Friday, October 10, 2008

My Abhorrence Towards Additional Mathematics and Fake Promises .

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The only reason I went to school today and yesterday is to get back my Pendidikan Moral marks from Puan Faizah . Add. Maths Paper 2 results was supposed to be given out today but the whole school had to sit and watch the Form 3's Restu Ilmu ceremony and it took up around the first two periods , which is my class' Add. Maths period . I'm not bothered about Add. Maths . In fact , I don't even want to look at it . I just feel that I would get around 60 marks for Pendidikan Moral which would make my day . Yesterday Puan Faizah claimed that she has finished marking my class' paper but has not even looked at Science 2's . We persuaded her to return our papers but she disagreed and promised that she would return our papers today . She didn't even enter the class lahh . I should have just continued sleeping at home .

And the rest was history . Nothing special happened today only that not many from my class turned up and 5 Science 4 was suffering from pre-SPM symptoms .

During Add. Maths tuition , I actually managed to do a few questions without asking Mr Lee too many times . Yay ! I considered sacrificing my time for this whole month for extra classes with Mr Lee on the days when he is free to improve on my Add. Maths . He'll be my free personal Additional Maths tutor for this whole month of October till SPM . He can tutor me on the following days :

Tuesday and Thursday : 6 PM till 8 PM
Friday : 4.30 PM till 6 PM

Note that I have my paid for classes on Fridays from 2.30 PM till 4.30 and I'll be continuing my extra class from 4.30 PM till 6 PM . I'm aiming for a credit at most and I am willing to sacrifice my time and precious afternoon naps for intensive Additional fucking Mathematics classes . I am being mentally challenged and I am going to overcome it . Good luck , me !

I remember when 5 Science 4 was sitting for our Add. Maths paper , everyone except for Ji Kin and Rachel felt that (picture's) way when attempting to answer the gedebabi questions .

PS : I don't know where I got the word gedebabi from . It just popped up in my mind . It has nothing to with the Malay translation of pork/pig , which is babi . As far as I know .

PPS : I was talking with mc and Fayadh at SMC this evening and I saw Nicholas Wong . I then recalled Adzmy mentioning that Nicholas has a tattoo around his ankle and I wanted to see if it was true . So I used mc to ask him . LOL . Sorry mc . I finally saw the tat and it was nice . I want a tattoo of my surname on my neck soon . Mum allows me to get a tat but it has to be after I complete my education . That's too late lah . I'm prolly gonna get it done by the end of this year or next year , even though I'll be taking Form 6 . After Form 6 , I'm gonna pierce my lip and that is definite . Oh yeah , the next time I go out to Sunway Pyramid , I'm gonna pierce my right ear to make my piercings balance out , since I've got five on my left and four on my right :)

I'm gonna have this symbol embedded on my neck/back forever :)

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