Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bad Luck? Hmm..

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Tuesday, 131009

I won tickets from Nuffnang to the premiere of Whiteout which was anything but good. The movie starred Kate Beckinsale. Don't get me wrong, she was hot (I prefer her to Megan Fox) and she played her part great but the plot was just terrible. I yawned throughout the whole movie despite it being a thriller. Probably the only eye-opening scene (for the guys of course) would be when she stripped down to her undies in her room and walked to the bathroom with her nipples poking out. Oh, and also when she bent over when the camera was facing her back. I would give the whole movie a rating of 4/10. Worst movie I've watched this year. Yes, Drag Me to Hell was better. At least I laughed a bit during the movie.

The mall was kind of empty, probably because it was a weekday. Then again, you never see Sunway Pyramid that empty during weekday nights.

Baby couldn't join me for the movie so I brought my sister along instead. I didn't know the movie was rated 18 PL but she managed to get in anyway. She's 12!


Credits to Hannah. I still wish Baby could have went with me instead ):

The toilets were squeaky clean and, yes, emptyyyyyyyyy.

After the movie, came my stroke of bad luck for the next three days. It began with my dad's car's windscreen cracking while we were on the way back from Tropicana City Mall. It was at about 11 PM and he was driving at the speed of about 100 km/h. We were on the LDP, almost reaching the Kelana Jaya LRT station when the windscreen cracked right in the middle, and started spreading really quick. I froze on the spot. I could hear the glass cracking slowly and the tinier fragments of glass started dropping on my lap. My dad started going !@#$*^%#@*($#*$&^!. Everything was blurred out. I was just staring at the windscreen, fearing it would fall in a blink of an eye.

By the time we reached South Quay, a huge piece of glass dropped from the windscreen. My dad switched on the hazard lights and stopped at the side. He had no choice but to break the windscreen. And so he did. The process alone took about 45 minutes. People driving past slowed down to stare. It started to irritate me after quite some time. Once my dad was done breaking the glass, we got back into the car and this time I sat at the back seat with my sister. I covered my face with my sweater to prevent the tiny pieces of glass flying into my face, and also to prevent myself breathing in the crushed glass which is poisonous.

And oh, the next day I had college. How in the world was I to get someone to send me to college? I took me roughly about an hour to finally get someone to drop me off at college. I spammed almost all my MSN contacts. That's the way to do it!

And now time to study. Sociology is killing me. History is so much easier. My English Composition draft is due on Wednesday and I have not even chosen my topic. And lastly, my Interpersonal Communications essay on Free Speech which I have not started on and is due next Saturday, I think? Here I go.

On second thought I think I'll do all that later. A Goofy Movie is on the Disney Channel right now and I wanna watch it! Haven't watched it in yearsssssss since I was a lil' kid!

PS: I'm so glad you're feeling better baby. I have been worried about you the whole day. I even woke up sweating because I had a nightmare and you were in it. I know you'd get well soon baby. Ilysm.

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