Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whatever Lah .

Mood : Grumpy

You know what , I am so fed up of you and your stupid behaviour . You can talk the talk , but can you walk the walk ? Stop acting like as if you're so smart and just fuck off . I don't want to blame you for anything but deep down I can't help but blame you for everything . You try to act as if you're cool about everything but in fact , I know you're not . You're so fake you know that ? Meluat aku tengok kau .

Do me and a lot of other people a favour and fucking fuck off for good . I hope I don't have to ever see you again . EVER . Go get a life of your own . Oh yeah , do you know that you are a hypocrite ? A really terrible one too !

PS : I need to talk to someone now , and that person is Marcus .

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