Thursday, November 5, 2009

EnglishComposition, TheCurve, and FeelingBad.

Listening to: Falling Slowly by Kris Allen (not the original version)

I have learnt my lesson. Never again am I going to start a thousand words research essay 24 hours before I have to pass it up. It causes me sleep deprivation, eye bags, and dry eyes which causes my contact lens to dry up and hurt my eyes. I have never done so much research in my life. I suppose it's a good start though. I have found out a lot that I have never known about euthanasia. But it would all go to waste: I'm gonna forget it all (:

Went to class on Wednesday morning having only four hours of sleep which is very common among people my age. Still, it hasn't happened to me in quite a while. Four hours of sleep is just, bleh. First thing I heard once I stepped into class was the lecturer saying,"No need to pass up today, next week lah." Zomgwtf if I could I wanted my eyeballs to pop out to show her how pissed I was. But she made up for it by giving us an extra 2 marks. Those who have completed their research paper on that day. I was (and still am) kind of put off at the fact that I only received an extra 2 marks.

Are you for or against? I'm for of course.

When in class, rot.

Spot the lecturer, V*** ***i.

Fellow sleep deprived rotters.
I skipped American Civ. today for The Curve+Ikano. Much to my dismay, I didn't get a book to read from Borders (I have run out of books to read, if you would like to donate one to me, please do). My hands are itching to get a book to read. I wanna get my hands on The Time Traveler's Wife. Sigh.

Sorry for going off track. I didn't bother taking many pictures, was too lazy to take out my phone every few minutes. I saw JJ at The Curve!

Wenli taking a picture of.. sheepskin. Baaa.

Baby and Wenli.

Wenli, Aunty Doraline and Uncle Ong at some German restaurant. Forgot the name. I have never eaten so much pork at one go before. A new accomplishment!
Skipping class today has left me feeling bad after a few of my classmates told me that my Amercian Civ. teacher saved me a seat in class ):

There were four seats in that row, and apparently the three of them sat there. We always have problems finding empty seats in class because we're always late. So, the three of them sat together, leaving one more seat empty. She chased away every late student who wanted to sit at that seat and according to one of my friends she told him it was for me. Don't know if he was lying or not. Now I feel extremely bad. Thankfully she was in a good mood. I hope she won't screw me up tomorrow ):
Sorry, the plate is a bit of a spoiler. This chocolate cheesecake from Berry's tasted awesome!

I would like to quote Albert Einstein: I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

PS: Baby, I don't want you to give up. I guess what you did was right. I love you.

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