Monday, October 27, 2008

We Fight We Break Up , We Kiss We Make Up ?

Mood : Numb

I got to know him through Shafik , a friend of mine since I was in Form 2 . It was just a minor crush , but after getting much closer to him , I couldn't get him off my mind .

So we hooked up . We've been together for a year and two months + , till it ended yesterday . During our relationship , there were of course many fights and misunderstandings . Quoting Katy Perry's Hot n Cold , "We fight we break up , we kiss we make up" . But this time , I am not gonna be softhearted . What's done is done and I'm not gonna take any second chances .

Fayadh , I am sorry for whatever I have said and done which has hurt you . You know how I'm like and I never did mean to hurt your feelings . However , you also know that the reason we broke up has nothing to do with the way you're treating me . You know why . I don't want to say it here . But I know you do . Please understand . I love you .

Hot n Cold , I effin' love her new song :)

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