Thursday, October 30, 2008

2012 : Armageddon ?

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Not the movie Armageddon okay .

A year ago my father told my family that we're all gonna die in the year 2012 . My reaction towards this statement was undeniably plain . I wasn't surprised . Hey , we're all gonna die one day . Dying sixty years earlier wouldn't hurt . Right ? Frankly , I am not convinced that we are going to be extinct four years later . It just doesn't make sense . Why so early ? But still , if Doomsday really does occur , I wouldn't give a shit .

2012 . It just occured to me that the London Summer Olympics is going to be held on that year . But will it be held then ? If Armageddon is slowly approaching ? Historians are convinced that our world is slowly coming to and end , and will be destroyed by 21st December 2008 . This is because that specific date is when the Mayan calendar ends . I know a few people who have no fear of dying . Even at the thought of our human race ceasing to exist forever . But that's besides them point .

Even a movie was made based on this controversy , entitled 2012 : Doomsday . Games too , like Universe at War : Earth Assault , are alien-based . I mean , yeah, there're many games which are alien-based . This one however , begins in the year 2012 when an alien race lands on Earth to strip-mine the planet . The humans were warned by scientists but even as a whole , the human race is not able to form a unified military front against the alien forces . Because these aliens have vast military experience from invading and destroying other planets in the universe , the human race is not able to withstand their forces .

My dad has this collection of books by Zecharia Sitchin . Written in 1976 , these six books caused much controversy . In his very first book , The 12th Planet , Zecharia Sitchin presents evidence not only of contact by extraterrestrial beings thousands of years ago , but these beings genetically engineered Homo Sapiens to serve them . In his last book , The End of Days , the Sumerians calculated planet Earth's doomsday based on the Bible . One of the dates were supposedly 2012 , but with much reference to the Bible soon afterwards , it was said that Armageddon would not happen in they year 2012 . If you actually bother to read the books , they contain much logical explanations compared to the Bible . To my fellow Christian friends , it's just my belief that aliens exist . Please don't think that I'm trying to promote Alienism . I have nothing against Christianity .

So what's up with all this crazy talk about Armageddon ? I'm confident that we won't cease to exist on the 21st of December 2012 . If our fellow scientists confirm with the residents of planet Earth that the comet is going to hit Earth by then , it would never be too late for us to pack our bags and move to another planet . The only planet which could support life is planet Mars . Currently lah . So if we're really gonna die by 2012 , start packing your bags now for a long long journey there .

Planet Mars aka. Red Planet . Our future home !

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Pav said...

Each time I hear stuff about Doomsday approaching, I start feeling jittery, even if it is based on nothing. But NOW I'm really getting scared lah. So many things to back up the idea that we'll all be history by the 21st of December..gosh. I'd just have turned 17, for God's sake!

And, call me shallow, but i also noticed this: that the supposed date Doomsday occurs is a day before prom. We'll never have had our own prom. But not that that matters, it's relatively unimportant, anyway.

I'm already feeling so blue about school coming to an end, and now I read stuff on the WORLD coming to an end. Perfect. :(