Friday, October 30, 2009

A Plain Ol' Saturday.

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Saturday, 241009

I wasn't feeling well when I went for Inter. Comm. class that morning. Weiloon bailed on us, thus leaving me and Tanzy to fend for ourselves from the evil B*******d. I was practically shivering in class because of my running nose. What pissed me off the most was that we got our details wrong and passed up our assignment that day. It was actually due the following week. I sacrificed my sleep to write 250 words of bullcrap before sending it over to Tanzy to write his 250 words of bullcrap. I slept at 12 AM. He slept at 3 AM. I consider myself lucky.

After that was youth of course.

Cheefung and Wenli after youth.

Ashwin/Nicholas and Alex.

Wenli, Ong, Feevien, Sharolyn, Suann, Siemens, Ashwin/Nicholas and Alex.


Alex's ais kacang with no kacang nor any other liu. Maybe there was some at the bottom. I don't know.

My mee and beehoon goreng from Thai Village. It was too salty. Idon'tevenknowwhytheheckitookapictureofthisitlookssofugly. I was bored.

After youth, Baby, Sharolyn, Wenli and I were supposed to go back to Aunty Doraline's place for dinner. But somehow we made a detour. But of course we dropped Wenli and Sharolyn back home first. We never thought about going to Pyramid for dinner until Honwei called. That's when Sharolyn started negotiating with Aunty Doraline. Somehow she just gave up. I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying to her mum. I was zoning out. At last only Baby and I went to Pyramid to join Honwei at Sushi Zanmai.

He should be wearing a G.I. Joe t-shirt instead.

Featured here the second time, my Tamago Mentai. Superb.

Honwei noticed that I was taking pictures of my food and the first thing he asked me was,"Are you gonna blog about that?" I smiled. I'm saying that 'cause I can't remember what I said.

He had all that and he was still hungry!

Honwei's Caterpillar Roll! (Eew, avocado.)

Honwei's Stamina Roll. (Unagi, bleh.)

Honwei's fish head. (Omgwtf ew.)

Baby's cold noodle. Honwei had this too, but by the time we reached he was already halfway done eating his.

Baby's Salmon Zanmai.

Baby's tofu. Don't know what it's called.

My Sansai Udon. I ate the least (obviously).

After dinner we walked over to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. We decided to try a sample. We got Lychee flavored yogurt, which, I have to admit, was really good. It had a strong yogurt aftertaste though. So for those who doesn't like yogurt, better not try those fruity flavors. The chocolate flavored yogurt, however, had no yogurt aftertaste at all. Tasted just like choc ice cream.

It's priced at Rm0.53 per 10 grams. Choose the size of your cup, choose your flavor and choose your toppings! Baby and I didn't bother about the toppings of course. Ours cost about Rm5+. Honwei's one was RM15+. It's no surprise, he added quite a number of toppings.

There were too many people around so I couldn't really get a good shot of the toppings. This is only one section though. There are more toppings beside this selection. They even provided chocolate and strawberry sauce.

Excuse my bad photography and bad picture quality please!

PS: Baby why aren't you replying my messages or responding to my phone calls. It's been two hours )':

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