Friday, October 31, 2008

Class of 2008

Mood : Nostalgic

Us Form 5's graduated today . I promised Nancy I wouldn't cry but I did . Plus , I happened to be one of the earliest to break down .

First teacher who made me break down ? Puan Khursiah . This lady might be despised by some . But I am grateful to her for all that she has done for me (helped me greatly with Maths when I was in Form 2 and 3) . Seeing her teary-eyed made me teary-eyed too . The hugging made it worse . Puan Siva (form teacher and Accounts teacher) however , was a strong woman and barely shed a tear . I envy her . Puan Rahimah , my previous year's Chemistry teacher ... remembered my name ! Surprisingly . Or was it because she saw my name tag . And she hugged me too . Hmm .. Anyway , current Mathematics teacher , Puan Zubaidah , too made me feel sad . Frankly speaking , I'm gonna miss her and her shrilly voice . She has helped me a lot . She was my Maths teacher when I was in Form 1 . She took charge of our Maths class last year and of course , our final year . Add. Maths teacher , like usual lah , smiling away . Gonna miss Puan Ruhaizah's smile . Puan Revathy and Puan Reetha ! Best History teachers ever . I owe them big time . Puan Lim , I know you're reading this . When it was my turn to embrace you in a cuddly hug , I mean , shake your hand , I felt like crying even more . Even though you never did teach me in class , but you were there . As a casual teacher which I am sure I would never forget :) Puan Ong too :) I will forever remember that tear-stained face with the make up melting away on the 31st of October 2008 . And Puan Tay ! The adorable one ! BM and Choir teacher . She almost made me cry while I was reading her message to us on this cute lil' card . Remember , we shall go out and yum cha one day ! Puan Faizah , the teacher who never failed to darken my mood for a few years . This year however , I am so fucking thankful to her for helping me with my Moral paper . If I get an A1 or A2 for Moral , I'm gonna buy a present for her . It's all because of her that I was able to score an A2 for my trial paper . Sadly , Puan Chan wasn't around . We did get to hug her before she left to deliver her baby . But still ... !

After our Majlis Restu Ilmu , we didn't really do much except accept our certs and of course , take many many many pictures ! Uniforms were being passed around , owners asking for signatures on their uniforms . It was a blessed sight . I always knew this day would come . But when I thought about it back then , why the big hoo-hah ? Everyone should be happy that they're secondary school life is coming to an end , why the tears ? Now I know why .

It is so unbelievable that have survived in this school for five years . When I first entered SMKBK (now known as SMKKK) , it was the worst place ever . Gangsters roaming the school compounds , vandalism , threats and many more . What makes me so proud of SMKKK is how not only Puan Faizah , but all the teachers alike , have contributed to making the school a better place . From what I've heard , this is Puan Faizah's last year in this school and I feel so disappointed that she has to leave . She may be hated and despised , but I am very sure that many love her as well .

We're all gonna be separated after SPM . Going to different colleges and other higher institutions of learning . Yes , we'll meet new friends . But post sec. school life would never be the same as sec. school .


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