Friday, October 3, 2008

Books , books and more books .

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So I went to Mid Valley today for one specific reason - Twilight . The more I read Qisthina's blog (it's practically all about Twilight) , the more I crave for the book . Once my dad parked the car I headed off to MPH and when I caught sight of the book I clung onto it so tightly , if it were a baby or puppy , it would have died of suffocation . I bought it and skipped happily around MPH and nobody seemed to mind because , duhhh , it's Raya . I love festive seasons .

However , I'm not gonna read it yet because I'm currently reading Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe . To those of you who have not heard of Robinson Crusoe , it's a classic , that's for sure . But when I first started reading it , it bore me to tears . First of all , I couldn't stand the tiny words . Biasalah , classics . The font is so tiny I have to squint to read it . After reading a few pages , my eyes would start to burn in pain . Secondly , at the beginning when he (Robinson Crusoe)'s narrating about his life , I felt like slamming the book shut and never opening it ever ever again . But I was strong and put up with all the boring parts and I finally go to the more exciting chapters , when he got stranded on an island with his whole crew dead except for him of course . Now I'm already halfway through the novel and I can't seem to put it down . But , one reason why I get annoyed everytime I lay eyes on the tiny fonts on the pages , is (please don't get offended my friends who are Christians) that he talks about how God has had mercy on him , etc. It's not that I'm anti-Christian . I respect others' religion but the too frequent mention of God and His providing Providence is too much for me . But , I just read on . Again , to my fellow Christian friends , please please please do not get offended . If you are , tell it to my face , don't bitch about me behind my back yeah .

After Robinson Crusoe , I have to read another novel entitled The Not-So-Perfect Man by Valerie Frankel . It's a birthday present from my siblings (awww..) and I appreciate that . They're so sweet . It so happened that when I received this present , I was already starting on Robinson Crusoe . I didn't want to stop reading Robinson Crusoe despite how boring it was during the beginning so I told my sis , this one just has to wait . Sorry :)

And then I shall read Twilight . Muahahaha ! After much calculation , by the time it's time for me to open Twilight , it shall be after SPM because during SPM week , I shall not , by any means , touch any book . This is due to the fact that me , like most people who love to read , could not put down a book once we pick it up .

I am prepared for some post-Twilight reading . My sister bought this set of books for her birthday , the Septimus Heap series . My brother has finished reading the first book , Magyk , and is not allowed to read the following books : Flyte , Physik and Queste . Why ? Because Hannah won't allow him to open the wrapped books until she's done reading Magyk . Which I know will take a long time for her to finish because for the past month , I have not seen her looking at the book , Magyk . So once I'm done with Twilight , I shall read Magyk . While saving up/earning some money to buy New Moon .

PS : The Septimus Heap series will also appear in Cinemas soon . Soon as in around three years time or more .

After Mid Valley , we went to Suria KLCC and of course , I just had to stop by Kinokuniya . My brother headed for his favourite section , Comics aka Graphic Novels . Once we reached the Manga slash Comic section , this particular graphic novel caught my attention . I walked towards it and it took some time for my brain to process what I was looking at 'cause when I realized what it was , I screamed in excitement and yelled for my brother to come over -yes , in Kinokuniya . He came over and when he saw the graphic novel I was holding in my hand , his jaw dropped . It was Hatter M by Frank Beddor . I wanted it then and there , but it didn't take me too long to realize that it cost RM70 . Thus , I sadly put it back where it belonged :(

Hatter Madigan is among one of the many characters in The Looking Glass Wars . When I started reading this book , I simply could not put it down . What it is , is a totally alternate universe of the original Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll . If you have read the story , or watched the cartoon , Alice Liddell is a little girl from our world who happened to stumble across another world - a world full of nonsense . However , in Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars trilogy , he portrays Alyss as the princess in the Queendom of Wonderland . Her family was attacked by her aunt who was banished from Wonderland , Queen Redd , and she fell through the Pool of Tears into our world . Hatter Madigan (the Mad Hatter) is Queen Genevieve (Alyss)'s personal bodyguard and is ordered by the queen to protect Alyss once they escape from the Queendom . They had no choice but to escape through the Pool of Tears when they were cornered by The Cat (the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland) , Redd's number one assasin with nine lives . Hence , the Queendom is turned upside down by Redd . Bibwit Harte (if unscrambled , becomes the White Rabbit who's always late in Alice in Wonderland) , the Queendom's scholar has no choice but to obey Redd's every command to stay alive . What happens to Alyss then , in our world ? You'll have to read to find out then .

PS : When I was in Kinokuniya , I searched high and low for the second instalment of The Looking Glass Wars trilogy , Seeing Redd and I found it - the very last one . But I had already spent enough on food , whatnots and Twilight . So I couldn't buy it . Beddor's third and last instalment entitled The Law of Wonderland is set to be released in Fall of 2009 . I can't wait ! Oh , and again , the script to The Looking Glass Wars movie is being written now . Thus , I lagi can't wait !

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