Wednesday, October 29, 2008

High School Musical 4 ?

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When HSM 3 was announced , I was overwhelmed with joy . Finally ! Finally , the chain of HSM movies would friggin' end . Hey , it's High School Musical : Senior Year . Senior year ! If HSM 4 gets released , it shouldn't be a high school musical anymore , it should be a college musical :) That is , of course , if the all of them end up in the same college .

So I read on the net that HSM 4 (which is being written now) is gonna be known as High School Musical : The College Years . True or not , I don't know . But come on lahh , logically , it should be called College Musical already right ? Ha ha .

So I guess some High School Musical fans are too , overwhelmed with joy . Only not for the same reason . But there's a catch . Apparently , the HSM cast from the first three movies are not gonna return for the fourth instalment . Yes , Zac Efron , Vanessa Hudgens , Ashley Tisdale , Corbin Bleu , Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman will not be returning to film HSM 4 . If there even is one . However , the new characters introduced in HSM 3 would be taking the places of the major cast . I don't know who they are 'cause I have not watched the movie yet . Duh . Not interested :)

Matt Prokop . Prokop ? Might as well name him Matt Porno . One of the new actors introduced in HSM 3 as is going to appear in HSM 4 . Apparently lah okay . I know some people who like him . If you read this , please don't get offended okay . I'm just kidding :)

The major cast announced that they put in the most effort for HSM 3 . Zac Efron stated that this would be their last chance to work together as a cast . Thus , the extra effort . I think they were kinda put off by the fact that Walt Disney were going to film the fourth instalment without informing them . Hence , they won't be returning for the so-called fourth film .

Is this the end of the High School Musical franchise ?

PS : HSM fans , sorry if I offended you people . Through my point of view , I don't get what's so great about HSM . I even prefer Kemp Lok . Eh , sorry . Camp Rock .

PPS : I watch HSM too okay . Only I feel that if they release another HSM movie , Walt Disney Productions are obviously milking the money cow :)

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