And finally today, which is Monday, I flew all the way to 3K to play badminton with my classmates: Yee Shien, Andy, Wei Loon, Su Han and Fei Yang. Zekey, being the awesome-est friend ever, offered to fetch me from KK to 3K and back after his class. I declined the offer initially 'cause it's hella troublesome but I accepted it in the end. Sweet Taylor's Boy (:

I am fucking summarizing everything 'cause I want to fucking go to sleep and my big bro Hy keeps on pestering me to update. I'm chatting with him and Roy now, so, NAH! I doubt you would read the whole post. It's so fucking longwinded and boring without fascinating images. So, good luck lah.

Just some random pic. Love you all <3

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ariel said...

Wow... what a long week, man! Hmm, I didn't know karaoke rooms can be comfy! Ha ha!

Have a great week! Take care!