Monday, October 20, 2008

My Journey to Secret Recipe ... On Foot .

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A week ago I had this major major argument with my mother . Hence , a massive explosion in the household . After the fight , she was so ego , I also was so damn ego , so both of us also don't wanna talk to each other lah . I mean , none of us wanted to start the conversation first . Or at least start talking to each other . I'm gonna keep out all the not-so-juicy details because I'm gonna sidetrack from my Secret Recipe topic .

I have been accustomed to walking from one place to another be it near or far because when I was in Form 1 , I walked home from school daily . Before you burst into laughter , four years ago I wasn't living a minute away from school , I was living in the Oncidium-Kaypoh-Aunty Area . It would take around fifteen minutes for me to reach home from school - under the sweltering heat . You know lah , what time school finishes .

Since my dad has been constantly advising me to patch things up with my mum , I finally agreed without agreeing out loud to him lah of course . I secretly agreed . But saying apologising itself wouldn't do the job , for like I said , the argument was a major one and everybody except for my siblings I think , were affected . In one of my previous posts , I mentioned that I would be taking extra classes with Mr Lee (not the PTDD Mr Lee) to brush up on my Add. Maths . On Thursday , I did a lot of pondering . I was thinking whether I should go for my extra class or buy a cake for my mum . After I-can't-recall-how-many hours of considering the act , I decided to go ahead with my plan .

I texted Mr Lee to inform him that I wouldn't be attending the extra class on that day because I had to go out with my family . My class started at 6 PM , so I left my house at six , telling my dad that I was going for extra classes at my tuition centre and would be back around 8 PM or before that . Thus , I started on my journey to Secret Recipe on foot . It was kinda frustrating 'cause it was raining . Fayadh accompanied me to Secret Recipe but he also delayed me by wanting to eat at SMC first . So my official departure was at 6.15 PM .

On our way , I was dreading that my dad would be driving around in his Little Red Kancil like he always does . But hey , what are the odds of him driving around Oncidium ? He hates that area . I felt really bad that day 'cause Fayadh was doing his best to mak me happy but I was so overcome with fear of getting caught lying to my parents that I practically ignored his good intentions and told him off many times for being so childish (I told him off rather acridly) . Another reason was also because I was not feeling well thanks to walking under the rain , even with an umbrella . I am so sorry baby , I know I was wrong for treating you that way when I shouldn't have : ( I'm gonna make up for it alright ?

By the time I reached Secret Recipe , it was already 7 PM , and my legs ached so bad ! I didn't know my legs would ache bad but then I realised that I was walking under the rain and every time it rains , my legs start to ache . Something like rheumatism . Imagine how piercing the pain would be like once I'm old and wrinkly :( Another thing was that the last time I walked all the way to the Vanila area was when I was still living in Oncidium and the journey was from my little abode to McDonald's . This time however , the journey was from my lagi little abode to Secret Recipe which is so much fucking further than McDonalds . So , do the math lah .

After I bought the two cakes (Chocolate Banana and Classic Cheesecake for Fayadh but he didn't want it 'cause h merajuk thanks to me lah) , I proceeded to leave for home . But it was already 7.15 PM and the sky was soooooo dark . I was so freaked out lah 'cause Kota Kemuning is not really a safe place especially during the night . After much wasted tim on discussions and persuasions , the both of us finally agreed to take the bus . When I said bus , I meant Rapid KL . I didn't mean Bas Mini . But we had no choice ! We waited for a bus , any bus to pick us up but it took like , another 10-15 minutes for the dreaded bas mini to appear (I was praying for Rapid KL to save me) . Hence , we had to go back in the .. ehem .. Bas Mini of Doom . I am never ever ever never ever gonna take a bas mini anywhere ! Not after what happened during my experience with Kota Kemuning's bas mini .

I have never really acquainted myself to the idea of sitting in a mini bus . At least Rapid KL is cleaner and more high class . Plus , you pay just an additional 20 cents for the ticket and you can use it for the whole day , unlike the mini bus where you have to pay 80 cents and only go on the bus once . Sad people . When I boarded the bus , I realised that the bus was imbalanced (one side senget one) , making me feel a little bit uncomfy . But I tried to hide it in the little corner of my mind and not mention it to Fayadh because I was already ungrateful to him throughout the whole journey . I didn't want him to start boiling . I know what you must be thinking of now , aiya , come on lah , senget only what , what's so bad ? I didn't really mind the senget part . However , I felt really agitated when I realised that the water was leaking from the top . I don't know whether it was because it was raining outside or it had something to with not servicing the non-functioning air conditioners , but I was about to blow my top when I found out that the seat I was sitting on was wet as well and it made my pants so wet around the buttock area , I was embarassed for words . I was thankful that when I got off the bus , it was already very dark and nobody could see the wet patches around some areas .

Before I left for home , Fayadh was giving me some actuation regarding how to pujuk my mum . I obliged . What happened at home , stays at home . I'm too lazy to tell everybody about it . I'll just say that my mum accepted my apology and left everything in the past . She wasn't even angry when I told her that I skipped class to get her her cake :)

Mmmmmm . Yummy .

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