Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mamma Mia !

Mood : Drunk

This movie is just heavenly , especially if you're an ABBA fan . I've watched it three times and for a musical , it beats High School Musical flat . Sorry HSM fans , I'm not really a fan :)

I've been listening to ABBA ever since I was young , credits to my parents who are absolutely in love with ABBA . There's no denying however , that ABBA's songs are extremely catchy and the lyrics are simple . The movie included hits like Lay All Your Love On Me , Chiquitita , S.O.S , Take a Chance On Me and of course , my all time favourite , Mamma Mia . The storyline is not boring , with an all star cast featuring The Devil Wears Prada's Meryl Streep , James Bond's Pierce Brosnan and Bridget Jones' Diary's Colin Firth .

Yes , the Pierce Brosnan aka 007 James Bond . Try to imagine him singing . I burst out laughing when he started singing S.O.S in the movie . But after listening to his voice a few times it didn't seem so funny anymore . Awww :(

The scenes in the movie were quirky and funny . I never did feel bored even after watching it several times . Of course , the songs played their part by keeping the audience alive throughout the whole movie , with many singing along to ABBA's hits .

Again , to those ABBA fans , this movie is a must !

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